Hello, greetings and Hails from England to the guys staffing the Frontrow from Ceri Sian. Maybe it’s even Ruxia reading this in which case hello my sister I hope you are all keeping safe and well. In these strange times I miss all my sisters and brothers so much and have loved reading the stories they are sharing. There follows my story which in many ways was tricky to write. It was hard to write something that was not too personal and instead produce something that could be shared with brothers and sisters I have not met yet. Perhaps this will be of use added to the history you are gathering, I enjoyed writing it in any case. (I know that my old photographs of my family and Joey and myself are already safe with Joey in the archives so I have just included one picture of two treasures, one old, one new).
My name is Ceri Sian and I am from Birmingham in the UK. My Manowar story is one of fandom, friendship and family.
I was at college and already a Manowar fan when one evening my father, an accomplished singer, spoken word artist and poet upon returning from a rehearsal with the Canoldir Welsh Male Voice Choir of which he was a founder member began, quite out of the blue, to ask me questions about Manowar. I was astonished to learn that he had been asked to read for Joey and that the choir had already been engaged to take part in a very special project. Can you even imagine my excitement?
It all seemed unreal to me even as I had the distinct privilege of helping my father rehearse.
When the time came for the choir and my father to be recorded Joey and his crew arrived with recording equipment that looked insane installed in St Paul’s Birmingham but I was there to witness heavy metal history being made. I watched Joey take charge, direct and conduct a choir well over a hundred strong with ease and when the choir had finally done their part and recorded those epic choruses for Kings of Metal and St Paul’s was calm and empty of all but essential crew I was there, perched in the pews as quiet as I have ever been in my life watching my father Arthur and Joey record The Warriors Prayer. As it turned out it wasn’t just metal history being made, strong, lifelong connections were also forged.
When the Kings of Metal tour reached Birmingham, I attended at my father’s side and surrounded as we were by both band and the wonderful crew that day is etched in my memory forever as one of the happiest days of my life.
The power of Manowar’s music and the words of The Warriors Prayer have seen me safe through the years and when the worst times befell our family and my father was lost to us, we were given the gift of Glory, Majesty, Unity and with it an astounding burst of strength that I do not think I would have survived those days without.
I have so many friends and gain more every year, amazing, remarkable and talented friends, every concert is a festival and every gathering an absolute affirmation of global brotherhood and all thanks to Manowar.

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My name is Sam and I come from Carrickfergus; Northern Ireland aged a spritely 55 years old!

Back in the day when I first picked up and played Kiss Alive II, the double LP, probably around late ’77 and thought, hey, this is great stuff this “Heavy Metal”. Up to then we had the likes of Rod Stewart, Elvis, Abba, all manner of disco and that horrendous country music – something had to give.

So, with limited exposure, all we had in those days was to go to the local record store, search for a band you liked, buy an LP/cassette or if you had a cassette recorder, tape some Metal off some weird offshore radio station with a sub-standard microphone – ah, 20th century tech!

UFO, Zep, AC/DC , Ted Nugent, Priest, Sabbath, Motorhead etc were the go to guys but not so much a choice, more a lack of options.

Enjoying these bands was one thing but really getting into a music and being part of your “soul” and in my opinion, “How to play Heavy Metal” the right way was not on the agenda until by a bunch of newcomers came alone called – MANOWAR.
My brother had bought Battle Hymns in late ’82 after listening to Molly Hatchet, so I “borrowed” it off him so I could have a wee sneak listen.

Well now, with all the Metal Pioneers mentioned before, this was completely different – more heavier, clearer, ear shattering and in your face than any 18 year old could wish for.

Special attention came for the lead singer – this guy had a serious set of pipes that could shatter glass (but in a metal way)
All the tracks were listened to “ad nauseum” – and there was even a bass solo by some bloke called Joey DeMaio – different.

Anyway, back then, there was nothing at all to read about who these guys were, where they came from or what was happening next – except for maybe Kerrang but that wasn’t the best. In late ’82, I joined the Army of Immortals.
There was a UK version of the AOI that 2 guys from Leeds started but that ended after a while…still have a few of those newsletters.

In 1987, I got the shock of my life when our local newspaper had a picture of Manowar and said they will be playing in Mandela Hall, Belfast – I nearly passed out with excitement – Manowar playing in Belfast.
I went down to the local record store to get a ticket for me and my Brother, (£7 a touch) hahaha- time stood still until 9th June when the gates opened.
Just before the warm up band came on my brother was waving to me from a wee door at the side of the hall. I went over to see what was happening and there, low and behold, in front of me, was Joey and Eric (in non-battle clothes)
Joey asked my brother did he have all our albums and he said “no, but my brother does” – I was then allowed in to meet these awesome blokes who had changed my listening and viewing experience forever.

We chatted about mundane stuff, the tour etc and it came to a photo opportunity – back then, there was little money about and all I had was this little, useless disc camera – not digital but with actual film in a round disc shape – ancient – anyway, I was so excited to get to see the band I didn’t check that the camera was working and missed my opportunity of Immortality with Joey and Eric – what a shame….there was to be a next time unbeknownst to me…
Of course, I was front row for that – Fighting the World tour, with leathers, fur, swords the works…..

My Army career put paid to following these guys but did catch up with the tour in Holland 2002 and then I decided when I finish the Army that I will make a plan to see as much as I could of these guys….

