Dearest MANOWAR Band, Crew and Fans!

I would like to start with a massive THANK YOU for ALL of you. I swear I can never imagine a life without any of you. You’re a very important part of my world today, in all the future as well as in the past. A little extra thanks for the invite to share my story, I really appreciate it. I could probably write a book about my MANOWAR history, but I will do my best to keep it short and interesting. Here we go:

So my name is Lars Inge, born in 1980 (same year as MANOWAR) and I live a little north of Bergen, Norway. The first time I listened to MANOWAR was back in 1985, a «funny» guy in my family cranked up Thor (The Powerhead) at full volume probably to scare me, but I was struck by the power of the song in seconds. Being only 5 years old I didn’t understand a word of the lyrics but the power of the melody filled me with a strength and spirit I simply can’t describe but it surely transformed a silent and insecure little boy into something completely different. From there, MANOWAR music was always (to great frustration for my family) on top of my wishlist and the only thing I ever wanted. I learned every lyric by heart fast, and my understanding for English grew as well. I started collecting anything MANOWAR related material and during the years it has always been my huge passion. Especially after internet hit us my collection got massive and now contains well over 1100 items (I have included a few pics of some of the stuff here to give you an idea of what I’m collecting).

Due to my then low age I could never have my dream of attending a MANOWAR show completed, it really was the dream of my life. I grew up collecting and listening to MANOWAR music every day and the dream of a show grew stronger every day as well. My passion for MANOWAR soon gave me the nickname «Manolars» by my friends, and still is used by several 🙂 After reaching the proper age the list of shows is long and still growing. Standing frontrow and having Joey point at you and hand you a string from his bass is an amazing feeling I got to experience as well, just incredible. The ultimate dream of going backstage and even stand face to face with the band and crew was completed too, truly a highlight of all my life. Now, travels all over Europe to experience the true brotherhood of MANOWAR is one of the things I value the most as well as meeting, interacting, sharing and staying in touch with MANY strong brothers and sisters of metal from all over the world via social media every day. Many thanks to all, I appreciate every single one of you! Together we have created lifelong memories and relationships!!

Trying to keep my promise of staying short I will end this story here, although I could go on and on for hours and my story will continue every day for as long as I live.

From Return of the Warlord: «IT’S MORE THAN A RELIGION – IT’S THE ONLY WAY TO LIVE» That sentence says it all.

Hail and Kill from Norway!!!L

Lars Inge



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My first contact with Manowar was at the end of the 80s, when I heard Carry On by chance and I was hooked, it was one of those songs that you hum along all day and although I had heard about the group, it was the first time I had heard a song by him .

As of this year, little by little I got hold of Manowar’s discography and in 1997, I was able to go to my first concert at the Zeleste hall in Barcelona, in which I was lucky enough to photograph myself with Joey, Eric, Scott and Karl, and have a record signed for me, which was an unforgettable day.

In addition, all my life I have practiced athletics, with what first with a walkman, then with a discman and for a long time with mp3, in my training of hours running and in those of weights, the music of Manowar always accompanies me to get over them and I feel the strength it gives me in hard times to overcome them.

Manowar has helped me achieve unimaginable goals and with his strength I have won 7 Retrorunning World Championships.

This has given me popularity and they do many interviews with me, and it always draws my attention that I am a fan of Manowar and why, and I always say that they are my strength, with what Manowar has sounded, I have spoken and it has been seen, on TV3 , TVE, Tele5, Cadena SER, Marca, Mundo Deportivo, Catalunya Radio, RNE, RAC1, La Sexta, in Interviú magazine, which I gave one to Joey at the 2016 Prague concert, and in many more.

Simultaneously with my sports side, I continued to compile records and have gone to various concerts, such as Basel, Prague, Cologne, Munich, Berlin, etc., the most special of all being that of Prague in 2016, where I was able to meet Joey in person. Eric and the rest of the group, discover what is behind the scenes and meet fantastic people like Ruxia or Manoel. Although the most special moment was chatting with Joey and being able to give him my cover of Interviú magazine. An absolutely incredible night that I will never forget.

When I returned to Spain, various magazines and music radio stations interviewed me to ask me about the concert in Prague and about the experience of having met the group.

