Manowarrior For Life: Luísa Piçarra (Portugal)

Hello everyone!

I´m Luísa and I’m from Portugal, and I´m a girl who has only one purpose in life, True Metal Music.

I discovered Manowar about two years ago.

It´s not too much, but quickly became my favourite band. I started listening to Hard Rock, but it wasn’t noisy enough, so I became a TRUE METAL fan and now there´s nothing better.

For me, Manowar is not a band anymore, it’s a family of MANOWARRIORS. It´s my religion. This text was an excuse to write how much I love Manowar🖤. I have never seen a Manowar show, that´s what I’d like to do the most right now. I´m sure when I go to that show, it is going to be epic. I don´t have tattoos because everybody says it’s a mistake to do something with my body that marks me for the rest of my life, but I would be proud to have a Manowar tattoo forever. One day, I’ll do it. Already have some ideas. Heavy Metal will exist forever and it’s gonna be glorious, as always, it’s never gonna die!

Just wanted to say that Manowar is my favourite band and it will be forever.

Hail and kill !!!