MANOWAR´s influence in the Rock Music industry is undeniable.

During their impressive career they have left their mark in the Heavy Metal genre thanks to a combination of unique craftsmanship and characteristic songwriting. With unrivaled conviction, persistence, and the courage to unflinchingly pursue their own way, the band has weathered even the most unconquerable challenges. In an age of casting show “talents” and flimsy one-hit-wonders this band gives their fans what they love them for: the massive, powerful soundtrack of their lives, songs that celebrate the audacity of the individual and the spirit of the community.

The band has earned numerous gold and platinum awards and completed more than 35 tours headlining venues that have averaged between 10,000 and 50,000 sold-out seats.

MANOWAR’s unparalleled loyal following all over the world is reflected in their live events. For example, fans from more than 40 nations traveled to celebrate the Magic Circle Festival in Germany. As a tribute to their devoted international following, MANOWAR’s 2009 release‚ “Thunder In The Sky” achieved another first in Heavy Metal history by recording the power ballad, “Father”, in 18 different languages (and counting).

In 2012, MANOWAR presented their twelfth studio album, “The Lord Of Steel”, that was described by the press as “a brutal and unstoppable force of molten metal”, followed by‚ “The Lord Of Steel Live”, a live EP celebrating highlights of, “The Lord Of Steel” World Tour in 2012 and 2013.

The “Kings Of Metal MMXIV” Silver Edition, a completely new recording of the bestselling award winner, “Kings Of Metal” was released as limited 2-Disc CD on March 21, 2014 in retail, and and is available as a digital double album on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play worldwide.

Throughout their legendary career, the members of MANOWAR have not only overcome each and every obstacle lain in their paths, they have consistently been innovators.

Among MANOWAR’s accomplishments:

* The first metal band to include sword & sorcery imagery in both their lyrics and on their album covers.

* The only band ever to record with Orson Welles.

* Among the first metal bands to record with an orchestra.

* The first band to design and build their own speaker cabinets and now their own guitars.

* The first metal band to record in Dolby 5.1 and be the spokespersons for SACD (Super Audio Compact Disc.)

* The loudest band in the world (a record they have broken on three separate occasions).

* The first metal band to record a song in over 18 different languages (and counting).

Every band argues they have the greatest fans, but how many of these artists’ fans tattoo the band’s logo on their bodies? How many will travel from the furthest corners of the planet to see just one show?
Only MANOWAR have an Army Of Immortals, the MANOWARRIORS, all over the world, standing true beside them, and celebrating the values that matter in life: Loyalty, Honor, Brotherhood, Perseverance, Faith, and the Courage to be true to yourself. Every moment of your life!