In short, Manowar is one of the engines of my life, both personal and sports, and I hope that thanks to them I can win many more World Championships and see them in many more concerts.

A hug and many kisses for everyone.

Hail & Kill!!!

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Hail to Manowar the Manowar family, brother and sisters around the world.

Having taken inspiration from a previous Manowarrior story told by my good friend Elvis I thought id put the proverbial pen to paper and share my own.

My name is Matt Verrell and it started way back in 1987 a good friend at school said he had a killer vinyl from and I quote “ The loudest band in the f@#king world” and would I like to borrow it, well it was a no brainer, of course I wanted to borrow it to see what kind of music could make such a grand claim, well as soon as that needle dropped into the groove all Hell broke loose in my bedroom, my world, inside my head sensations I had never known with music were awakening from the very first thunderous beats of Scott’s drums, I knew I had found “my” band and that band was Manowar, the album was fighting the world and I was 13 and the newest member in the Army of immortals.

After I had to reluctantly give the LP back I was on a quest to find this magic circle for myself, the trouble was my local town was not exactly coming forward with metal music shops, just the generic music shops selling the latest drivel, but my persistence paid off, although it wasn’t FTW I had a new tape (ask your grandads) to listen too, and what a aptly named tape it was too, Hail to England !!

This tape unleashed the desire for more and more, my metal path lay ahead and great adventures lay ahead.

I first saw the band in 1989 at the Hammersmith Odeon Kings of Metal tour, this was not just my first Manowar show, but my first ever live show by any band, and boy did Manowar lay down a marker that no one else has come close to since, I couldn’t believe the wall of speakers that was in front of me, my most vivid memory of the night is putting my hands in the air and feeling the kick of the bass and the sensation of the air moving around me, and I was about 15 rows back! My ears were ringing the next day at school, but i was proudly wearing my kings of metal tour shirt under my white school shirt, visible for all to see and teachers to scorn at.

These were the days pre computer and internet ( for me anyway ) so a wait ensued until the next gig at the London Marquee club, for anyone who doesn’t know, this is ( sadly now, was ) a legendary club, small, very small, but as I was to find out perfect for the up close, front row, stood in front of Joey, hard not to bump into him whilst standing there type show, I had my trusty 110 Kodak camera and took some good snaps from that gig, and are still treasured by me to this day, I was one of the first in line out the front and was ecstatic to meet Eric, Joey, Rhino and the Death dealer and get my cd ( ask your dad ) signed by them and a couple of pictures, such down to earth guys, you know, you dream of meeting your idols, your best band and don’t know what to expect, but 4 very polite, humble and friendly guys met me.

The scene in the UK went quite on the Manowar front after this tour, and again without having access to computers etc the band went off the radar for me live wise, that was until I got my first computer, I think one of the first things I did was type Manowar into the search bar… BOOM I discovered the WWWW ( World Wide Web Warriors ) that then turned into the House of Death where I am known as “ TourEngland “ for reasons that escape me currently.

This website put me in touch with fans all around the world, those fans some became friends, and after a announcement that a fan convention would happen at a show in Germany it was the easiest decision I’ve made, lets book tickets to Geiselwind… AKA The Earthshaker concert and fan convention.

What a momentous weekend that turned out to be, a weekend where friends I had meet online via the HOD all of a sudden became family, a weekend spent partying, talking, drinking, eating all with the best guys and girls in the world, Manowar fans. I was lucky enough to get to see Eric talk about his upcoming hunting dvd, also see Ross blasting out classic Manowar riffs in a small room with some other folk, listening to tales of life on the road from some of the old crew such as “The Arm” and Paul Clark Snr ( whom over the years has become a close and dear friend ) I just loved it, putting faces to the names you used to read in the album covers, Tayna Seeman ( who designs the leathers ) and the gentle giant of Genies that was Dawk, I just lapped up all of those stories and tales.

I was fortunate enough to win a competition to have my photo taken on the stage in the convention hall with all the band past and present, in fact I won 3 tickets, and gave 2 away to some people I was stood next to at the time.

The concert itself lived up to its name of Earthshaker.. Mind blown well and truly, when those drum risers came up during battle hymns and all members were on stage at once I felt invincible, I’m sure a touch of the berserker rage surged through my body for a few of those most glorious moments.

