Manowarrior For Life: Simone (Brazil)

Hail my brothers and sisters.  My name is Simone, I’m from Brazil … I’ve been a fan of Manowar since I was 7/8 years old.  My older brother was in love with the band and I grew up listening to him … there was no other way:
I fell in love too.

Today I am 40 years old, so it is 31 years of love for the band … which is tattooed on my skin, on the ring of my cell phone … in my tears and joys, the soundtrack is always by Manowar.

I still have a lot of hope of seeing them here again and being able to go with my son to a show now … and thus pass on to another generation the real metal.

Hail Manowar, Gods of Metal.🤘✊🖤🔥