Hello everyone!

I´m Luísa and I’m from Portugal, and I´m a girl who has only one purpose in life, True Metal Music.

I discovered Manowar about two years ago.

It´s not too much, but quickly became my favourite band. I started listening to Hard Rock, but it wasn’t noisy enough, so I became a TRUE METAL fan and now there´s nothing better.

For me, Manowar is not a band anymore, it’s a family of MANOWARRIORS. It´s my religion. This text was an excuse to write how much I love Manowar🖤. I have never seen a Manowar show, that´s what I’d like to do the most right now. I´m sure when I go to that show, it is going to be epic. I don´t have tattoos because everybody says it’s a mistake to do something with my body that marks me for the rest of my life, but I would be proud to have a Manowar tattoo forever. One day, I’ll do it. Already have some ideas. Heavy Metal will exist forever and it’s gonna be glorious, as always, it’s never gonna die!

Just wanted to say that Manowar is my favourite band and it will be forever.

Hail and kill !!!

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July 9 to July 12, 2008: An army of metal fans from all over the world gathers in the city of Bad Arolsen, Germany for the second edition of Magic Circle Festival.

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of their legendary album “Kings Of Metal,” MANOWAR served a special feast to the 35,000 metal warriors attending Magic Circle Festival 20008: During the 4-day festival the band performed their first 6 albums in their entirety.
Relieve this glorious event with the video-on-demand or download MANOWAR – LIVE AT MAGIC CIRCLE FESTIVAL 2008 on Apple and Amazon.

(c) 2008 Magic Circle Entertainment Photo: Guido Karp

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Check out this exclusive interview in today’s edition of Telegraph Daily newspaper, Bulgaria.

Joey DeMaio tells Bulgarian fans what to expect from special anniversary concert 2022 and why MANOWAR can’t wait to reunite with their Bulgarian Manowarriors!
Tickets for MANOWAR’s ONLY show in Bulgaria next year are available here: www.ticketstation.bg

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The founder and bassist of Manowar Joey DeMaio: “We call Bulgaria our second home” 


“On the 4th of July 2022 we are preparing a show that will crash the enemies of true metal!


“I’ll never forget our first show in Kavarna”


“I was born to do this, and I will do it until the day I die”

-Mr. DeMaio, Manowar are coming back to Bulgaria in 2022. Аre you excited?

Joey: What kind of question is that? That is like asking any Bulgarian if they like Heavy Metal! I am more than excited! Everyone knows that Manowar open air shows are legendary because the biggest part of our shows are the strongest fans in Bulgaria. Our Bulgarian Manowarriors are incredibly loyal and filled with power.

-Next year we will celebrate 15 years of your first show in Bulgaria. What are your memories from that show?

Joey: I’ll never forget our first show in Bulgaria. It was a dream for us to come to Bulgaria and to finally find people that could understand our promise to the Bulgarian Manowarriors. The fans welcomed us into their country and into their hearts with such passion and devotion! It was very emotional and never to be forgotten; and each time we come it is like returning to a family reunion.

-And what are your best memories from previous visits? You went to the municipal dog pound of Seslavci…

The visit to the dog pound was very emotional. I love dogs, so I immediately agreed when the mayor asked if I could come and help bring attention to a dramatic situation. Every visit to Bulgaria is special. I have of course spent a lot of time in Sofia, but I have also been as you know to Kavarna many times and also Bansko and now I will be proud to go to Plovdiv to study and learn about the festival site for next year’s celebration.

-What show should Bulgarian fans expect on 4th of July 2022 in Plovdiv?

Joey: A massive one! An unforgettable one! One that will crush the enemies of true metal! A true metal celebration of our fans, and our love and respect for Bulgaria; a special place we are honored to call a second home.

-Do you have a surprise for the Bulgarian fans? Bulgarian songs or versions?

Joey: We’ll have a huge surprise for our Bulgarian fans, but I can’t tell you more yet.

-You already spoke Bulgarian. Do you remember some words?