A few gigs were attended in between but then I brought Jen to a “small” gathering in Geiselwind, Germany called “Earthshaker” as Manowar were headlining – that was another turning point in my life as after that, she was “hooked” and we were going to be spending a lot of time abroad in front rows (for a long time)

After my Army career had finished, I was free to follow this band on as many tours as I could.
This brought me in contact with some of the most awesome Manowarriors and great people that anyone could ever meet…brothers and sisters from:
Italy, Bulgaria, France, Spain, Portugal, USA, Germany, Hungary, Estonia, Russia, UK, Brazil, Japan, Israel – the list is endless!!

In 2007, A festival was scheduled in Germany, Bad Arolsen called “The Magic Circle Festival” (MCF) – these were mega festivals which Manowar headlined and kicker serious ass!!

Again in 2008 – a double night of ecstasy for Manowarriors – Manowar’s first 6 albums played in full – 20,000 free beers, 4 of the band’s choppers given away via raffle!!

Those that had a UFP were treated to a backstage tour that any Manowarrior would give blood for…

During the 2010 Death to Infidel tour, I was offered what can only be described as a dream come true – a chance to sing a few lines of one my favourite Manowar tunes – “Let the Gods decide”
Standing at the side of the front row barrier, Eric called me over during the song and the rest was history – I will never forget that moment!!

To date – I have attended 134 Manowar shows – each unique – each superb shows of Heavy Metal at its best

On one memorable night in Dusseldorf, Germany, it just happened to be my 100th Manowar show.
My wife Jen had made up small badges for our friends and a T shirt was made to commemorate the occasion – during Joey’s speech, he came over to where I was on the from row and mentioned it was my 100th show and had a small speech for me in true Joey style

Several years ago, I was privileged and honoured to be offered the opportunity to become a Moderator for MANOWAR’s Official Forum – THE HOUSE OF DEATH along with my great friend from Bulgaria – DD.
Since then, the front row (and 2nd) of Manowar shows is usually personally known to me and the craic and good times is superb!!

So – since 1982, this band, its songs, its culture and fan following have been as much a part of my life as my own family are – these times will not be forgotten and surely there are more to come!




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Much-loved band MANOWAR has decided to repeat the Russian tour in the next year. On this occasion, we decided to talk to its main ideologue, before the Valkyries took him to Valhalla.

Joey, are you really going back to Russia with large tour over the cities?

We always felt sorry that we only perform in Moscow and St. Petersburg. I mean, playing in these great cities is, of course, a dream in itself, but we always knew that there are still a lot of fans in Russia who can’t get there. We talked to various promoters that we want to go through all the cities like Scorpions. Finally, we found promoters who said, “Yes, it can be arranged.” And it was amazing! You can’t even imagine what we felt playing in cities like Novosibirsk! There are wonderful people in Novosibirsk! And in Vladivostok and Khabarovsk and Yekaterinburg… Well, of course we were in Yekaterinburg before. But we wanted to get to Samara, Rostov-on-don and, of course, Krasnodar. Although, we have also been to Krasnodar. In general, it was fucking fantastic! People were Manowarrriors to the max.

I think they were grateful that you came all this long way.

And we can’t wait to do it again! We want to go around as many cities as possible, because Russian Manowarriors are the best fans, without a doubt. And you’ll see it in the movie we’re releasing. And after the new tour, we will release a live album and another movie. Exclusively in Russia.

Did you go sightseeing on the last tour?

Well, I saw the Moscow airport in details. We had endless connecting flights through Moscow. You perform somewhere in Siberia, and you need to fly through Moscow to get to the Urals later. In general, it is impossible to see anything else during tours. But we don’t make tours to go sightseeing! MANOWAR concert is a show where you put all your heart, all your soul, all your fucking blood. And after that, you’re just dead. You go back to the hotel and pass out, and you have to get up early in the morning, because you probably have to fly all the next day long. Sometimes we were on the road straight for 9-10 hours.

MANOWAR are proud that you have not changed yourselves for all the years. Haven’t you ever been tempted to play or look different? Many metal bands of the ’80s gave into this temptation, fearing the decline in popularity of Metal in the’ 90s.

And that’s why they’re fucked today! They were not committed to their music, their faith in music. This is exactly what we call “false metal”. They’re fucked, and we’re still here, growing and getting stronger.

Haven’t you even thought about getting a haircut?


Cool. So which of the great ones stayed true to themselves?

You know them. Scorpions, AC/DC, MANOWAR. Yes, this is how it happens. But to be honest, I don’t care about other bands. And believe me, brother, they don’t care about us. People believe that the ballads killed Heavy Metal. Bullshit! Scorpions have one of the most beautiful ballads ever written by musicians. But they also have the hardest fucking songs you can imagine. A beautiful song is a beautiful song, whether it’s a slow ballad with an orchestra and acoustic guitars, or it starts softly, then the instruments come in, and then the whole power of the band comes in. Beautiful music is beautiful music. And shit is shit.

But when Scorpions released the ballad Wind of Change, they became much more popular around the world. Weren’t they tempted to write more ballads after that?

