Dear fans,

We have found out today, at the same time as you, that the promoter of Barcelona Rock Fest does not count on us for the performance on June 30, 2022.

Please note that everything the promoter has published about MANOWAR is completely false and we will take the appropriate legal action against him.

The promoter agreed with us in September 2021 on the conditions for our performance and now he refuses to comply with them.

It appears that he had already booked a performance with Avantasia, when we were still trying to solve the problem with him. He has done all this behind our backs.

We reiterate that, unfortunately, there have been many irregularities with the organization of the festival that sooner or later will have to come to light.

We have not demanded any last-minute conditions. What we demanded, of course, is what was agreed upon and that now the promoter refuses to comply with, causing us not to perform at the festival for reasons solely attributable to the promoter.

The only person responsible for this whole situation is the promoter.

We have tried until the last moment to fulfill the contract we had. In fact, we believed we still had time to fix all this when we were surprised by today’s announcement of the new group.

The only thing that the promoter is after is to enrich himself at the expense of us and our fans, acting ruthlessly and without the slightest consideration of your interests, the fans.

We deeply regret this situation since we really wanted to meet our fans again at Barcelona Rock Fest 2022.

Do not doubt that the truth will come to light, with the help of the Spanish justice if necessary.

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Queridos fans,

Nos acabamos de enterar al mismo tiempo que vosotros que el Promotor del BRF no cuenta con nosotros para la actuación del próximo día 30 de junio.

Debemos deciros que todo lo que está publicando acerca de Manowar es completamente falso y tomaremos contra él las medidas legales oportunas.

El promotor acordó con nosotros en septiembre de 2021 unas condiciones para la actuación y ahora se niega a cumplirlas.

Tenemos conocimiento de que ya había contratado una actuación con Avantasia, cuando todavía estábamos intentando solucionar el problema con él. Lo ha hecho todo a nuestras espaldas.

Reiteramos que, lamentablemente en la organización del Festival se han producido muchas irregularidades que tarde o temprano tendrán que salir a la luz.

No hemos exigido ninguna condición de última hora. Lo que exigimos como es lógico es lo que se acordó y que ahora el promotor se niega a cumplir provocando por causas únicamente imputables al mismo que no actuemos en el Festival.

El único responsable de toda esta situación es el Promotor.

Nosotros hemos intentado hasta el último momento, que se cumpliera el contrato que teníamos. De hecho, pensábamos que todavía estábamos a tiempo de arreglar todo esto cuando nos ha sorprendido el anuncio del nuevo grupo. Lo único que persigue el Promotor es enriquecerse a costa de nosotros actuando de forma despiadada y sin contar en lo más mínimo con las preferencias de vosotros, los fans.

Lamentamos profundamente esta situación puesto que teníamos unas enormes ganas de reencontrarnos con nuestros fans en el Barcelona Rock Festival 2022.

No dudéis que la verdad saldrá a la luz, con la ayuda de la justicia española si es necesario.
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During their long-awaited headlining performance at Release Athens 2022, MANOWAR paid homage to Greece and their Greek fans with a preview of their forthcoming opus “The Revenge Of Odysseus”.

“The Revenge Of Odysseus”, MANOWAR’s interpretation of Homer’s Odyssey, has stirred interest not only in the Greek metal community but has captured interest around the world due to its epic nature.
It features music by MANOWAR and narrations by Greek father/son actors Kostas and Konstantinos Kazakos as Odysseus and his son Telemachus respectively, retelling the classic tale.

The heart of the night’s performance was a 15 minute long extract from “The Revenge Of Odysseus” featuring MANOWAR’s brand new song “Immortal”, a powerful mid-tempo hymn inspired by Odysseus’ escape from the island of Ogygia, a live appearance by Konstantinos Kazakos as Telemachus and Sakis Tolis of the band Rotting Christ as the Oracle Halitherses, and the power ballad “Where Eagles Fly” with guest vocalist Chiara Tricarico. 

MANOWAR drove the crowd to the highest heights of Epic Metal Ecstasy thanks to the power of trademark classics including “Battle Hymn”, “Kings Of Metal” and “Hail And Kill”, and rarely performed fan favorites like “Dark Avenger”, “Defender” and “Fight Until We Die”.

