Manowarrior For Life: Joe Curtis

My name is Joe, and I’m from Hertfordshire, England.

When I was 14, my friend introduced me to Heavy Metal. Among other songs, he showed me Die with Honor by Manowar, and I loved it. The bass intro, the guitar licks and Eric’s unbeatable vocals, I was hooked. I began going from album to album, listening to Manowar songs, and about 2 years later, I finally came across Defender

This song, about a deceased Father’s letter to his son really hit my heart, as I lost my own father aged 5.
I found myself replaying the line “I would’ve been there to watch you grow” over and over.

When I went to college, I met a guy named Zak, who liked metal. I showed him Manowar, he showed me other great bands and we’re best friends today. We used to drink, and bang our heads hard to songs such as Fighting the World, Burning and The Demons Whip. Some time later I also met a girl who loved metal, and knew Manowar. We dated, got together, and I took her to see them in Birmingham. I also got to meet Manowar there on my Ultimate Fan Experience. Drinking with Joey and getting to speak with Eric was a high point in my life. We saw the concert and it was amazing. Manowar fans aren’t like the rest. We are a family

The final word in my Manowar story, is the Spoken word tour.
My girlfriend and I traveled to Germany to see it, little did she know, I was planning to propose. In front of the Kreuzberg mural, just around the corner from the show, I proposed to her, and she said yes! After calling our families and friends, we went to the spoken word show. This was Joey DeMaio’s closing message

“You meet good and bad people in life, but as long as you stay true to yourself, good people will find you”

Manowar and their music has helped me overcome many tons of bad shit in my life, brought me some of my fondest memories, and I can’t imagine my life without them. I am an Immortal, forever

Hail to the Kings of Metal, long may they Reign!