I don’t think they wrote a ballad on purpose – let’s make it a hit. They just made a beautiful song, and many of those who do not listen to Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, appreciated its beauty and loved it. And that’s fine; they didn’t write the song to make it popular. We’re talking about the band that has been successful since the early ‘ 70s. They didn’t have to prove anything to anyone and kiss someone’s ass. But brother, you must understand something. The world is full of envious fuckin’ losers. They’re assholes who sit at home all day fiddling with their fuckin’ balls, surfing the Internet, and writing shit about other people. They’re finished. And they can’t accept this fact, so they will find a way to shit on someone else’s success and talent.

At one of your concerts in Moscow, I noticed that you pull the girls out of the audience and take them backstage. I always wondered what you were doing with them. Eat? Sacrifice to Odin?

Strictly opposite! We make them very happy. Our problem is that we love girls and treat them as they deserve. We have the atmosphere of Disney cartoons, just like in “Cinderella”. For us, any girl is a Princess. That’s why we have more girls at our shows than any other Metal band.

Have you ever counted how many women you’ve made happy in this way in your entire life?

You mean, from 10 years to this day? I think about 20,000. I’ve never counted, but it’s an educated guess.

But brutal masculinity is no longer in fashion…

You see, people don’t understand this! This is nonsense! We don’t believe in any brutal masculinity. We are epic heroes, like in the movies. We are the good guys who come to a city captured by scoundrels, rescue the inhabitants, banish the scoundrels, and at the end drive off into the sunset, as befits heroes, along with beautiful rescued girls. It’s a classic storyline, and it’s a typical MANOWAR tour.

Have you had any problems with feminists?

It’s not a problem; it’s just the thing people don’t understand. We would never disrespect a woman. Hell, we would never disrespect anyone! We’re not like that. Our business is music and fun, we respect everyone, men and women.

Joey, you’ve always been such a perfect rock star with all the attributes – muscles, motorcycles, sex and alcohol. This lifestyle takes a lot of effort, and you’re not young anymore. Didn’t slow down?

Age is a state of mind, not of a body. When I was at school, we had guys aged 16-17, they already behaved as if they were a hundred years old. And they looked the same way. At the same time, I have met people all over the world who are over 80, but they did not think of themselves as old and looked great! Young! Because they kept themselves in shape. You know what I mean? I exercise every day, and I pull iron three times a week. If I take my shirt off now, any 18-year-old boy will cry with envy. So I intend to continue doing the same thing – performing and playing music until the last day.

By the way, you’ve always sung a lot about heroic death. Are you afraid of death?

No. Because if you are afraid all the time, you will not enjoy life. Bruce Lee, I think it was him, said that only those who are not afraid of death, really enjoy life. I’m walking down the street and I’m happy that I can just walk. I’m happy that I have home and I can look up at the sky and say “Wow! Today is a great powerful day!” I’ll go to the gym and work out, and then I’ll go home and take a shower and eat something. I’ll go into the Studio and play my fucking guitar and hope I write something inspiring. Something that will allow people to be happy, to be happy for themselves, to become more positive. In short, I intend to live every day 100%. There’s no reason for me to start worrying about death, just when you think about how much I fly and travel. I’m always on the plane, in the car, on the train or on the bus. And I have a much better chance of dying with this lifestyle. It’s easier not to think about it. After all, a car might hit you at your own door.

Well, after you die, you’re obviously going to feast with Odin in Valhalla?

I hope so. I like to think that our soul goes somewhere, leaving the body. That this energy doesn’t just disappear. I don’t know exactly where it’s going, but if I die before you do, I’ll let you know when I get there.

Yes, please give me a sign.

I’ll call you “Bro, we’re here waiting for you!”

What is the greatest moment you will remember before you die?

To be honest, it’s hard to choose one. I am very lucky in this life. I’ll just be grateful that I wrote music that people all over the world liked. Liked so much that they decorated their bodies with tattoos with our logo and our lyrics. And special moments… Our record label recorded sir Christopher Lee, made his dream come true – he always wanted to sing, and I was his first producer. We recorded with Orson Welles… In general, I was very lucky.

Translation by Kirill Mizonov



Всенародно любимая группа MANOWAR решила в новом году повторить всероссийское турне. По этому поводу мы решили поскорее поговорить с ее главным идеологом, пока валькирии не забрали его в Вальгаллу.

Джоуи, вы действительно возвращаетесь в Россию с туром по городам?

Нам всегда было жалко, что мы выступаем только в Москве и Санкт-Петербурге. То есть выступать в этих великих городах – это, конечно, само по себе мечта, но мы всегда знали, что остается масса фанатов в России, которые не могут туда доехать. Мы говорили с разными промоутерами о том, что хотим, как Scorpions, проехать по всем городам. И наконец нашли промоутеров, которые сказали «Да, это можно устроить». И это было восхитительно! Ты даже не можешь представить, что мы чувствовали, выступая в таких городах как Новосибирск! Там замечательные люди, в Новосибирске! И в во Владивостоке и в Хабаровске и в Екатеринбурге… Ну, мы конечно были и раньше в Екатеринбурге. Но доехать до Самары, Ростова-на-Дону и, конечно, Краснодара. Хотя, в Краснодаре мы тоже бывали. В общем, это просто fucking фантастика! Люди были Manowarriors по максимуму.

Думаю, они были благодарны, за то что вы приехали в такую даль.

И мы ждем не дождемся, чтобы это повторить! Мы хотим объехать как можно больше городов, потому что русские Manowarriors самые лучшие фанаты, без сомнений. И вы увидите это в фильме, который мы выпускаем. А после нового турне мы выпустим концертный альбом и еще один фильм. Эксклюзивно в России.