Joey: Well since the pandemic happened, I have not been able to travel until just now, so I hate to admit my Bulgarian is a little rusty. I’ll make sure to brush up on it before the show. 

-Please, tell us more about Crushing the Enemies of Metal Anniversary tour

Joey: It’s a very special tour for us. We’ll be celebrating special anniversaries of six of our albums, including Battle Hymns, Triumph Of Steel, Warriors Of The World and Gods Of War. That occasion of course calls for something special and special this tour will be: Killer set list, a huge production, some world premieres, and lots of surprises!

-What is the feeling to be the leader of one of the most genius and powerful heavy metal bands in the world?

Joey: Thank you for the kind words, I will pass the compliment on to the other band members. I don’t really think about my life in that way. I just know that I am charged with a great responsibility to try to write and bring to life the very best music I can. Not only for ourselves as a band but for our loyal crew and the greatest fans in the world. I just love what I do, what we do as a band, that we’ve been able to stay true to ourselves throughout the years and that we have fans all over the world who appreciate us for it. Without a doubt I am blessed and I know and respect it.

-You have been doing music for more than 40 years. Do you ever get tired of it?

Joey: Never!

In 1980 a new band exploded on the metal scene that would change the world of music and create history. What changed since then?

Joey: A lot, on so many levels. In terms of music new genres have evolved, new ways of consuming music but what hasn’t changed, and never will, is that we all need music in their lives for the happy moments and the tough ones. And whatever else emerges, you can’t replace the feeling you get from a live show; being part of a crowd and taking in the pulsating energy between audience and performer.

-Heavy metal “will never die”, you say. But who’s coming next? Why can’t the new generations reach the highest level?

Joey: There are many bands and there always will be music. However, there will only ever be 1 BEATLES, 1 LED ZEPPLIN, 1 ROLLING STONES, 1 AC/DC – there were and will be no others like them. There is and will only ever be 1 MANOWAR – we are the last of our kind and there will never be another like us. As long as we live, we will always defend the rights of our fans to have the very best we can do and to fight to the end for true metal. It lives in our hearts and souls. Our fans in Bulgaria have shown that and continue to show it to people all over the world. You will see it again on our new DVD.

-Do you think that originality in songs is something hard to find in our days?

Joey: Not only in songs but also in live performance and all that goes along with it. 

-There are a lot of bands that play Manowar songs. What do you think about it?

Joey: Well, you know what they say: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. 

-You always focus on war, death, fighting. Where lies the inspiration in that?

Joey: These topics represent personal battles that we all have in common and experience ever day of our lives regardless of where we are and what we do in this world. We all have struggles to go through, fighting with those who want to put us down, fight our enemies or our personal demons to win and persevere.

-Do you have the feeling that we would be in need of heroes at this time especially?

Joey: Now, Always and Forever. There are heroes around us, often unrecognized, but a real hero doesn’t do it for the fame or reward; it lives in ones heart to be pure.

-Which bands/artists have been your biggest influences when you started your career?

Joey: Sabbath, Mountain, Led Zeppelin, Uriah Heep; so many of the Legendary bands.

-Two years ago you said that you are “too young to retire”. Do you imagine your world without making music and touring with the other guys from Manowar?

Joey: Never! I was born to do this, and I will do it until the day I die!

-Are you still simple man with all the rock star life going on?

Joey: I know what people mean when they use the term rock star and I know they mean it as a compliment, but I really do not see myself like that. I am a musician and I have a love and lust for pure sound in the studio and live. I enjoy making all around me as crazy as I am, to achieve the perfect performance in all areas of studio or live performance. I love hearing all of our crew and anyone I work with scream and yell when I ask them to constantly do the impossible. I also enjoy even more after all the suffering is over and the show is a success hearing all the people I made crazy say how happy they are that I made them do it after seeing the look on the fans’ faces. I am the same person I have always been. If you change because of your status in life, the money you make or fame, you’re doomed.

