Manowarrior For Life: Sandra Corcuero (Spain)

My first contact with Manowar was at the end of the 80s, when I heard Carry On by chance and I was hooked, it was one of those songs that you hum along all day and although I had heard about the group, it was the first time I had heard a song by him .

As of this year, little by little I got hold of Manowar’s discography and in 1997, I was able to go to my first concert at the Zeleste hall in Barcelona, in which I was lucky enough to photograph myself with Joey, Eric, Scott and Karl, and have a record signed for me, which was an unforgettable day.

In addition, all my life I have practiced athletics, with what first with a walkman, then with a discman and for a long time with mp3, in my training of hours running and in those of weights, the music of Manowar always accompanies me to get over them and I feel the strength it gives me in hard times to overcome them.

Manowar has helped me achieve unimaginable goals and with his strength I have won 7 Retrorunning World Championships.

This has given me popularity and they do many interviews with me, and it always draws my attention that I am a fan of Manowar and why, and I always say that they are my strength, with what Manowar has sounded, I have spoken and it has been seen, on TV3 , TVE, Tele5, Cadena SER, Marca, Mundo Deportivo, Catalunya Radio, RNE, RAC1, La Sexta, in Interviú magazine, which I gave one to Joey at the 2016 Prague concert, and in many more.

Simultaneously with my sports side, I continued to compile records and have gone to various concerts, such as Basel, Prague, Cologne, Munich, Berlin, etc., the most special of all being that of Prague in 2016, where I was able to meet Joey in person. Eric and the rest of the group, discover what is behind the scenes and meet fantastic people like Ruxia or Manoel. Although the most special moment was chatting with Joey and being able to give him my cover of Interviú magazine. An absolutely incredible night that I will never forget.

When I returned to Spain, various magazines and music radio stations interviewed me to ask me about the concert in Prague and about the experience of having met the group.

In short, Manowar is one of the engines of my life, both personal and sports, and I hope that thanks to them I can win many more World Championships and see them in many more concerts.

A hug and many kisses for everyone.

Hail & Kill!!!