Rock Fest Barcelona has been rescheduled and will now take place from JUNE 30th to JULY 2nd, 2022.
We are disappointed but understand and look forward to crushing the enemies of metal next year.
MANOWAR’s headlining performance will take place on JUNE 30th, 2022!
Looking forward to seeing the greatest fans in the world in 2022! 
Stay safe!
Hail and Kill!
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MANOWAR’s dream for all of you finally comes true: Apple just announced that Apple Music is bringing industry-leading sound quality to subscribers with the addition of Spatial Audio with support for Dolby Atmos. Spatial Audio gives artists the opportunity to create immersive audio experiences for their fans with true multidimensional sound and clarity. Dolby Atmos is a revolutionary, immersive audio experience that enables artists to mix music, so the sound comes from all around and from above.

MANOWAR’s upcoming “Hell On Earth VI”, the concert movie featuring performances from the band’s “Final Battle World Tour 2019/2020” will be mixed in Dolby Atmos (and other immersive audio formats) by their long-time partner Ronald Prent at VALHALLA STUDIOS NEW YORK. Ronald Prent is the award-winning, GRAMMY award nominated wizard behind Rammstein’s breakthrough debut “Herzeleid” and collaborator of artists like Peter Maffay, Def Leppard, Herbert Grönemeyer and MANOWAR, among many others.

VALHALLA STUDIOS NEW YORK is THE destination for Immersive Audio, certified for Dolby Atmos, SONY 360 Reality Audio and AURO-3D.

Ronald Prent and his wife, four-time GRAMMY award winner, Mastering Engineer Darcy Proper, are working exclusively at VALHALLA STUDIOS NEW YORK and are ready to deliver projects of all genres in Dolby Atmos and other Immersive formats.

Read more about Apple’s announcement and the benefits of lossless audio here:

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The first MANOWAR song I ever heard was “Thor”.

It was in November 1986, when I left the hospital with my newborn daughter, I heard it on the radio.

Other bands always sing about love and heartache, but MANOWAR was different, this music and lyrics were powerful and amazing! I liked it from the first moment and I love the powerful and lovely voice of Eric!

Since this moment I was a MANOWAR fan and I will be until I die!

All hail to the gods of true metal! ❤

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On April 16, 2019 MANOWAR performed, as the first internationally renowned rock/metal band in Longyearbyen on the archipelago of Svalbard, Norway. Longyearbyen is the northernmost year-round settlement in the world, near the Arctic Circle. The spectacular landscape, the overwhelming kindness of the locals and loyal fans traveling from around the globe, including South Africa, Brazil, Russia, Germany, Italy and many other countries made this an extraordinary event that the band and crew will never forget.

This excerpt was taken from MANOWAR’s upcoming Blu-ray/DVD/digital release Hell On Earth VI that celebrates their FINAL BATTLE WORLD TOUR 2019/2020.

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Hi guys… Well my story is..

The first time i heard you guys is through my father i was in a christian family but on the 10th birthday my dad played and introduce to me to Manowar and the first song i heard was “Sons of Odin” then slowly he handed me the walkman and i listen to all the 12 track in the disc and yes slowly it grows and then when i came across the internet i started surfing the Manowar and i found my favourite song “Courage” and it does touch my heart and I’ve never felt anything like it and every time i feel down i always put on this song and yes it lifts me up…

If I’m a Manowar fan today i thank my Father because he’s the one who gives me the #courage to listen….

Favorite tracks

  1. Courage
  2. Sons of Odin
  3. Warriors of the world
  4. Pleasure slave

These are my journey with you guys and forever be a Manowar fan

A Heavy Metal Warrior.

Don Kharduit


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The very first time I heard anything like metal was when I was 11 years old. I was not a metalhead though. I had always liked heavy music.