Получилось что-нибудь увидеть в прошлом туре?

Ну, я довольно хорошо разглядел московский аэропорт. У нас были бесконечные стыковочные рейсы через Москву. Выступаешь где-нибудь в Сибири, но чтобы попасть потом на Урал, нужно лететь через Москву. В общем, в таких турах невозможно что-то еще увидеть. Но мы ездим не разглядывать достопримечательности! Концерт MANOWAR – это шоу, в которое ты вкладываешь всю душу, все сердце, всю fucking кровь. И после него ты просто мертв. Ты возвращаешься в отель и отрубаешься, а утром надо рано вставать, потому что, скорее всего весь следующий день предстоит лететь. Иногда мы были в дороге по 9-10 часов подряд.

MANOWAR гордится тем, что не изменил себе ни разу за все годы. Неужели у вас ни разу не было соблазна играть или выглядеть как-то иначе? Многие металлические группы 80-х поддались этому соблазну, испугавшись падения популярности металла в 90-е.

И поэтому они сегодня в жопе! Они не были преданы своей музыке, своей вере в музыку. Это именно то, что мы называем «фальшивый металл». Они в жопе, а мы все еще тут, растем и крепнем.

Даже постричься ни разу не думал?


Круто. Так кто из великих остался верен себе?

Вы их знаете. Scorpions, AC/DC, MANOWAR. Да, так это и происходит. Но, честно говоря, мне нет дела до других групп. И поверь мне, брат, им нет дела до нас. Есть мнение, что медляки убили хэви-метал. Херня! У Scorpions одни из самых красивых баллад, когда-либо написанных музыкантами. Но у них и самые хардовые fucking песни, которые только можно представить. Красивая песня – это красивая песня, не важно медленная это баллада с оркестром и акустическими гитарами или она начинается мягко, потом вступают инструменты, а потом подключается вся мощь группы. Красивая музыка – это красивая музыка. А дерьмо – это дерьмо.

Но когда Scorpions выпустили балладу Wind of change, они стали намного популярнее во всем мире. Разве у них не возникло после этого соблазна писать больше баллад?

Не думаю, что они специально сочиняли балладу – давай сделаем хит. У них просто получилась красивая песня, и многие из тех, кто не слушает хард-рок и хэви-метал, оценили ее красоту и полюбили. И это нормально, они писали песню не для того, чтобы она стала успешной. Мы вообще говорим про группу, которая была успешной с начала 70- х. Им не надо было никому ничего доказывать и целовать чью-нибудь задницу. Но брат, ты должен кое-что понять. Мир полон завистливыми fuckin-лузерами. Это придурки, которые целыми днями сидят дома, теребят свои fuckin яйца, лазают по интернету и пишут всякое дерьмо о других людях. Они конченые. И они не могут смириться с этим фактом, поэтому найдут способ обгадить чужой успех и талант.

На одном из ваших концертов Москве я заметил, что вы вытаскиваете девчонок из партера, и их отводят за кулисы. Меня всегда волновало, что вы там с ними делаете? Едите? Приносите в жертву Одину?

Строго наоборот! Мы их делаем очень счастливыми. Наша проблема в том, что мы любим девчонок и обращаемся с ними как они того достойны. У нас царит атмосфера диснеевских мульфильмов, прямо как в «Золушке». Для нас любая девушка – принцесса. Поэтому на наших концертах их больше, чем у любой другой металлической группы.

Ты никогда не считал, скольких женщин ты осчастливил таким образом за всю жизнь?

То есть с 10 лет по сей день? Я думаю около 20 000. Никогда не считал, но это обоснованное предположение.

А ведь брутальная мужественность уже не в моде…

Вот, видишь, люди этого не понимают! Это чушь, мы не верим ни в какую брутальную мужественность. Мы – эпические герои, как в кино. Мы те самые хорошие парни, которые приезжают в город, захваченный негодяями, спасают жителей, прогоняют негодяев и в конце уезжают в закат, как и подобает героям вместе прекрасными спасенными девушками. Это классический сюжет, и это типичный тур MANOWAR.

У вас не было проблем с феминистками?

Не то чтобы проблемы, просто люди не понимают. Мы бы никогда не проявили неуважения к женщине. Да мы бы никогда не проявили неуважения ни к кому! Мы не такие. Наше дело – музыка и веселье, мы уважаем всех, мужчин и женщин.

Джоуи, ты всегда был такой идеальной рок-звездой со всеми ее атрибутами – мускулы, мотоциклы, секс, алкоголь. Такой образ жизни требует немало сил, а ты уже не молод. Не сбавил обороты?

Возраст – это состояние духа, а не тела. Когда я учился в школе, у нас были ребята лет 16-17, они уже тогда вели себя как будто им лет сто. И выглядели кстати также. При этом я по всему миру встречал людей, которым за 80, но они не мыслили себя старыми и выглядели отлично! Молодо! Потому что сохраняли себя в форме. Понимаешь, что я имею в виду? Я занимаюсь спортом каждый день, три раза в неделю тягаю железо. Если я сниму сейчас рубашку, любой 18-летний мальчик расплачется от зависти. Так что я намерен продолжать делать все то же самое – выступать и играть музыку до последнего дня.