I have tried to attend at least one show of most of the tours since, and attend MCF 2 & 3, MCF 2 was again a congregation, a gathering, a mergence of close brothers and sisters, and a chance to meet new ones, the Manowar family spirit was alive within me and those 6 albums back to back were just mind blowing to witness live.


I have the Sign of the hammer tattooed onto my forearm, and then I bit the bullet and got my entire back done with the Triumph of steel artwork and Manowar logo, ouch, but manowarrior for life.

So I think I’ve explained my self quite a bit now, oh hold on.. yes I almost forgot…. TourEngland !!

I have probably badgered every member of the manowar crew I had the privilege to meet over the years to get them to come back to the UK, back to England, back “home”. I’m sure if you go on the HOD site 50% of my old posts were related to that topic, probably drove the admin bonkers with it, well I finally got my wish, the year was 2011 and the car was heading north, north to Birmingham.

That concert along with Earthshaker is up there as my best Manowar live show, front row, centre stage, surrounded by my family who knew that this was what I’d been banging on about for all those years, the emotion that flowed through me that night was immense, I’m not afraid to say I shed a tear during Hail to England and embraced all those around me.

I have a saying, something that’s come to me over the years, a Manowar show is more than just “the” show, it’s the whole experience, its about meeting up with family the night before, maybe for a curry at the Moonlight in Birmingham, maybe at the bar at the Linder hotel Frankfurt, maybe for a truck load of beer around Katja’s breakfast table in Bad Arolsen talking the night away, its about being with family, living life for the now and the Manowar show is the cherry on top of the cake.

I also have the Manocave collection, some goodies and collectables I have amassed over the years proudly displayed on the walls, the Manocave is my space to reflect, reminisce and recharge my batteries although my two girls enjoy coming in to head bang along to what ever dad has blasting through the speakers.

Personal Manowar highlights that stick out:

Meeting the 4 guys outside the Marquee gig

Seeing them soundcheck Hail To England at Leeds in 2011, Eric saw me and asked me to sing for him as I know the words better than him.. I declined

Joey handing me the last Bass string at the 2011 Birmingham show


MCF 2 and 3

Seeing my name on the inside of a CD booklet

Meeting everyone I know and love and call family, you are the best and make each show that bot special.

On reflection Manowar has played a major part of my life, its been there through the good and the bad, its made me the person I am today and given me a whole new family all over the world, I would like to thank the band from the bottom of my heart and say their music is just the tip of iceberg, the gift they give is far reaching and probably cannot be put into words, whilst sober at least.

So that’s me, come and say hi at the next show, ill probably be at the bar before and after with my “TourEngland” campaign flag wrapped around me, you’ll see me, the deaf one with a stupidly huge grin etched all across his face


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My name is Ryan Cameron Nichols. I am 47. I am from Norway. Born in America.

Being a Manowarrior for decades, the stories are numerous. Here are a few pivotal ones. I have tried to keep the nutshell as small as possible.

It was the summer of 1987 and I was at a friend´s house listening to Iron Maiden in his typical teenage room. Just as «The Trooper» was blazing away its opening riff, my friend turned off the song and placed another album on the turntable. He said he wanted me to listen to something. Annoyed, I said «Ok, what?!» in a sort of dismissive tone. He fumbled a little because he wanted to place the needle on a particular song on this unknown album. He dropped the needle straight onto Joey Demaio´s fast opening of «Black, Wind Fire and Steel». My jaw dropped as this was nothing I ever heard before. Aggressive and fast, but also melodic and with unmatched and perfect vocals.

Soon after, Manowar took the center stage amid all the metal bands I loved. I searched every magazine and read every article and interview with the band. And it soon became apparent that it was not just their music that set them apart. It was their attitude and unapologetic fierceness that made them churn out such uncompromising and pure metal.

In 2019, I was able to repay my friend by treating him to the awesome Ultimate Fan Experience in Berlin.

Over the years that followed, it also became apparent that when meeting other Manowar fans from around the world, it was something very different and special than other fanbases.

In 1988, I proudly bought my first Manowar concert ticket to see them in Oslo on The Kings of Metal tour. But then we soon found out that due to specific alcohol laws, the venue had an 18-year-old minimum age limit. My friend and I had to sell our tickets. Not exactly the night we had envisioned. In Norway in the 80s, only stadium shows had a free age limit. But most bands that could fill a stadium in Norway in the 80s generated as much excitement as going to the dentist and getting a root canal.