The untamed force of these metal anthems was matched by powerful video imagery, transporting the audience into the heart of each story, told in song and narration.

A surprise guest appearance by iconic Scottish actor James Cosmo, star of “Braveheart”, “Highlander”, “Troy” and “Game Of Thrones” added another high note to this special night.
Mr. Cosmo made metal history with his narration on MANOWAR’s “The Sword Of The Highlands” and “The Revenge Of Odysseus” for which he narrates the part of Odysseus in the English speaking version of this new piece.

In an emotional speech Joey DeMaio thanked all collaborators in the Odysseus project, the promoters of Release Athens and most importantly the loyal Greek Manowarriors. “Working on this project has been unforgettable. Reading the Odyssey at ten years old changed my life forever!” said DeMaio. He ended his speech by promising that MANOWAR will return to Greece to present the rest of “The Revenge Of Odysseus” live.

The digital EP “Highlights From The Revenge Of Odysseus” is now available on iTunes worldwide and will soon be available on all other leading digital platforms including YouTube, Amazon, Tidal and Spotify.

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In response to the publication made by Barcelona Rock Fest on their official social media pages regarding our performance scheduled for June 30, 2022 we must communicate the following:

First, we must clarify that the statements contained in their announcement do not conform with reality.

The Festival Promoter and MANOWAR reached an agreement in June 2020 regarding MANOWAR’s performance at Barcelona Rock Fest; otherwise we would not have authorized and supported the festival’s announcement of our participation and their promotional efforts.

The promoters of this festival are now trying to unilaterally modify the terms.

MANOWAR’s greatest wish is to reunite with our Spanish fans and to perform at Barcelona Rock Fest. This will only be possible if the agreed upon terms will be fulfilled by the promoters.

We are ready to fulfill our obligations under the deal and have made substantial efforts preparing for this show. The only party that is refusing to comply with their side of the deal are the promoters of Barcelona Rock Fest by demading to change significant terms at the last minute.

We have the utmost confidence that the situation will be resolved and that the promoters of the festival will finally fulfill their obligations, so that the fans of Barcelona Rock Fest can see the headliner that has been advertised for June 30, 2022.

Unfortunately, several problems with the organization of this year’s edition of the festival have ocurred, that we hope will not have to come to light.

MANOWAR reiterates that we are prepared to perform at this festival as long as the agreement is met, and we deeply regret all this inconvenience that is being caused by the promoter to the fans.

This situation in Spain does not affect any of our other scheduled performances.




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Following an announcement by drummer Anders Johannson that he will be unable to participate in MANOWAR’s upcoming “Crushing The Enemies Of Metal Anniversary Tour ’22/‘23″ for personal reasons MANOWAR have announced that drummer Dave Chedrick will perform with them.

“The support from MANOWAR, their crew and fans has been overwhelming from the beginning.” said Johansson. “Everyone involved has welcomed me into their hearts without hesitation, and I have made friends for life.”

“Anders is a rare combination of intelligence, kindness, humor and talent. It has been a pleasure working with him.” said MANOWAR band leader and bassist Joey DeMaio. “He is part of our brotherhood, now and forever! We support his commitment to his family.” 

Based in Los Angeles, Dave Chedrick, has been a metal addict his entire life. Early influences include John Bonham, Neil Peart, and most of all, Scott Columbus.

An accomplished studio musician, Dave is praised for his professionalism, easy-going spirit, and willingness to always go the extra mile in the quest for the perfect sound.

DeMaio said: “Dave’s drumming is a combination of speed, power and the spirit of true metal that we believe our fans will enjoy.” 

“The Manowarriors are legendary.” said Dave Chedrick. “I am honored that I will be playing for the greatest fans in the world!” 

MANOWAR’s “Crushing The Enemies Of Metal Anniversary Tour ‘22/’23” celebrates the band’s over four decades long career with focus on iconic albums such as “Battle Hymns”, “Fighting The World”, “The Triumph Of Steel” and “Warriors Of The World”.