-What will you say to your Bulgarian fans?

Joey: Come and join us on July 4, 2022. We’ll rock the hills of Plovdiv with a show you’ll never forget! Don’t miss it!


Joey: Thank you!

Interview by Ekaterina Tomova for Telegraph Daily /Monitor online Bulgaria


Основателят и басист на Manowar Джоуи ДеМайо:


Наричаме България втори дом


На 4 юли 2022 г. подготвяме шоу, което ще срази враговете на истинския метъл


Никога няма да забравя първото ни идване в Каварна


Роден съм, за да правя това и ще го правя до деня, в който умра

– Джоуи, Manowar се завръщат в България през 2022! Вълнувате ли се?

– Що за въпрос е това? Все едно да питате дали българите обичат да слушат хеви метъл! Повече от развълнуван съм! Всички знаят, че концертите на Manowar на открито са легендарни, защото най-голямата част от нашите шоута са именно най-запалените фенове в България. Нашите български Manowarriors (бел. ред. – в превод от англ. „воини на Manowar“) са невероятно лоялни и изпълнени с мощ.

– Догодина ще отпразнуваме 15 години от вашето първо шоу в България. Какви са спомените ви от този концерт?

– Никога няма да забравя първото ни шоу в България. За нас беше мечта да дойдем в България и най-накрая да намерим хора, които могат да разберат нашето обещание към българските Manowarriors да се срещнем. Феновете ни приеха гостоприемно в тяхната страна и в техните сърца, с такава страст и преданост! Беше много емоционално и никога няма да бъде забравено. Всеки път, когато се връщаме в България, е като завръщане към семейна сбирка.

– Какви са спомените ви от следващите ви гостувания у нас? Посетихте приюта за бездомни животни в Сеславци…

– Посещението в приюта за кучета беше много емоционално. Обичам кучета, затова и веднага се съгласих, когато кметът на София ме попита дали искам да дойда и да помогна да се насочи вниманието към тази драматична ситуация. Всяко гостуване в България е специално. Прекарал съм, разбира се, много време в София, но съм посещавал, както знаете, и Каварна, Банско, а сега ще съм горд да отида до Пловдив и да науча повече за фестивала, на който ще празнуваме следващата година.

– Какво шоу готвите за българските си почитатели на 4 юли 2022 г. в Пловдив?

– Масивно! Незабравимо! Шоу, което ще срази враговете на истинския метъл! Истинско метъл празненство за нашите фенове и нашата любов и уважение към България, място, което с почит наричаме наш втори дом.

– Готвите ли някакви изненади, може би отново някоя песен на български език?

– Имаме огромна изненада за българските си фенове, но все още не мога да издам каква е.

– Вече сте говорил на български. Спомняте ли си някои думички?

– Откакто настъпи пандемията, не съм имал възможността да пътувам, поне досега, така че не ми е приятно да призная, но малко съм забравил българския език. Ще се постарая да си опресня познанията преди шоуто.

– Бихте ли ни разказал малко повече за предстоящото турне Crushing the Enemies of Metal Anniversary.

– Това е много специално турне за нас. Ние празнуваме специални годишнини на шест от нашите албуми, включително Battle Hymns, Triumph Of Steel, Warriors Of The World and Gods Of War. Този случай, разбира се, говори за нещо специално, каквото е и турнето: убийствен сет лист, мащабна продукция, няколко световни премиери и много изненади!

– Какво е усещането да бъдеш лидер на една от най-гениалните и могъщи хеви метъл банди на всички времена?

– Благодаря за милите думи, ще предам комплиментите и на останалите членове на бандата. Никога не съм гледал на живота си по този начин. Знам само, че съм зареден със страхотната отговорност да се опитвам да пиша и да вдъхвам живот на най-добрата музика, на която съм способен. Не само за нас като банда, но и за лоялния ни екип и най-страхотните фенове на света. Просто обичам това, което правя. Това, което правим като банда и че можем да останем верни на себе си през годините и имаме фенове по целия свят, които ни ценят за това, което сме. Без съмнение съм благословен, знам го и го уважавам.