I finally got to see them for the first time in 1994 during the Triumph of steel tour. And many shows followed after that.

As I for countless others, Manowar´s unique sound and overall concept inspired me in many ways other bands could not. They became the main soundtrack to my life.

I was born in America to an American father and Norwegian mother. My father was in the army and we moved around a lot. He served two tours in Vietnam and was wounded several times. When I was 5, my father suddenly died of a pneumonia brought on by an old war wound. We were stationed in Panama at the time. We lived for a time in Texas with my grandparents. Soon after we moved to Norway. Luckily, I visited my grandparents frequently so my long line of Texan heritage was instrumental in my upbringing. But I was always restless, and as early as I can remember there was always a whole in my heart after my father died. My earliest memories consist mostly of him and I playing together. It wasn’t until Manowar came along that this hole was kind of replaced with the perfect kind of poetry and newfound strength.

My mom is a great, strong and determined Scandinavian woman. So, Viking sagas were an important part of my upbringing. And they became even more so when I became a Manowar fan.

In the military, I served in Lebanon and then in Bosnia during the civil war in the 1990s. There were a few times where it seemed that the last few seconds of my existence had come. The epic, uncompromising and lamenting sounds of Manowar were there every step of the way. And in a way, helped to mold even the harshest experiences into an important part of who I am today.

My first son was born in 2007. From day one he was exposed to metal. And it was to my heart´s content that he picked Manowar as his favorite band later on.

In 2017, I took my son to Kiel in Germany to see them. The day after the awesome show, we were sitting in the lobby waiting to take the boat back to Norway, when suddenly Eric walked out of the elevator. A few moments later Joey also came out of the elevator. We did not realize we were staying at the same hotel as the band. Living up to the hype about putting the fans first, both Eric and Joey were gracious and awesome. It was like talking to family members. In a moment of hilarious irony, my friend and I realized that my son’s first Manowar concert was the exact opposite of ours so many years ago. Not only did he get to see the show, he also met his heroes.

One time, when I was in the 8th grade, I was so bored in class I decided to write down one of my favorite Norse poems. I knew it by heart. It was the famous Skaldic poem of King Hakon the Good earning his place in Valhalla. But with a twist, I modeled the poem as a hymn to Manowar. It took almost the entire hour to do it. When I was finished, the teacher suddenly stood over my desk shaking his head. Annoyed at me for not having listened to a word he said, he tore the page out from my notebook and threw it in the garbage can. The bell rang and I quickly retrieved the crumbled page on my way out the door. I was very pleased with this version of the poem. I told some friends that I would try to mail the poem to Joey DeMaio. One of the other kids in class sarcastically replied: «Yeah, good luck with that!»

A few months before we were set to go to the Ultimate Fan Experience in Berlin in April 2019, I had an idea of a perfect way to present the Norse poem to the band. I had the poem engraved on a 1 kilo heavy medal of pure silver.

Together with my son and my friend, we handed it to Joey as I remembered what the kid in class said sarcastically three decades earlier at school. Well, what could one expect, he was a Poison-fan. We, are Manowarriors…

The Poem:

In Odin´s hall stands an empty place

For the metal Kings of Yngve´s race

“Go forth my Valkyries” Odin said

“Go forth my angels of the dead,

Gondul and Skogul to the plain,

Drenched with the battle´s bloody rain,

Go forth to Manowar and tell,

That here in Valhalla, they shall dwell

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Aufgrund anhaltender Sicherheitsbeschränkungen in Deutschland, den Niederlanden und anderen Ländern sowie der Unsicherheit hinsichtlich der Möglichkeit in diesem Jahr zu reisen und Großveranstaltungen durchzuführen, verschieben MANOWAR ihre für April 2021 geplanten Tour auf April 2022.

