Manowarrior For Life: Yuki Fujita (Japan)

Dear Manowar, brothers and sisters of metal, I’d like to share my little story.
My name is Yuki Fujita and I’m from Japan.
The first time I listened to Manowar was around the “Louder than Hell” era.
I wanted to see Manowar live but that chance didn’t happen until 2005.
I got to know Manowar would have the fan convention and the headlining show at Earthshaker fest and I thought I had to make it.
I didn’t have fellow Manowar fans around me so I joined the official forum and started to talk online with fans from different countries.
So when I travelled to Germany and the fan convention actually started, I didn’t feel like it was my first time to meet brothers and sisters from all over the world!
At the fan convention, I participated in Miss Manowar contest and it was unbelievable enough that I won the contest, which I had not expected but it was such a great honor.
My first Manowar concert at Earthshaker Fest was just overwhelming.
The whole experience was just magical and full of memories. I had never seen so many dedicated fans before, and the energy and passion of the band was so strong.
This experience changed my life a lot –
To make a really long story short, if I hadn’t attended the fan convention and Earthshaker Fest and met fellow fans there, I wouldn’t have my current job (translator) and band members (I’m a singer in a band by the way).
What is very special about Manowar and fans is the bond between them.
I was honored to be part of The Circle to represent Japanese fans, and the interaction with other representatives and Magic Circle Music was a precious experience.
I don’t see the fellow fans so often because we live in different countries but through the forum and SNS, I feel they are close friends (and of course I see them at the concerts of Manowar!)
2014 was another landmark in my life – Manowar came back to Japan!
The concerts were great with no questions especially when I finally saw Manowar in my own country with my friends and fellow fans.
I thought it was the most enthusiastic crowd of Manowarriors I had ever seen!
Besides, I was so proud to be a little guide for Joey when he wanted the infamous mamushi (snake) sake – now I really wish Manowar would come back to Japan to celebrate their 40th anniversary.
Why do I love Manowar?
It’s the strong message in their music- fight for life and believe in yourself, whatever others say about you.
When I’m feeling down, Manowar’s music always gives me strength to break through difficult situations.
As a singer/musician, I’m not like Eric nor my music doesn’t sound like Manowar, but I keep the spirit of steel and metal that Manowar always gives me.
(I’m not famous at all but still there are assholes who want to bring me down…in those situations Manowar helps me a lot!)
At the concerts, I’m blessed with great friendship of brothers and sisters – we have different languages, cultures, ideas and religions but with Manowar, we’re always one family.
How great is that?
Manowar is always special in my life and I’m looking for my next adventure on the tour…hopefully in Japan!
Best wishes from Japan.


Yuki Fujita