Кстати, вы всегда много пели о героической смерти. Ты боишься смерти?

Нет. Потому что если ты все время будешь бояться, ты не получишь удовольствия от жизни. Брюс Ли, кажется это был он, сказал что только тот, кто не боится смерти, по-настоящему радуется жизни. Я иду по улице и я счастлив, что могу просто идти. Я счастлив, что у меня есть дом, и я могу посмотреть на небо и сказать «Ух ты! Сегодня отличный, энергичный день!» Я схожу в зал позанимаюсь, а потом вернусь домой и приму душ и что-нибудь съем. Я пойду в студию, буду играть на своей fucking гитаре и надеяться, что сочиню что-нибудь вдохновляющее. Такое, что позволит людям порадоваться, порадоваться за себя, стать позитивнее. Короче я намерен проживать каждый день на 100%. Мне нет смысла начинать волноваться о смерти, просто если подумать, сколько я летаю и вообще путешествую. Я ведь все время в самолете, в машине, в поезде или в автобусе. И шансов погибнуть при такой жизни у меня намного больше. Проще не думать об этом. В конце концов машина может сбить тебя у собственных дверей.

Ну а после смерти, ты очевидно собираешься пировать с Одином в Вальгалле?

Я надеюсь на это. Мне нравится думать, что наша душа куда-то, оставляя тело. Что эта энергия не просто исчезает. Не знаю точно куда она отправляется, но если я умру раньше тебя, я сообщу, когда доберусь.

Да уж, пожалуйста, дай мне какой-нибудь знак.

Я позову тебя «Братан, мы тут и ждем тебя!»

Какой самый великий момент ты вспомнишь перед смертью?

Честно говоря, трудно выбрать какой-то один. Мне очень повезло в этой жизни. Я просто буду благодарен судьбе за то, я писал музыку, которая нравилась людям во всем мире. Настолько, что они украшали свои тела татуировками с нашим лого и нашими текстами. А особые моменты… Наш рекорд-лейбл записал сэра Кристофера Ли, воплотил его мечту – он всегда хотел петь, и я был его первым продюсером. Мы записывались с Орсолном Уэллсом… В общем, мне очень повезло.

With kind permission of Maxim Magazine Russia.


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Hello everybody!
I am Alessandra (Alina), Manowar fan since 2002.
Usually we discover our musical heroes during childhood, but I had something more important to do at the time. My battle against Hodgkin lymphoma started in 1984. I was an adolescent and even if I recovered in a few years, I was shocked for the illness itself and for the aggressive chemo therapies I got. I felt it was so unfair, I didn’t deserve such sorrow!
I had to leave the school for a whole year, I stayed in the hospital for a month, while doctors tried to find out what was happening, I got surgery for a biopsy, then they were sure and I started chemotherapy. After that, I had to go 500 Kilometers away from home for a month, to do radiotherapy. I felt so bad, I felt alone (even if my grandmother was with me and did everything in her power to make me feel comfortable), and I must admit I desired to die, but I survived.
Yes, I survived, but I lost my love for life. Nothing had ever been the same since then.
But I was so lucky to meet a true friend some years after, and it was her who introduced me to Manowar, giving me Warriors Of The World CD. She had been listening to heavy metal since childhood, and it was her old boyfriend who introduced her to Manowar, and then, she did the same for me.
So, MANOWAR music came into my life and everything changed, because I found out the warrior inside me. I listened to their music, learned lyrics, and entered the world of true metal, I bought all CDs. I found courage, I found something inside my heart, something which probably was there already, but I didn’t know I had it. There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude to Manowar: they took me to a better level.
I saw MANOWAR live a couple of times, I experienced the fantastic event of the fan convention, I met all Manowar musicians, some great brothers and sisters, I bought CDs, DVDs, shirts, and yes, I became addicted. Proudly addicted.
Sharing such great moments with the greatest sister on earth, was a daily gift, and still is. We are sisters of steel but also, we are real sisters, not by blood, but by spirit.
I can say I became a Manowarrior since my first touch with true metal. I know there are many other bands out there, some good, some others not, but I don’t care. There is MANOWAR, fuck the rest! I don’t need others! I breathe Manowar and keep them in my heart.
There was a bad period, when some events and people prevented me from going to concerts and I had to stay apart from the world, to change my lifestyle, but my love for Manowar never stopped. It was so painful, I am sure that every Manowarrior can understand what could mean being prevented from seeing Manowar live, but no one could prevent me to keep my dreams alive, to listen to a song whenever I wish, or I need it.
This is what I got from Manowar: I learned to never give up. And believe me, I will never give up on something I really want (“we fight ‘til we win or we’ll fight until we die”).
Every single day, when I am low, sad, angry, I just put a Manowar CD on my stereo, and everything turns good: I have the strength to fight my battles and to face my enemies.
But also, when I am happy or proud, I party with Manowar music.
I took part in Joey DeMaio’s Spoken Tour, in November 2019. Joey’s words about “never give up” lighted another great fire in my heart, and I got much more motivation to win my battles.
Joey is not just a great musician and composer, as we all know, but he is also a true inspiration and you can feel it clearly if you spend some time talking to him. He has such an incredible charisma! I hope to meet him once again, as he makes you feel great … Well, he told my friend and I “I want to see you again”, so let’s do it as soon as possible!
One little note to all fans: everyone of us would like to have MANOWAR in our own cities, but let me say that I always traveled abroad to see them (I am Italian), and every time it was worth it!