– Създавате музика вече повече от 40 години. Писва ли ви понякога?

– Никога!

– През 1980 г. една млада банда на име Manowar, променя света на музиката завинаги. Какво се промени оттогава досега?

– Много, и то на различни нива. По отношение на музиката са се развили нови жанрове, нови начини за консумация на музика. Това, което не се промени и никога няма да се промени, е, че всички ние имаме нужда от музика както за хубавите моменти, така и за лошите. И каквото и друго да се появи, не може да се замени усещането, когато си на концерт на живо, да бъдеш част от тълпата и да поемеш пулсиращата енергия между публиката и изпълнителя.

– Ваши са думите, че хеви метълът няма да умре никога. Но в последните години няма толкова големи изявени банди, които да покоряват сцената.

– Има много банди и винаги ще има музика. И все пак винаги ще има само едни The Beatles, едни Led Zeppelin, едни The Rolling Stones, едни AC/DC – няма да има други като тях. Има и ще има само един Manowar – ние сме последни от рода си и никога няма да има други като нас. Докато сме живи, винаги ще защитаваме правата на нашите фенове да имат най-доброто, на което сме способни, и ще се борим докрай за истинската метъл музика. Тя живее в нашите сърца и души. Нашите почитатели в България са видели това и продължаваме да го показваме на феновете по целия свят. Ще го видите отново в нашето ново DVD.

– Трудно ли се открива оригиналността в песните днес?

– Не само в песните, но ви изпълненията на живо и всичко, което върви с тях.
– Има много банди, които свирят песните на Manowar. Какво мислите за това?

– Е, знаете какво казват: Имитацията е най-искрената форма на ласкателство.

– В творчеството си винаги се фокусирате около темите за войната, смъртта, борбата. Откъде черпите вдъхновение?

– Тези теми представляват личните битки, които всички ние водим заедно и преживяваме всеки ден от живота си, независимо къде се намираме и какво правим в този свят. Всички ние си пробиваме път, за да преминем и да се борим с всички, които искат да ни провалят, да се борим с нашите врагове или лични демони, за да победим и да продължим.

– Имате ли чувството, че в днешно време имаме особена нужда от герои?

– Сега, винаги и завинаги. Има герои около нас, често неразпознаваеми, но истинският герой не го прави за слава или награди. Геройството живее в сърцето, за да бъде чисто.

– Спомняте ли си кои изпълнители ви вдъхновяваха, когато започнахте своята професионална кариера?

– Sabbath, Mountain, Led Zeppelin, Uriah Heep. Толкова много от легендарните банди.

– Преди две години заявихте, че сте прекалено млад, за да се пенсионирате. Представяте ли си вашия свят без музика и пътувания с Manowar?

– Никога! Роден съм, за да правя това и ще го правя до деня, в който умра!

– Казвате, че сте обикновен човек. Как се справяте с живота на рок звезда?

– Знам какво си мислят хората, когато стане дума за рок звезда, и знам, че те го разбират като комплимент. Но аз наистина не се виждам по този начин. Аз съм музикант. Имам любов и жажда за чист звук в студиото и на живо. Обичам да правя всичко около себе си толкова лудо, колкото съм аз, за да постигна перфектното представяне в студиото или изпълнението на живо. Обичам да чувам всички от нашия екип и всички, с които работя, да крещят и викат, когато ги помоля да направят и невъзможното. Също така се радвам, че всички страдания свършиха. За мен най-големият успех е да чувам колко са щастливи хората, когатo ни гледат. Аз съм човекът, който винаги съм бил. Ако се промениш заради своя социален статус в живота, пари или слава – значи си обречен.

– Последно – какво ще кажете на българските си почитатели?

– Елате и се присъединете към нас на 4 юли 2022 г.! Ще взривим тепетата в Пловдив с шоу, което няма да забравите никога! Не го пропускайте!