“Wir sind zuversichtlich, dass diese Krise dank der Freigabe diverser Impfstoffe bald unter Kontrolle ist und große Veranstaltungen und Konzerte wieder erlaubt werden”, erklärte Joey DeMaio. „Mit der Sicherheit aller Beteiligten an erster Stelle ist es jedoch richtig genügend Zeit zu erlauben, die Lage in den Griff zu bekommen und unsere Tour auf 2022 zu verschieben. Und wie es das Schicksal will ist 2022 ein noch größeres Jahr für uns, in dem wir besondere Jubiläen für sechs unserer Alben mit den größten Fans der Welt feiern können! “

Für die LAUT UND HART – STARK UND SCHNELL ANNIVERSARY TOUR ’22, benannt nach einer neuen Hymne zu Ehren ihrer treuen deutschen Fans, bringen MANOWAR eine Set Liste vollgepackt mit Fanfavoriten und würdigen zugleich besondere Jubiläen von sechs ihrer unvergesslichen Alben:

40 Jahre Battle Hymns
35 Jahre Fighting The World
30 Jahre The Triumph Of Steel
20 Jahre Warriors Of The World
15 Jahre Gods Of War
10 Jahre The Lord Of Steel

Tickets für die ursprünglichen Termine im April 2021 behalten für die neuen Daten ihre Gültigkeit. Diejenigen, die bereits ein Ticket gekauft haben, werden per E-Mail kontaktiert.

Die neuen Termine sind:

Di, 12. April, 2022 – Rotterdam, NL – Rotterdam Ahoy
Mi, 13. April, 2022 – Bremen, DE – ÖVB-Arena – Halle 7
Do, 14. April, 2022 – Berlin, DE – Velodrom
Sa, 16. April, 2022 – Oberhausen, DE – König Pilsener Arena
So, 17. April, 2022 – Zwickau, DE – Stadthalle
Do, 21. April, 2022 – Nuremberg, DE – Arena Nürnberger Versicherung
Fr, 22. April, 2022 – Neu-Ulm, DE – Ratiopharm Arena
Sa, 23. April, 2022 – Mannheim, DE – SAP Arena

„Wir können es nicht erwarten Euch im nächsten Jahr auf Tour zu sehen, um dieses Mega-Event mit uns zu feiern! Laut Und Hart; Stark Und Schnell!” sagte Joey DeMaio.

Tickets gibt es unter Eventim Deutschland bzw. Eventim Niederlande und an anderen bekannten Vorverkaufsstellen. Weitere Infos gibt es auf

Folge MANOWAR auf, Instagram, Facebook und Twitter für regelmäßige Updates.

MANOWAR – Bestätigte Tourdaten:
Do, 1. Juli, 2021 – Barcelona, ES – Rock Fest Barcelona
Di, 12. April 12, 2022 – Rotterdam, NL – Rotterdam Ahoy
Mi, 13. April 13, 2022 – Bremen, DE – ÖVB-Arena – Halle 7
Do, 14. April 14, 2022 – Berlin, DE – Velodrom
Sa, 16. April 16, 2022 – Oberhausen, DE – König Pilsener Arena
So, 17. April 17, 2022 – Zwickau, DE – Stadthalle
Do, 21. April 21, 2022 – Nuremberg, DE – Arena Nürnberger Versicherung
Fr, 22. April 22, 2022 – Neu-Ulm, DE – Ratiopharm Arena
Sa, 23. April 23, 2022 – Mannheim, DE – SAP Arena


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Ongoing safety restrictions in Germany, The Netherlands, and other countries, coupled with the continued uncertainty regarding the ability to perform large scale live events this year require MANOWAR to reschedule their planned April 2021 tour dates to April 2022.

“We are confident that with the recent release of vaccines, this crisis will soon be under control and permit large gatherings and concerts again” explained Joey DeMaio. “But with everyone’s safety in mind, allowing sufficient time to get back on track and moving the tour to 2022 is the right thing to do. And as fate would have it, 2022 will be an even more special year, celebrating milestone anniversaries of six of our albums with the greatest fans in the world”

The LAUT UND HART – STARK UND SCHNELL ANNIVERSARY TOUR ’22, named after a new anthem that is dedicated to MANOWAR’s loyal German fans, will be packed with fan favorites from the band’s career and will pay special tribute to six signature MANOWAR albums and their anniversaries:

40th Anniversary of Battle Hymns
35th Anniversary of Fighting The World
30th Anniversary of The Triumph Of Steel
20th Anniversary of Warriors Of The World
15th Anniversary of Gods Of War
10th Anniversary of The Lord Of Steel

Tickets for MANOWAR’s original April 2021 dates will remain valid for the rescheduled dates.
Further details will be sent directly to those who already purchased a ticket.