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Dear Manowar, brothers and sisters of metal, I’d like to share my little story.
My name is Yuki Fujita and I’m from Japan.
The first time I listened to Manowar was around the “Louder than Hell” era.
I wanted to see Manowar live but that chance didn’t happen until 2005.
I got to know Manowar would have the fan convention and the headlining show at Earthshaker fest and I thought I had to make it.
I didn’t have fellow Manowar fans around me so I joined the official forum and started to talk online with fans from different countries.
So when I travelled to Germany and the fan convention actually started, I didn’t feel like it was my first time to meet brothers and sisters from all over the world!
At the fan convention, I participated in Miss Manowar contest and it was unbelievable enough that I won the contest, which I had not expected but it was such a great honor.
My first Manowar concert at Earthshaker Fest was just overwhelming.
The whole experience was just magical and full of memories. I had never seen so many dedicated fans before, and the energy and passion of the band was so strong.
This experience changed my life a lot –
To make a really long story short, if I hadn’t attended the fan convention and Earthshaker Fest and met fellow fans there, I wouldn’t have my current job (translator) and band members (I’m a singer in a band by the way).
What is very special about Manowar and fans is the bond between them.
I was honored to be part of The Circle to represent Japanese fans, and the interaction with other representatives and Magic Circle Music was a precious experience.
I don’t see the fellow fans so often because we live in different countries but through the forum and SNS, I feel they are close friends (and of course I see them at the concerts of Manowar!)
2014 was another landmark in my life – Manowar came back to Japan!
The concerts were great with no questions especially when I finally saw Manowar in my own country with my friends and fellow fans.
I thought it was the most enthusiastic crowd of Manowarriors I had ever seen!
Besides, I was so proud to be a little guide for Joey when he wanted the infamous mamushi (snake) sake – now I really wish Manowar would come back to Japan to celebrate their 40th anniversary.
Why do I love Manowar?
It’s the strong message in their music- fight for life and believe in yourself, whatever others say about you.
When I’m feeling down, Manowar’s music always gives me strength to break through difficult situations.
As a singer/musician, I’m not like Eric nor my music doesn’t sound like Manowar, but I keep the spirit of steel and metal that Manowar always gives me.
(I’m not famous at all but still there are assholes who want to bring me down…in those situations Manowar helps me a lot!)
At the concerts, I’m blessed with great friendship of brothers and sisters – we have different languages, cultures, ideas and religions but with Manowar, we’re always one family.
How great is that?
Manowar is always special in my life and I’m looking for my next adventure on the tour…hopefully in Japan!
Best wishes from Japan.


Yuki Fujita


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Today’s #warchest takes you behind the scenes of the making of the “Blow Your Speakers” video. The song is featured on the 1987 release “Fighting The World”.
The song was inspired by fans telling us that they would play their #MANOWAR records so loud that the speakers on their players exploded.
We recommended they buy bigger speakers that could withstand the power of #truemetal
Side note for #trivia buffs: The young man featured in all three photos is John Stillwell Jr., son of our genius Chief Technician and dear brother, the late John “Dawk” Stillwell.


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MANOWAR celebrates its 40th anniversary on the forthcoming tour and many of YOU have reasons to celebrate, too! Take the example of Jozef from Slovakia who celebrated his 40th birthday on MANOWAR’s show in Zürich last year. Many happy returns of the day, brother and thank for sharing your story.


Hello Manowar Team

I am Jozef and I am from Slovakia. I am a fan of Manowar since 1992, in that time I bought my first two CD’s Hail to England and Into Glory Ride. Over time I bought more CD’s, DVD’s and other Manowar products. Until now I’m a big fan of Manowar. I was on concert in Zürich 2019. I celebrated there my 40th Birthday. I was born on 7. 6. 1979 and the concert was on 8. 6. 2019. In Germany I met Joey DeMaio on the Spoken Word Tour ‘The Blood Of the Kings’ where we drank Slivovica together. It was a big moment for me. I will be a fan for the rest of my life.

Greetings from Slovakia

Send your celebration photo to frontrow@manowar.com or post with hashtags #MANOWAR and #anniversary with a brief description of your reason to celebrate!


