Manowarrior For Life: Adrien Bennersmith (Mexico)

Hello manowarriors my name is Adrien, I’m from Tijuana Mexico, the world’s most transited border.

First of all, I’m able to say that manowar save my life in different ways back in the darkest moments of my life, giving me that power and strength to take the courage to go on taking those barriers away.

I discover manowar when I was 12 years old and currently I’m 25 listening The triumph of steel in a DVD player with a CD when no internet access was common in my family to use and when I browsed the manowar images on Google as a kid I was really amazed about the mighty message that I understood on that day and starting to draw and sketch my own versions of the faceless warrior.

I was really identified with all that, I reached the point to share my music list to friends they really loved manowar songs and somehow they changed the way to see life differently. The family friend who showed me manowar could attend his first manowar show because I noticed him the tour had a date in California so he went to see the show and he add the checkmark to his life bucket list, I could not see that show for personal reasons.

All these since I turned myself into metal I’ve turned into a great person with a lot of knowledge and do the best and never give up, manowar was the reason I started to know about the Viking gods and myths by the manowar lyrics and stories songs were telling about, and turned into a philosophy  personally.

My second tattoo was the sign of the hammer and big coincidence I noticed that I got tattooed on Eric Adam’s birthday and that turned even more meaningful, and since 2007 I literally was waiting more than 11 years manowar to play and Mexico and of course many told me that day will never came.

…and absolutely that day was made.