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Greetings to Manowar and all the fans around the world.

My name is Dimitris Papadimitriou, 40 years old (birthday 27/02/1980) from Athens, Greece, married with two lovely daughters.

I met Manowar’s music back to 1997 where my cousin had given me the Triumph of Steel album.

I remember well this night because it was the last haircut i did before i leave my hair long. I put the cd in the player and i listened to the album while my mother was cutting my hair. The music was something new for me. Next day i listened again the cd, next day the same and so on. I started feeling addicted to Manowar’s music and i really loved it. I loved everything, the music, the style, Eric’s voice.

It was like i was searching for years a group that plays music the way that must be played and finally i found it. My cousin had given me also the Kings of Metal album. I was afraid to hear it because the Triumph of Steel was so perfect and i didn’t want to get disappointed. But when i listened to songs like Kingdom Come, Hail and Kill, Heart of Steel, Blood of the Kings, my fear was gone. This album was also so perfect that it was difficult for me to choose what should i hear, this or The Triumph of Steel. In a short period i got all the albums. I was very happy with the announcement that Manowar will perform live in Greece in Rockwave Festival 1999. Thanks to them i am into metal until now.

They are a very important part of my life that will never die. Hail and kill!

Last but not least:

– 1999: I was listening for once more the Achilles, Agony and Ecstasy song. My mother stopped washing the dishes, came to the living room and asked me: “Who are they? They are fantastic, they are singing about Achilles and Hector!”

– 2002: I was going every day to University on foot. It was about 35 minutes from home and the opposite. When Warriors of the World single came out, i left quickly from the University and i did only 15 minutes with fast walking because i wanted to hear the new Manowar song!

– 2007: March Metal day with Manowar as headliners. The set list was amazing. A guy next to me couldn’t believe what he was watching. All the epic, amazing songs were there.

– 2019: The Final Battle Tour: What a beautiful day. Manowar were great, the videos, the atmosphere. The place was so near to my home that the day before i could hear the sound check!

Thank you for all.

Best regards

Dimitris Papadimitriou from Greece

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My name is Joro and I am from the wonderful country of Bulgaria.

It was my 13th year in a cold winter’s day of 1989 when the whole world begun its first change since decades and in the same period my life changed forever.

A friend of mine played me a cassette of The Kings Of Metal album on side „A” and I joined these two young and hungry metal warriors in this world that wasn`t big enough to keep them down, and there somewhere on their ride to glory they became a guiding light and inspiration for life for me.

I was a boy back then, now am man with family and sons. Upon every day of this life journey, battles, ups and downs, was the „Sign Of The Hammer”, the sign of  MANOWAR – next to all other things in life that I had and still have to do, deal with or overcome. In many ways.

The music came first. I didn`t know English then and hours and hours of my first high school year I spent listening the albums. I discovered this new enchanted world like the growing up child gets to know the real world. The power, the melodies, all these rich musical parts, this deep bass and this voice…this unearthly voice…

Then the words came – all this positive energy, all this strength to live true to yourself, brave and tall, the belief in yourself, dreams, battles, honor, the disgust of false pride, lies and betrayals…

Our music was not popular in the 90`s like it was in 80`s but I had my own path of a Manowarrior, went on and didn`t care who likes it or not, it was mine and this was the focus.

In the university was the same – all the days and nights of studying, all the fun, friends and all the parties were „garnished” with this favorite metal taste of mine. After Louder Than Hell came out, I always had it in my pocket – who knew where I could be taken by the night… Wild and wonderful were these days where one time you could be a fast taker, the other you are told by the circumstances that hope is lost and you have to call up to the power, burn the bridge behind you, lift your wings up high and fly into the wind… Good times, bad times, the boy became a young man, still proud and standing tall, still a MANOWAR fan.

I finished the university ever keeping the belief in the good, in my dreams, in myself, ever being a MANOWAR fan. It was in my heart, it was part of me. And still is.