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¿Qué banda permite que sus fans envíen su historia en su idioma natal?
Sólo existe una banda, aquella que tiene a los mejores fans del Metal. MANOWAR.
Por ello decidí escribir mi historia “Manowarrior de por vida” en mi idioma natal, español de México.
Me llamo Ignacio Muñoz Bautista, y tengo 25 años y 10 años en la historia de Manowar
Recuerdo cuando empezaba a ser llamado por éste estilo de vida. Desde los 8 años, me convertí en Rockero con Chuck Berry y a los 13, el Metal cambio mi vida…
Comencé con Metal en la vena más extrema, Thrash y Death. Sin embargo, a los 14 años al escuchar el bajo de Geezer Buttler en Children of the Grave, llamó mi atención el Metal más clásico. Fue así que comenzó mi obsesión por la búsqueda de verdadero Metal.
MANOWAR llegó en el momento perfecto cuando entré a la preparatoria a los 15 años. Mi amiga Alexi y yo pasábamos las horas libres cantando clásicos del Heavy Metal de Priest, Maiden, Helloween, etc. Fue esa amiga, quién me presentó… Guyana (Cult of the damned). Nunca imaginé que un instrumento como el Bajo se escuchará ¡tan cabrón! Joey DeMaio era el responsable de esa intro tan épica y única. Y la voz, tan expresiva de Eric Adams, un narrador de historias asombroso ¡Maestro!. Ross The Boss ¡sin palabras! ¡Pura calidad Premium en los solos de guitarra! Scott Columbus… tambores de guerra que sonaban después de “ Thank you for the the Kool Aid Reverend Jim…”. Nunca había escuchado canción alguna como Guyana… ¿Quién toca esa canción? ¿MANOWAR? ¿quiénes son? Necesitaba más dosis de ellos…
En mi hogar no teníamos internet en esos tiempos e iba a lugares de contracultura y “underground” como el “Tianguis cultural del Chopo” a conseguir música. Ese mismo fin de semana busqué algo referente a Manowar. El primer CD que encontré y compré fue “Thunder in the sky”. ¡A huevo! Otro álbum tremendo, cada canción, una joya y lo que más me sorprendió fue la grabación de “Father” ¡en 15 idiomas diferentes al inglés! “Padre” la canción de mi más grande mentor y modelo a seguir, mi papá. Esa canción lo describe perfectamente puesto que fue agricultor de niño y adolescente y a la fecha nos sigue enseñando a mi grandioso hermano y a mí, la paciencia y entrega de trabajar la tierra y obtener grandes resultados por el esfuerzo que implica ello. Muchas canciones de Manowar me recuerdan a él y a mi madre, auténticos guerreros; mi padre llegó solo de un pueblo de provincia a la Ciudad de México hablando Náhuatl (idioma natal de México) y mi madre de niña, juntaba fierro y vidrio en la basura para ganar dinero y a pesar de venir de cierto nivel de “pobreza”, ambos lograron vencer cualquier adversidad sin poner excusas y sabiendo que “for any day that stings, two better days it brings, Nothing is as bad as it seems” y “always, carry on!”.
A partir de escuchar ese disco, sabía que tenía que conseguir todos, y así, todo el dinero que obtenía de trabajos estaba destinado a conseguir material original de Manowar y ésta dicho: “quien busca encuentra”. Llegaron a mi todos, poco a poco, e inclusive los DVD´s Hell on Earth. Yo no lo creía, puesto que sólo leía reseñas de ellos en revistas. Esta serie de videos me mostraron el gran trato y entrega que tiene Manowar con sus fans, como ninguna otra. Y el deseo de verlos en vivo se hacía más grande.
Cuando supe el año pasado que venían a México, ¡no podía creerlo! Y éste año, el inicio de una batalla que está ocurriendo por hacerse de un lugar en la Nueva Era de grandes retos para la humanidad, fue ambientado por Manowar en el Hell and Heaven Metal Fest. Las palabras no alcanzan a describir la energía que sentí esa noche. Todo fue increíble, profesional, y lo más cabrón que he visto en cuanto a espectáculo en mi México lindo y querido. El audio, escenario y setlist (The Power of thy Sword ¡nunca imaginé escucharla en vivo!) espectacular y de una calidad inigualable. ¡Gracias por demostrarnos de que están hechos! Y callarle la boca a esos incrédulos que decían que ustedes jamás vendrían. Y además… ¡Un DVD! Cuando me vi en la promo del 40 aniversario ¡no lo creía! ¡Gracias! Yo sé que éste DVD superará las expectativas de todo fan en el mundo.
Muchas gracias MANOWAR por ser el soundtrack de mi vida y combustible para afrontar retos en éste gran camino de la vida. Ustedes han estado presentes en mi vida deportiva y marcial como boxeador amateur, siempre me presento con la “Sign of the Hammer” =T=. Presentes con mi familia, viajes, trabajo y estudios, e incluso, en los agradecimientos de mi trabajo de Tesis (Bachelor´s Degree ) de Ingeniero Ambiental yo cité una frase de Warriors of the World United “…Con sueños de ser un Rey, primero debes ser un Hombre.” Que refleja la paciencia, trabajo duro y disciplina que debes tener para lograr tus, objetivos, metas y propósitos.
¡Vamos por más triunfos! en mi desarrollo humano, en mente, cuerpo y alma ¡siempre estarán presentes MANOWAR! No importan las adversidades, porque siempre estaré con mi “Corazón de Acero” que dirá al rugir de sus canciones: “¡Ponte de pie y pelea! Haz caso a tu corazón, siempre un intento más que no tengo miedo a morir ¡Levántate y pelea! Di lo que sientes, que he nacido con un ¡CORAZÓN DE ACERO!” =T=


Which band allows their fans to submit their story in their native language?
There is only one band, the one that has the best metal fans. MANOWAR.
So I decided to write my story “Manowarrior for life” in my native language, Mexican Spanish.

My name is Ignacio Muñoz Bautista, and I am 25 years old and 10 years in the history of Manowar
I remember when I started to be called by this lifestyle. From the age of 8, I became a Rocker with Chuck Berry and at 13, Metal changed my life …

I started with Metal in the most extreme vein, Thrash and Death. However, when I was 14 years old when listening to Geezer Buttler’s bass on Children of the Grave, the more classic Metal caught my attention. That is how my obsession with the search for true Metal began.

