Manowarrior For Life: Matti Kantola (Finland)

I tell my story and forgive my bad english hope you understand.
My first album was Kings of Metal and my sister listen that in he car, when i heard that i was yes!  My friends buy me Triumph Of Steel album and I was in Lumberjack school, I live Finland. My friend hears that album and he say that Manowar come to Finland kulttuuritalo, year was 1994 winter I think it was February, very cold. I was 18 and my friend was 17. We buy ticket and go Kouvola to Helsinki by train it was Saturday.  Okay everything go fine and we listen Manowar, my first gig. Band was little late because bus was broken. When we go back train both of us hear shit of what other saying. Helsinki to Kouvola by train but was Saturday train conductor says that train not go Kouvola because it was Saturday WHAT THE FCK. It was -27 degree outside, no cell phones. We find phonebox Riihimäki where train stop and my friend call he’s da pickup. Two hour we wait. We not speak much because we not hear not very much. But concert was good and we saw you again Monster of Millenium. Not by train I was driver that day.
Matti Kantola