Manowarrior For Life: Don Kharduit

Hi guys… Well my story is..

The first time i heard you guys is through my father i was in a christian family but on the 10th birthday my dad played and introduce to me to Manowar and the first song i heard was “Sons of Odin” then slowly he handed me the walkman and i listen to all the 12 track in the disc and yes slowly it grows and then when i came across the internet i started surfing the Manowar and i found my favourite song “Courage” and it does touch my heart and I’ve never felt anything like it and every time i feel down i always put on this song and yes it lifts me up…

If I’m a Manowar fan today i thank my Father because he’s the one who gives me the #courage to listen….

Favorite tracks

  1. Courage
  2. Sons of Odin
  3. Warriors of the world
  4. Pleasure slave

These are my journey with you guys and forever be a Manowar fan

A Heavy Metal Warrior.

Don Kharduit