Manowarriors! 40 weeks from today, on April 6, 2021 MANOWAR will kick off their 40th Anniversary Tour 2021 in Zwickau, Germany!
We will be writing history again with this tour, packed with fan favorites and lots of surprises.
Speaking of surprises: In these 40 weeks leading up to the tour, we will be opening our war chests and share with you something unique from MANOWAR history every week.
Today’s treasure is an article from Metal Mania magazine (USA) from 1987. Check it out in the gallery below.
And if you have never experienced MANOWAR live before, here is how the article’s author Teri Saccone put it: 
“They kill with power. They excel with technical virtuosity. They stun their audiences with obliterating live performances.” 

Witness it yourself on the upcoming 40TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR

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