My Manowar story started last year when Manowar had announced their tour dates. My twin sister Yağmur  is a die-hard Manowarrior and a metalhead for a very long time. She insisted on going to a Manowar show. She wanted to go so much that she cancelled her internship and all plans related to her studies. She made me listen to all Manowar songs and prepared me for the concert.

The concert day my life changed. I finally understood my twin sister’s passion for Manowar and metal music. And i was reborn as a Manowarrior. It was the best experience of my life, pretty much like the lyrics (Die for Metal):

“They call themselves immortals
They’re the truest of the true
And in that very moment
I was born again like you

They said

Hold your head up high
Raise your fists up in the air
Play metal louder than Hell “

It’s been over a year since then and we are celebrating with our matching SWORD tattoos.

I can never thank my sister enough, without her i wouldn’t be here writing this.

One does not choose to become a metalhead. Metal will find you and make you its own.


HAIL AND KILL from Twins of Steel.

From Turkey

Damla Göçmen


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I have been listening to Manowar since my friend discovered Fighting The World back in 1987, and been to lots of concerts in Denmark and Germany ever since.

I’m into hard endurance sports, and in that regard, mental training is very important and I have discovered that I can use Manowar’s power actively.

When I spend 10-20 hours alone on my bike, with crises along the way and pain for several hours at a time, with only my thoughts as a companion, those thoughts can very quickly become an enemy.

When it gets really tough, I throw Manowar in my ears and build my own Manowar universe in my head, my bike is my horse, my water bottle is my battlesword and then I conquer one town after another, slaughtering the infidels.

Many of the songs have words like “Fight”, “battle” etc, and I sing them loud like a mantra and gear myself up, and it becomes a battle instead of a bike ride.

The trick is to get my thoughts to a completely different place, so I forget the pain and negativity, and in Manowar’s universe, which is extremely macho, you fight to the death, and then I can’t give up either.

I’m still amazed at the effect it has on me. No other music has had a similar effect on me.

The pictures are 2 of me when i’m out riding, 1 of my Sign of the hammer tattoo and one with my mate from the concert in Kiel 2018.


Ken Tacconi


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My name is Davi Colloda Kamaroski, I live in São José dos Pinhais, Paraná state, in southern Brazil.
I appreciate the opportunity to tell you a little about my history with Manowar! It all started when I was 12 years old, I heard the initial chords of “Battle Hymn” on the radio and decided to turn on the recorder because I thought it was amazing, I recorded part of it on a k7 tape, even without knowing the name of the song or the band, which I would only discover years later. I only really got to know the band in 1998 when I watched the video for “Return of the Warlord” on the program Fúria MTV, but the moment that changed my life forever was when I saw Manowar play “Black Wind, Fire and Steel” at the festival Philips Monsters of Rock in 1998. That was just insane! I had never heard a song with so much power before, I felt like I was struck by lightning! From there I started to become a Manowarrior!

I never missed a day of listening to the kings of metal, their music is the fuel of my life, it helps me win the battles of everyday life. Manowar is not for cry babies. The lyrics tell you to get up and fight, live by your heart, have the courage to face all the problems, your songs are not for weaklings! One of the most incredible moments of my life was when I saw the band in São Paulo at the “Death to Infidels tour 2010”. I was very close to the kings because I was on the grid, it was fantastic to see and hear Eric sing, he is not from this planet.

Seeing Joey make that insane sound with his bass. And in 2015 at Monsters of Rock it was even better, there was a lot of power on that stage! In addition to listening to the greatest classics of true metal, I was able to meet Manowarriors from various parts of the world, from all over Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Russia and even Japan, all united to praise the kings of metal, I drank beer with many brothers of metal and we toast to power!

Since 2012 I have maintained a group on Facebook called “Warriors of the World (Manowar fans)” where real fans of the band are gathered, no posers! I hope to be able to see MANOWAR again and be able to meet them in person, give Eric, Joey and the whole band a hug, and be able to thank them for being part of my life, because she wouldn’t have the same grace without Manowar and his power. absolute!