The new dates are:

Tue, April 12, 2022 – Rotterdam, NL – Rotterdam Ahoy
Wed, April 13, 2022 – Bremen, DE – ÖVB-Arena – Halle 7
Thu, April 14, 2022 – Berlin, DE – Velodrom
Sat, April 16, 2022 – Oberhausen, DE – König Pilsener Arena
Sun, April 17, 2022 – Zwickau, DE – Stadthalle
Thu, April 21, 2022 – Nuremberg, DE – Arena Nürnberger Versicherung
Fri, April 22, 2022 – Neu-Ulm, DE – Ratiopharm Arena
Sat, April 23, 2022 – Mannheim, DE – SAP Arena

„We can’t wait to see you on the road next year to celebrate this mega event with us! Laut Und Hart; Stark Und Schnell!” said Joey DeMaio.

Tickets are available on Eventim Germany respectively Eventim Netherlands and on other known ticket outlets. For tour details and ticket links go to

Follow MANOWAR on , Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for constant updates.

MANOWAR – Confirmed Tour Dates:
Thu, July 1, 2021 – Barcelona, ES – Rock Fest Barcelona
Tue, April 12, 2022 – Rotterdam, NL – Rotterdam Ahoy
Wed, April 13, 2022 – Bremen, DE – ÖVB-Arena – Halle 7
Thu, April 14, 2022 – Berlin, DE – Velodrom
Sat, April 16, 2022 – Oberhausen, DE – König Pilsener Arena
Sun, April 17, 2022 – Zwickau, DE – Stadthalle
Thu, April 21, 2022 – Nuremberg, DE – Arena Nürnberger Versicherung
Fri, April 22, 2022 – Neu-Ulm, DE – Ratiopharm Arena
Sat, April 23, 2022 – Mannheim, DE – SAP Arena

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Hail brothers and sisters!

My name is Asparuh Kostov and I am from the land of true metal – Bulgaria. I can not fully describe my relationship with Manowar with one or two paragraphs. I’ll try my best to give you a glimpse of my story and how important the band has been through most of my life.

It was the summer of 1997 and I was 11 years old at the time. A very dear friend of mine has mentioned me in the beginning of the summer holiday that he has found an audio cassette of “some kind of a metal band” under his desk at school. He didn’t had any interest in playing it, so some weeks later I borrowed it from him. I was just a kid back then and I was very curios to see what kind of music was this. Long story short, I was holding in my hands a bootleg cassette of Kings of Metal. I was familiar with the band logo, because of the shirts I have seen on people on the street. I immediately put it in my player, without even rewinding it to the start. Ironically the song which started was The Crown and the Ring. You could imagine how absolutely blown away a 11 year old kid can be. I have never heard this type of epic, grand, majestic music (and I’ve been listening to a lot of music since my pre-school years). Then I played the album in it’s entirety. Since this day I was spellbound. The music, the power, the might of Manowar just clicked with me since day one. I quickly started to look for more albums. The second album I got from another friend was Louder Than Hell, which he advertised it as the “new one”. The Triumph of Steel was the third I got before the end of the summer break. It was a re-recorded cassette and was without a booklet. It was my fix idea to acquire all the albums as soon as possible. Into Glory Ride was the first one I bought regularly from the record store, with a proper booklet. I was looking for all kind of magazines and newspapers, but back in the 90s in Bulgaria was hard to find any information about metal music in general.

I quickly educated myself with everything regarding the band. Manowar became a huge part my life and I knew that this was going to be a bond that will be for lifetime.

When the news broke that Manowar will finally play in Bulgaria for the first time, I was out of my mind. I couldn’t sleep from excitement in days before the show. You can imagine how emotional was for me to finally be able to withstand the power and the might of my heroes live for the first time. During the next decade I was able to attend plenty of shows around Europe, standing at number 17 at the time I am writing this. Meeting Joey in person three times was an amazing experience for me, especially the most recent one in Berlin, after the Spoken Word tour.