Then came 2002. The crushing beat of Warriors Of The Word United brought fresh, powerful and thunderous fuel in my life. Eh, not all the times were easy – like I think by all of us at some points – but I had my I-will-rise-up-from-the-chaos mantra and the reminder that it was the right time to live out my dreams, just had to say /once again and forever/ I believe.

And did it.

The early fall of 2002, I sold my cell phone – the first one I had, summoned all the money I had at the moment, bought a concert ticket, plane ticket and in December I flew to Berlin. I had very close friends there, brothers. And still have them. Everything else – like it is said – is history. More than 60 spectacles of might, all the Magic Circle Festivals, hours and days of waiting before the gates in sun, snow, wind and rain, dozens of countries, unbelievable steps over the limit of my bravest dreams, fun and parties, a chance to meet beautiful girls among the most beautiful on the planet and so many wonderful “Ladies Of A Lake” and their knights with some of who I became friends for life. The unity that MANOWAR create gave me the chance to meet so many wonderful and positive people some of who remained my close friends and I believe it will be forever, even after we meet in the sky someday. But I prefer to speak about life here because MANOWAR means life, they stream out life…

I have so many precious memories from my MANOWAR part of a living but will name only few. I am so happy that at the Megafanconvention – in Geiselwind, Germany, 2005 – I had the chance to meet in person the ever-smiling and always positive SCOTT COLUMBUS – THE MANOWAR drummer and the one who will be always missed!

At the Megafanconvention I won the Armwrestling contest with great and powerful Manowarriors, one of whom I became close friends with. I was happy to repeat the victory at the convention in Loreley, 2009. As a winner in the competition in 2005 I had a chance to have another precious possibility – to be a part of the jury of Miss MANOWAR contest, where I had the amazing experience to meet The Director Of Steel Neil Johnson – a great person, always positive and creative, RHINO – I wish, if it would be possible, for him to come back behind the drums of doom and Ross – the original MANOWAR guitarist.

I will remember forever the first MANOWAR show in Bulgaria, 2007 when for the first time I heard them play our National Anthem – The Bulgarian one – in a grand and powerful version and of course the 5 hours and 11 minutes – by my watch – long show of MANOWAR in Bulgaria, 2008, where after going over the limit of the world record for the longest show ever, raising a glass of strong Bulgarian drink – rakia, MANOWAR begun playing songs which were „ordered” by us – the fans. Almost an hour after that these world famous men became smiling boys, just having fun with their friends. I remember like it is today when a guy near me shouted his lungs out with „Blood Of My Enemies-blood of my enemies-bloo…” ERIC heard him, turned to JOEY and then begun such a madness of power, like MANOWAR and we down there were at the beginning of this marathon-show…

I could write over and over, many, many more moments of steel, friendship and unity but if I share them with you all, I will have to kill you. Just kidding.

A very important thing I want to mention is HOD or – House Of Death – the official MANOWAR forum. I joined in 2006 and am still there. This place connected me with so many wonderful people, so many true Manowarriors and Manowarrior-ladies. I have amazing memories from our meetings ”on the road” and have so many good friends who I first „met” there online. The Forum was and still is the little path to The Kingdom Of Steel of MANOWAR, which I use when I need to have a little rest from „the reality”.

I want just to mark – sometimes I write some things and from this point of view MANOWAR are GREAT well of inspiration and motivation.

So came the time for ending this short message of loyalty and huge thank-you and I want to try to resume what was, is and will remain MANOWAR for me: They helped me to find the inner well of positive energy, they gave me the additional ultra power to find my way and to fight to follow it, no matter of the fierce winds and storms, that blew or blow against me. They taught me that the world is not big enough to keep down the one who believes in the good things, the true things in life, one who believes in their dreams and who stands tall no matter what happens and that this one will find the white light within their heart and soul and will find a road to all the dreams RIGHT there where the old road ends.


My mother gave me birth like a boy, my father educated me like a man, MANOWAR made me a warrior.










