Manowarrior For Life: Alina (Italy)

Hello everybody!
I am Alessandra (Alina), Manowar fan since 2002.
Usually we discover our musical heroes during childhood, but I had something more important to do at the time. My battle against Hodgkin lymphoma started in 1984. I was an adolescent and even if I recovered in a few years, I was shocked for the illness itself and for the aggressive chemo therapies I got. I felt it was so unfair, I didn’t deserve such sorrow!
I had to leave the school for a whole year, I stayed in the hospital for a month, while doctors tried to find out what was happening, I got surgery for a biopsy, then they were sure and I started chemotherapy. After that, I had to go 500 Kilometers away from home for a month, to do radiotherapy. I felt so bad, I felt alone (even if my grandmother was with me and did everything in her power to make me feel comfortable), and I must admit I desired to die, but I survived.
Yes, I survived, but I lost my love for life. Nothing had ever been the same since then.
But I was so lucky to meet a true friend some years after, and it was her who introduced me to Manowar, giving me Warriors Of The World CD. She had been listening to heavy metal since childhood, and it was her old boyfriend who introduced her to Manowar, and then, she did the same for me.
So, MANOWAR music came into my life and everything changed, because I found out the warrior inside me. I listened to their music, learned lyrics, and entered the world of true metal, I bought all CDs. I found courage, I found something inside my heart, something which probably was there already, but I didn’t know I had it. There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude to Manowar: they took me to a better level.
I saw MANOWAR live a couple of times, I experienced the fantastic event of the fan convention, I met all Manowar musicians, some great brothers and sisters, I bought CDs, DVDs, shirts, and yes, I became addicted. Proudly addicted.
Sharing such great moments with the greatest sister on earth, was a daily gift, and still is. We are sisters of steel but also, we are real sisters, not by blood, but by spirit.
I can say I became a Manowarrior since my first touch with true metal. I know there are many other bands out there, some good, some others not, but I don’t care. There is MANOWAR, fuck the rest! I don’t need others! I breathe Manowar and keep them in my heart.
There was a bad period, when some events and people prevented me from going to concerts and I had to stay apart from the world, to change my lifestyle, but my love for Manowar never stopped. It was so painful, I am sure that every Manowarrior can understand what could mean being prevented from seeing Manowar live, but no one could prevent me to keep my dreams alive, to listen to a song whenever I wish, or I need it.
This is what I got from Manowar: I learned to never give up. And believe me, I will never give up on something I really want (“we fight ‘til we win or we’ll fight until we die”).
Every single day, when I am low, sad, angry, I just put a Manowar CD on my stereo, and everything turns good: I have the strength to fight my battles and to face my enemies.
But also, when I am happy or proud, I party with Manowar music.
I took part in Joey DeMaio’s Spoken Tour, in November 2019. Joey’s words about “never give up” lighted another great fire in my heart, and I got much more motivation to win my battles.
Joey is not just a great musician and composer, as we all know, but he is also a true inspiration and you can feel it clearly if you spend some time talking to him. He has such an incredible charisma! I hope to meet him once again, as he makes you feel great … Well, he told my friend and I “I want to see you again”, so let’s do it as soon as possible!
One little note to all fans: everyone of us would like to have MANOWAR in our own cities, but let me say that I always traveled abroad to see them (I am Italian), and every time it was worth it!