Joey DeMaio Spoken Word Tour 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

Dear Manowarrior!

Below you can find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) we have received concerning the Joey DeMaio Spoken Word Tour. Should you have questions about this tour that are not answered below please do not hesitate to send your questions to frontrow@manowar.com or check this page regularly.

Q: What can I expect from the Joey DeMaio Spoken Word Tour?
A: You can expect an entertaining evening full of great insights. Joey DeMaio will speak directly to YOU about MANOWAR, their battles and triumphs. Not through the media, not from a big stage, but in an up-close and personal setting. Unfiltered and straight from the source you will be hearing true events, told to you by the person who experienced them. NO RUMORS!

Q: Will MANOWAR perform during the Spoken Word Tour events?
A: No. This is not a MANOWAR tour. 

Q: Will any other MANOWAR band members be present at the Spoken Word Tour events?
A: No. Joey DeMaio will be your host.

Q: Will Joey be answering questions?
A: Yes. The event will include a segment during which Joey will answer questions that focus MANOWAR’s career and history.

Q: Will Joey be taking questions directly from the audience?
A: Yes. Before each show attendees will be able to submit their questions. Please note that time may not permit considering all questions, but Joey will answer as many as possible.

Q: Is there another way of submitting questions for the Q&A segment? 
A: Yes. You can send your question in advance. Questions should focus on the theme of the Spoken Word Tour: MANOWAR’s career to date. Please email your question to frontrow@manowar.com by no later than October 1, 2019 for your chance to have it answered live.

Q: Is the whole evening made out of questions and answers?
A: No. The event is much more than a Q&A. Joey DeMaio will speak about MANOWAR’s rich history, tell you anecdotes from behind the scenes and show you photos and video footage from MANOWAR’s archives. A true multimedia event!

Q: Will Ultimate Fan Tickets be available or the possibility to meet Joey DeMaio personally?
A: Yes. Limited quantities of ULTIMATE FAN EXPERIENCE UPGRADES for an even more personal experience will be available for each show. These Upgrades include a one-on-one meet and greet and chat with Joey DeMaio, your picture taken with Joey, special autographed items and more.
ULTIMATE FAN EXPERIENCE UPGRADES are upgrades to the general admission tickets – this means owners of an ULTIMATE FAN EXPERIENCE UPGRADE must also hold a general admission ticket (sold separately).  
Upgrades will be available exclusively on The Kingdom of Steel (Europe). 

Q: Can I take photos or record this show?
A: No. Out of respect for the audience and your host and to guarantee an undisturbed event for all taking photos or video/audio recordings is not permitted.

Q: Will the Spoken Word Tour come to my home town/country, too?
A: Please check Manowar.com/tour for confirmed dates and constant updates.

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