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On June 14, 2019 we Hailed the great legacy of Greece and the loyal Greek #Manowarriors.

Our #2022tour will celebrate a year packed with MANOWAR anniversaries and we hope to return to Greece to commemorate 30 years of “Achilles, Agony and Ecstasy”!

And to premier the next chapter of Homer’s epic work, titled “The Revenge Of Odysseus”, with our biggest show ever in Greece!

#MANOWAR #anniversary #tour #Odysseus #Greece

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MANOWAR добавят още един акцент в календара си към изпълнената със специални тържества за феновете 2022 година: ексклузивен концерт на групата в Пловдив, с който да отпразнуват годишнината от първото си историческо за България шоу преди 15 години!

Събитието, което се случва веднъж в живота на феновете, ще се състои на 4 юли 2022 и ще продължи традицията на серията концерти Hills EXCLUSIVE, първият  от които бе през 2018 г. с участието на Iron Maiden в гр. Пловдив

MANOWAR свирят за първи път в България през юли 2007 г. в Каварна, подарявайки на верните си фенове епично шоу с вълнуващо изпълнение на националния химн „Мила Родино“. Година по-късно, групата се завръща в България с концерт, който продължава повече от пет часа!

България и българските фенове на MANOWAR заемат изключително специално място в сърцата ни!“ – казва Джоуи ДеМайо. „Те ни посрещнаха гостоприемно в своята страна и в сърцата си от първия път, в който свирихме там и всеки път, когато се върнем, е още по-специален от предишния. Това честване на 15-годишнината ни ще бъде уникално шоу, създадено специално за България, спектакъл, който не бива да се пропуска! “

Завръщането на MANOWAR в България е част от турнето CRUSHING THE ENEMIES OF METAL ANNIVERSARY TOUR ’22 с любими на феновете моменти от кариерата на групата и ще отдаде специална почит на шест емблематични албума на MANOWAR и техните годишнини:

40th Anniversary of Battle Hymns
35th Anniversary of Fighting The World
30th Anniversary of The Triumph Of Steel
20th Anniversary of Warriors Of The World
15th Anniversary of Gods Of War
10th Anniversary of The Lord Of Steel

Билетите за концерта на MANOWAR в България вече са налични: www.ticketstation.bg  Притежателите на билети за Hills Of Rock 2020 получават промо код за намаление от цената на билетите във всички зони за Hills EXCLUSIVE. Внимание – бройката за промо билетите е лимитирана! Следете  festteam.bg, hillsofrock.com и ticketstation.bg, социалните им мрежи и събитието във facebook за актуална информация.

За всички подробности за турнето – manowar.com/tour и последвайте MANOWAR на manowar.com , Instagram, Facebook и Twitter за всички още новини.

MANOWAR – потвърдени дати:
Tue, April 12, 2022 – Rotterdam, NL – Rotterdam Ahoy
Wed, April 13, 2022 – Bremen, DE – ÖVB-Arena – Halle 7
Thu, April 14, 2022 – Berlin, DE – Velodrom
Sat, April 16, 2022 – Oberhausen, DE – König Pilsener Arena
Sun, April 17, 2022 – Zwickau, DE – Stadthalle
Thu, April 21, 2022 – Nuremberg, DE – Arena Nürnberger Versicherung
Fri, April 22, 2022 – Neu-Ulm, DE – Ratiopharm Arena
Sat, April 23, 2022 – Mannheim, DE – SAP Arena
Thu, June 30, 2022 – Barcelona, ES – Rock Fest Barcelona
Mon, July 4, 2022 – Plovdiv, BG – Rowing Canal

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With 2022 full of special celebrations for their fans, MANOWAR are adding yet another highlight to next year’s calendar: MANOWAR’s exclusive performance in Plovdiv will celebrate the anniversary of MANOWAR’s first, history-making performance in Bulgaria 15 years ago.

This once-in-a-lifetime event will take place on July 4, 2022, as part of the traditional series of concerts HILLS EXCLUSIVE.