Long live the kings of metal.

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Meu nome é Davi Colloda Kamaroski, moro em São José dos Pinhais, estado do Paraná, no sul do Brasil.

Agradeço a oportunidade de contar um pouco sobre minha história com o Manowar! Tudo começou quando eu tinha 12 anos, ouvi os acordes iniciais de “Battle Hymn” no rádio e resolvi ligar o gravador pois achei sensacional, gravei parte dela numa fita k7 , mesmo sem saber o nome da música nem da banda, coisa que só descobriria anos mais tarde. Só fui conhecer realmente a banda em 1998 quando assisti o vídeo de “Return of the Warlord” no programa Fúria MTV, mas o momento que mudou minha vida pra sempre foi quando eu vi o Manowar tocar “Black wind, fire and steel” no festival Philips Monsters of rock de 1998. Aquilo foi simplesmente insano! Nunca tinha ouvido uma música com tanto poder antes, me senti como se atingido por um raio! A partir daí comecei a me tornar um manowarrior! Não deixei um dia sequer de ouvir os reis do metal, suas músicas são o combustível da minha vida, me ajuda a vencer as batalhas do dia à dia. Manowar não é para bebês chorões. As letras te dizem para levantar e lutar, viver pelo seu coração, ter coragem de enfrentar todos os problemas, suas músicas não são para fracotes! Um dos momentos mais incríveis da minha vida foi quando vi a banda em São Paulo no show da “Death to infidels tour 2010”. Fiquei muito perto dos reis pois estava na grade, foi fantástico ver e ouvir Eric cantar, ele não é desse planeta. Ver Joey fazer aquele som absurdo com seu baixo. E em 2015 no Monsters of rock foi ainda melhor, Havia muito poder naquele palco! Além de ouvir os maiores clássicos do true metal pude conhecer manowarriors de várias partes do mundo, do Brasil inteiro, Uruguai, Argentina, Chile, Rússia e até Japão, todos unidos para louvar os reis do metal, bebi cerveja com muitos brothers of metal e brindamos ao poder! Desde 2012 eu mantenho um grupo no Facebook chamado “Warriors of the World (Manowar fans)” onde estão reunidos verdadeiros fãs da banda, nada de posers! Espero poder ver o MANOWAR novamente e poder conhecê-los pessoalmente, dar um abraço no Eric, no Joey e em toda a banda, e poder agradecer por fazerem parte de minha vida, pois ela não teria a mesma graça sem o Manowar e seu poder absoluto! Longa vida aos reis do metal.

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Hello manowarriors my name is Adrien, I’m from Tijuana Mexico, the world’s most transited border.

First of all, I’m able to say that manowar save my life in different ways back in the darkest moments of my life, giving me that power and strength to take the courage to go on taking those barriers away.

I discover manowar when I was 12 years old and currently I’m 25 listening The triumph of steel in a DVD player with a CD when no internet access was common in my family to use and when I browsed the manowar images on Google as a kid I was really amazed about the mighty message that I understood on that day and starting to draw and sketch my own versions of the faceless warrior.

I was really identified with all that, I reached the point to share my music list to friends they really loved manowar songs and somehow they changed the way to see life differently. The family friend who showed me manowar could attend his first manowar show because I noticed him the tour had a date in California so he went to see the show and he add the checkmark to his life bucket list, I could not see that show for personal reasons.

All these since I turned myself into metal I’ve turned into a great person with a lot of knowledge and do the best and never give up, manowar was the reason I started to know about the Viking gods and myths by the manowar lyrics and stories songs were telling about, and turned into a philosophy  personally.

My second tattoo was the sign of the hammer and big coincidence I noticed that I got tattooed on Eric Adam’s birthday and that turned even more meaningful, and since 2007 I literally was waiting more than 11 years manowar to play and Mexico and of course many told me that day will never came.

…and absolutely that day was made.



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