Manowarrior For Life: Davi Kamaroski (Brazil) – English version

My name is Davi Colloda Kamaroski, I live in São José dos Pinhais, Paraná state, in southern Brazil.
I appreciate the opportunity to tell you a little about my history with Manowar! It all started when I was 12 years old, I heard the initial chords of “Battle Hymn” on the radio and decided to turn on the recorder because I thought it was amazing, I recorded part of it on a k7 tape, even without knowing the name of the song or the band, which I would only discover years later. I only really got to know the band in 1998 when I watched the video for “Return of the Warlord” on the program Fúria MTV, but the moment that changed my life forever was when I saw Manowar play “Black Wind, Fire and Steel” at the festival Philips Monsters of Rock in 1998. That was just insane! I had never heard a song with so much power before, I felt like I was struck by lightning! From there I started to become a Manowarrior!

I never missed a day of listening to the kings of metal, their music is the fuel of my life, it helps me win the battles of everyday life. Manowar is not for cry babies. The lyrics tell you to get up and fight, live by your heart, have the courage to face all the problems, your songs are not for weaklings! One of the most incredible moments of my life was when I saw the band in São Paulo at the “Death to Infidels tour 2010”. I was very close to the kings because I was on the grid, it was fantastic to see and hear Eric sing, he is not from this planet.

Seeing Joey make that insane sound with his bass. And in 2015 at Monsters of Rock it was even better, there was a lot of power on that stage! In addition to listening to the greatest classics of true metal, I was able to meet Manowarriors from various parts of the world, from all over Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Russia and even Japan, all united to praise the kings of metal, I drank beer with many brothers of metal and we toast to power!

Since 2012 I have maintained a group on Facebook called “Warriors of the World (Manowar fans)” where real fans of the band are gathered, no posers! I hope to be able to see MANOWAR again and be able to meet them in person, give Eric, Joey and the whole band a hug, and be able to thank them for being part of my life, because she wouldn’t have the same grace without Manowar and his power. absolute!

Long live the kings of metal.