MANOWAR first played in Bulgaria in July 2007 in Kavarna, rewarding their fans’ long-standing faith with an epic show, including a powerful and moving rendition of the country’s national anthem, Mila Rodino. The band returned the following year, surprising the Bulgarian Manowarriors with a performance lasting more than 5 hours!

“Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Manowarriors hold a very special place in our hearts!” said Joey DeMaio. “They have welcomed us into their country and into their hearts from the first time we played, and every time we return is more special than the last. This 15-year anniversary celebration will be a unique performance, created especially for Bulgaria; a spectacle not to be missed!”

MANOWAR’s return to Bulgaria is part of the CRUSHING THE ENEMIES OF METAL ANNIVERSARY TOUR ’22, which will be packed with fan favorites from the band’s career and will pay special tribute to six signature MANOWAR albums and their anniversaries:

40th Anniversary of Battle Hymns
35th Anniversary of Fighting The World
30th Anniversary of The Triumph Of Steel
20th Anniversary of Warriors Of The World
15th Anniversary of Gods Of War
10th Anniversary of The Lord Of Steel

Tickets for MANOWAR’s tribute to Bulgaria are now available at www.ticketstation.bg
Ticket holders for Hills Of Rock 2020 can receive a promo code to reduce the price of tickets in all areas for this Hills EXCLUSIVE. Attention: The number of these promo tickets is limited! Follow festteam.bg  hillsofrock.com and ticketstation.bg, their social networks and the event page on Facebook for up-to-date information.

For all tour details and ticket links go to manowar.com/tour

Follow MANOWAR on manowar.com, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for constant updates.

MANOWAR – Confirmed Tour Dates:
Tue, April 12, 2022 – Rotterdam, NL – Rotterdam Ahoy
Wed, April 13, 2022 – Bremen, DE – ÖVB-Arena – Halle 7
Thu, April 14, 2022 – Berlin, DE – Velodrom
Sat, April 16, 2022 – Oberhausen, DE – König Pilsener Arena
Sun, April 17, 2022 – Zwickau, DE – Stadthalle
Thu, April 21, 2022 – Nuremberg, DE – Arena Nürnberger Versicherung
Fri, April 22, 2022 – Neu-Ulm, DE – Ratiopharm Arena
Sat, April 23, 2022 – Mannheim, DE – SAP Arena
Thu, June 30, 2022 – Barcelona, ES – Rock Fest Barcelona
Mon, July 4, 2022 – Plovdiv, BG – Rowing Canal

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Hello Manowarriors around the world.

My name is Rubí Arenzana Anízar, I’m 30 years old and I’m from Mexico City.
My story with Manowar began 17 years ago, when I listened the song “Battle Hymns” for the first time. I still remember all that feeling on my body, I have that feeling everytime I listen it. I felt the music on my body and my heartbeat was faster. From that moment, Manowar became part of my life; their lyrics, their melodies, their members have been a great example to me.

One of my biggest dreams, was going to a Manowar’s concert, and when they announced that date in Mexico I cried out of excitement.

I arrived to the place three days before the event, so I could be the first to enter. The staff told me I was crazy, but I didn’t care, I was only thinking about being there and the excitement of seeing and listening to Manowar live.

The day arrived, and when Manowar came out to the scenario, I forgot everything and my body and soul were with them on the scenario. I feel really lucky that Joey DeMaio gave me his string, I felt at that moment an absolute and indescribable happiness that I’ll keep as a treasure for the rest of my life.

All I have to say is: thank you Manowar, you are the best band in the world.

The Kings of Metal Forever!!!!!!!

#MANOWAR #40thanniversary #manowarriorforlife


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I’m an Italian guy who loves the kings of metal. I went to munich to see them play their masterpieces. I met a lot of brothers and sisters of metal and I had a lot of fun. I’ve already bought tickests for the date of Berlin next year and I can’t wait for this show. Hail from Italy

Rosario Iannello (Italy)

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