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Vera Müzik ve KüçükÇiftlik Park olarak, tedarik zincirinin aksaması ve lojistik sorunlar nedeniyle 18 Haziran’da yapılması planlanan Manowar konserini 2023’e ertelemek zorunda kaldığımızı üzüntüyle bildiririz. Konser, 3 Haziran 2023’te KüçükÇiftlik Park’ta yapılacaktır. Satılan tüm biletler yeni tarihte geçerlidir.
Bu aksaklıktan dolayı metal dinleyicilerinden özür diler; anlayışı için Manowar’a ve çok sevdikleri Türk hayranlarına teşekkür ederiz.
Yeni tarihte sizi gerçek metalin çarpıcı performansı bekliyor!
Grubu bu yaz görmek için diğer tarihlere adresinden bakabilirsiniz.
Vera Muzik and KucukCiftlik Park are sad to announce that due to supply chain and logistical issues we have to postpone the MANOWAR performance currently scheduled for JUNE 18, 2022 to next year. The show will now take place on JUNE 3, 2023. Previously purchased tickets remain valid.
We apologize to the metal community for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding. We thank MANOWAR for understanding the situation and their love for the Turkish fans. 
A blistering performance of true metal awaits you on the new date!
Please refer to for alternative opportunities to see the band this summer.

– end of announcement –

To our Turkish Manowarriors we say: stay strong! Your loyalty and faith will once again be rewarded. We will return next year and crush the enemies of metal together!
Meanwhile, join us in Greece, Cyprus or one of our other shows this summer!

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For the first time ever, MANOWAR will perform in Cyprus!
The outdoor show will take place on June 24, 2022 at ZANTE Venue in Limassol, Cyprus.

Get your tickets now at MMI.COM.CY

“Once again the persistence of the MANOWAR fans has triumphed!” said Joey DeMaio. “We’re excited to be come to Cyprus and celebrate true metal with the Greatest Fans In The World!”

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A limited number of ULTIMATE FAN EXPERIENCE Upgrades are now available for MANOWAR’s Crushing The Enemies Of Metal ‘22/’23 Anniversary Tour.

Fans who are looking for the most up-close and personal MANOWAR experience now have the opportunity to purchase an Ultimate Fan Experience Upgrade. But better be fast, these upgrades are limited in quantity and sell on a first come, first serve basis.

Packed with unique features to make each show experience even more special, these fan packages include 

  • Individual photo with MANOWAR, taken by our official photographer, right before the show

  • Private chat with Joey DeMaio prior to taking your photo with the band

  • An electric guitar autographed by MANOWAR and personalized with your name

  • Limited edition autographed copy of The Pictorial History Of MANOWAR “The Blood Of The Kings – Vol. I”, signed by the band and personalized with your name

  • Vintage souvenir from MANOWAR’s vault

  • A €200 voucher to be used at MANOWAR’s merchandise stand at the event where your UFE will take place

  • A unique item used on stage by MANOWAR, with a certificate of authenticity

  • Guaranteed seat in an area with preferred view of the stage

  • Personalized, recorded video message from Joey DeMaio

  • And more!

For full content description, availabilties, and to purchase your upgrade click HERE

Note: ULTIMATE FAN EXPERIENCES are upgrades to the general admission tickets; this means owners of an ULTIMATE FAN EXPERIENCE must also hold a general admission ticket.

General admission tickets are sold separately.

For tour details and general admission ticket links go to  

ULTIMATE FAN EXPERIENCES are available exclusively at The Kingdom Of Steel.

ULTIMATE FAN EXPERIENCES are the first products available in the redesigned The Kingdom Of Steel online store. Presenting itself in a completely new look, the new store accepts all major credit cards, as well as PayPal and Venmo, among other payment options and allows customers to make purchases in their local currency.

The store is currently undergoing further updates to offer fans a new shopping experiences. A wide range of products will be added soon. 

Follow MANOWAR on, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for constant updates.

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Tour Update Finland & Estonia:
A new date and venue have been confirmed for our show originally scheduled for April 2022 at Hartwall Arena, Helsinki: 
February 1, 2023 at Metro Areena, Espoo
Tickets will go on sale this Thursday, March 24, 2022 at  
The Tallinn, Estonia show will now take place on January 30, 2023.
Previously purchased tickets for all rescheduled shows remain valid.
The CRUSHING THE ENEMIES OF METAL TOUR ’22/’23 kicks off on June 18, 2022 in Istanbul, Turkey!
Find all tour and ticket details on 
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