Manowarrior For Life: Lars Inge Mølster- (Norway)

Dearest MANOWAR Band, Crew and Fans!

I would like to start with a massive THANK YOU for ALL of you. I swear I can never imagine a life without any of you. You’re a very important part of my world today, in all the future as well as in the past. A little extra thanks for the invite to share my story, I really appreciate it. I could probably write a book about my MANOWAR history, but I will do my best to keep it short and interesting. Here we go:

So my name is Lars Inge, born in 1980 (same year as MANOWAR) and I live a little north of Bergen, Norway. The first time I listened to MANOWAR was back in 1985, a «funny» guy in my family cranked up Thor (The Powerhead) at full volume probably to scare me, but I was struck by the power of the song in seconds. Being only 5 years old I didn’t understand a word of the lyrics but the power of the melody filled me with a strength and spirit I simply can’t describe but it surely transformed a silent and insecure little boy into something completely different. From there, MANOWAR music was always (to great frustration for my family) on top of my wishlist and the only thing I ever wanted. I learned every lyric by heart fast, and my understanding for English grew as well. I started collecting anything MANOWAR related material and during the years it has always been my huge passion. Especially after internet hit us my collection got massive and now contains well over 1100 items (I have included a few pics of some of the stuff here to give you an idea of what I’m collecting).

Due to my then low age I could never have my dream of attending a MANOWAR show completed, it really was the dream of my life. I grew up collecting and listening to MANOWAR music every day and the dream of a show grew stronger every day as well. My passion for MANOWAR soon gave me the nickname «Manolars» by my friends, and still is used by several 🙂 After reaching the proper age the list of shows is long and still growing. Standing frontrow and having Joey point at you and hand you a string from his bass is an amazing feeling I got to experience as well, just incredible. The ultimate dream of going backstage and even stand face to face with the band and crew was completed too, truly a highlight of all my life. Now, travels all over Europe to experience the true brotherhood of MANOWAR is one of the things I value the most as well as meeting, interacting, sharing and staying in touch with MANY strong brothers and sisters of metal from all over the world via social media every day. Many thanks to all, I appreciate every single one of you! Together we have created lifelong memories and relationships!!

Trying to keep my promise of staying short I will end this story here, although I could go on and on for hours and my story will continue every day for as long as I live.

From Return of the Warlord: «IT’S MORE THAN A RELIGION – IT’S THE ONLY WAY TO LIVE» That sentence says it all.

Hail and Kill from Norway!!!L

Lars Inge