MANOWAR came at the perfect time when I entered high school at 15 years old. My friend Alexi and I spent our free hours singing Heavy Metal classics from Priest, Maiden, Helloween, etc. It was that friend who introduced me… Guyana (Cult of the damned). I never imagined that an instrument like Bass would sound so bastard! Joey DeMaio was responsible for that epic and unique intro. And the expressive voice of Eric Adams, an amazing storyteller. Teacher! Ross The Boss speechless! Pure premium quality guitar solos! Scott Columbus… war drums that sounded after “Thank you for the Kool Aid Reverend Jim…”. I had never heard a song like Guyana … Who plays that song? MANOWAR? who are they? I needed more doses of them …
In my home we didn’t have internet at that time and I went to sub culture and “underground” places like the “Tianguis cultural del Chopo” to get music. That same weekend I looked for something about Manowar.

The first CD I found and bought was “Thunder in the sky”. Of course! Another tremendous album, each song a jewel and what surprised me the most was the recording of “Father” in 15 languages other than English! “Father” the song of my greatest mentor and role model, my dad. That song describes him perfectly since he was a farmer as a child and adolescent and to this day he continues to teach my great brother and me the patience and dedication of working the land and obtaining great results for the effort that this implies. Many Manowar songs remind me of him and my mother, true warriors; my father came alone from a provincial town to Mexico City speaking Náhuatl (the native language of Mexico) and my mother as a child, collected iron and glass in the garbage to earn money and despite coming from a certain level of “poverty”, both managed to overcome any adversity without making excuses and knowing that “for any day that stings, two better days it brings, Nothing is as bad as it seems” and “always, carry on!”

From listening to that album, I knew that I had to get all of them, and thus, all the money that I obtained from jobs was destined to obtain original Manowar material and this one said: “who seeks finds.” They all came to me, little by little, and even the Hell on Earth DVDs. I didn’t believe it, since I only read reviews of them in magazines. This series of videos showed me the great treatment and dedication that Manowar has with his fans, like no other. And the desire to see them live grew greater.

When I found out last year that they were coming to Mexico, I couldn’t believe it!

And this year, the beginning of a battle that is taking place for a place in the New Age of great challenges for humanity, was set by Manowar at the Hell and Heaven Metal Fest. Words fail to describe the energy I felt that night. Everything was incredible, professional, and the most bastardo I have seen in terms of spectacle in my beautiful and beloved Mexico. The audio, stage and setlist (The Power of thy Sword, I never imagined listening to it live!) Spectacular and of an unbeatable quality. Thanks for showing us what they are made of! And shut up those unbelievers who said that you would never come. And also… A DVD! When I saw myself in the 40th anniversary promo, I didn’t believe it! Thank you! I know that this DVD will exceed the expectations of every fan in the world.

Thank you MANOWAR very much for being the soundtrack of my life and fuel to face challenges in this great path of life. You have been present in my sporting and martial life as an amateur boxer, I always present myself with the “Sign of the Hammer” = T =. Present with my family, trips, work and studies, and even, in the acknowledgments of my thesis work (Bachelor’s Degree) of Environmental Engineering I quoted a phrase from Warriors of the World United “With dreams of being a King, you must first be a Man.”
That reflects the patience, hard work and discipline that you must have to achieve your objectives, goals and purposes.

Let’s go for more wins! in my human development, in mind, body and soul, MANOWAR will always be present!
No matter the adversities, because I will always be with my “Heart of Steel” that will say at the roar of its songs: “Stand up and fight! Pay attention to your heart, always one more try that I’m not afraid to die. Get up and fight! Say what you feel, that I was born with a HEART OF STEEL! ” = T =



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My name is Joe, and I’m from Hertfordshire, England.

When I was 14, my friend introduced me to Heavy Metal. Among other songs, he showed me Die with Honor by Manowar, and I loved it. The bass intro, the guitar licks and Eric’s unbeatable vocals, I was hooked. I began going from album to album, listening to Manowar songs, and about 2 years later, I finally came across Defender

This song, about a deceased Father’s letter to his son really hit my heart, as I lost my own father aged 5.
I found myself replaying the line “I would’ve been there to watch you grow” over and over.

When I went to college, I met a guy named Zak, who liked metal. I showed him Manowar, he showed me other great bands and we’re best friends today. We used to drink, and bang our heads hard to songs such as Fighting the World, Burning and The Demons Whip. Some time later I also met a girl who loved metal, and knew Manowar. We dated, got together, and I took her to see them in Birmingham. I also got to meet Manowar there on my Ultimate Fan Experience. Drinking with Joey and getting to speak with Eric was a high point in my life. We saw the concert and it was amazing. Manowar fans aren’t like the rest. We are a family

The final word in my Manowar story, is the Spoken word tour.
My girlfriend and I traveled to Germany to see it, little did she know, I was planning to propose. In front of the Kreuzberg mural, just around the corner from the show, I proposed to her, and she said yes! After calling our families and friends, we went to the spoken word show. This was Joey DeMaio’s closing message

“You meet good and bad people in life, but as long as you stay true to yourself, good people will find you”

Manowar and their music has helped me overcome many tons of bad shit in my life, brought me some of my fondest memories, and I can’t imagine my life without them. I am an Immortal, forever

Hail to the Kings of Metal, long may they Reign!


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