Manowarrior For Life: Ken Tacconi (Denmark)


I have been listening to Manowar since my friend discovered Fighting The World back in 1987, and been to lots of concerts in Denmark and Germany ever since.

I’m into hard endurance sports, and in that regard, mental training is very important and I have discovered that I can use Manowar’s power actively.

When I spend 10-20 hours alone on my bike, with crises along the way and pain for several hours at a time, with only my thoughts as a companion, those thoughts can very quickly become an enemy.

When it gets really tough, I throw Manowar in my ears and build my own Manowar universe in my head, my bike is my horse, my water bottle is my battlesword and then I conquer one town after another, slaughtering the infidels.

Many of the songs have words like “Fight”, “battle” etc, and I sing them loud like a mantra and gear myself up, and it becomes a battle instead of a bike ride.

The trick is to get my thoughts to a completely different place, so I forget the pain and negativity, and in Manowar’s universe, which is extremely macho, you fight to the death, and then I can’t give up either.

I’m still amazed at the effect it has on me. No other music has had a similar effect on me.

The pictures are 2 of me when i’m out riding, 1 of my Sign of the hammer tattoo and one with my mate from the concert in Kiel 2018.


Ken Tacconi