Now 23 years later, I stand proud, having Manowar in my heart for the most part of my life. I personally think that I became the man I am now, because of the Manowar way of life. I was raised by the code of honor and loyalty the band has preached. Manowar has guided me through some difficult times and the music was always the rock I hold on. So now, at the eve of the 40th Anniversary I say – THANK YOU! Looking forward to the 50th!

Manowar, born to live forevermore!

Hail and kill!



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My name is Claudia L.  and I live in the Ruhr area in North Rhine Westphalia, Germany.

In 1987 I discovered Manowar for myself when MTV’s “Headbangers ball” showed the musicvideo “Blow your Speakers”.

I was so enthusiastic about the song and the video that I immediately bought the vinyl record “Fighting the world” and the previously released vinyls.

Manowar became my favorite band.

I attended my first Manowar show at the “Kings of Metal Tour” 1989 in Oberhausen. Since then there have been many concert visits, which are a great experience every time.

At the “Final Battle Tour 2017 I gave myself the “Ultimate Fan Experience Upgrade” as a present for my 50th birthday. This upgrade was a unique experience, where I met the Band backstage and also had a nice chat with Joey. I still fondly remember about this show in Cologne today.

Now I’m looking forward for the tour next year and I have already bought a ticket for the show in Oberhausen.

I’ve been listening to the songs from Manowar every day since I’ve discovered the band.

Once you are a Manowar fan, a Manowar fan for good and all.

Hail and Kill





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My name is Andrei, 33, and I’m from Timișoara, Romania. I want to take this opportunity to share some great personal memories involving Manowar, and especially what Manowar has meant in life.

I first started listening to them sometime in the 8th grade (around the year 2000), when I realized I’m actually fond of rock and metal music. I asked a friend from school – the “rocker” of the class – to give me some music, and one of the CDs was a mix of songs from Battle Hymns and Sign of the Hammer.

Needless to say I was instantly hooked. I started looking for other albums and searching for more information about the band. Their songs gradually became part of my life. Some would carry my imagination on an inspiring journey. Others would get the blood flowing and provide an energy boost, pushing me to always give my best effort in all of my pursuits. Manowar has always been for me more than music. It’s not there only when you listen to it, it lives on in your heart. I will not go through my favourite songs, but will just say that if you are a true Manowar fan, you know that life is grand and there is always something important to discover if only you commit to it. You are strong if you believe in yourself and your close ones. Sometimes you need to make sacrifices, set some bridges on fire, but you will find the gold on the other side. And there will always be someone with the same values as you to give you a hand.

The first Manowar concerts I attended were huge ones: Magic Circle Festival 2007 and 2008. The first one included the glorious stage with the viking ship, while for the second one they played the first six albums in their entirety. Two once in a lifetime moments! The amazing MCF 2008 bracelet I kept on my wrist for some years, until it started to come apart and decided to put it away for safe keeping.

I want to take this opportunity and apologise to all fans that are angry that a big Romanian flag is waving right down the center of the stage on the MCF 2008 DVD.

Here is the story: I had hooked up with some people from the Romanian fan club that existed back then. They had this big flag with “Romania awaits the Kings” written on it. Initially we just put it on a branch we broke off from one the trees on the festival grounds, just like all other normal attendees did. (Just want to mention what an amazing feeling it was seeing all those flags from so many countries all around the globe lined up like that. Truly inspiring and humbling that we are part of a global brotherhood) We had also randomly met another two Romanians who hooked up with us. On the second day, one of them went to town and for some reason bought a fishing pole. And we had the brilliant idea that, hey, we could use that, and our flag would fly higher than all the others. And that’s what we did, until a desperate Neil Johnson appeared at the front barrier, waving his arms trying to tell us that he’s actually trying to film a DVD and if we would be nice enough to lower the flag, which we would recover at the end of the show.

So, sorry, Manowar, and sorry Manowar fans! But hey, it worked, because next year Manowar came for the first time to Romania and Joey received that flag on stage from the fan club.

That would be my personal view of Manowar, but there is also a social side. Because I’ve met many wonderful people from all over the world, both online and at concerts, especially at fan gatherings. And I’m always surprised that they always are great people, with a lot to share. It seems like when people put on a Manowar t-shirt it’s not just a statement of what band they like, but of what amazing people they are.

So thank you Manowar for existing and for finding your way in my life. Happy 40th anniversary!

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