Manowarrior For Life: Georgi Joro Vrubchev (BG)



My name is Joro and I am from the wonderful country of Bulgaria.

It was my 13th year in a cold winter’s day of 1989 when the whole world begun its first change since decades and in the same period my life changed forever.

A friend of mine played me a cassette of The Kings Of Metal album on side „A” and I joined these two young and hungry metal warriors in this world that wasn`t big enough to keep them down, and there somewhere on their ride to glory they became a guiding light and inspiration for life for me.

I was a boy back then, now am man with family and sons. Upon every day of this life journey, battles, ups and downs, was the „Sign Of The Hammer”, the sign of  MANOWAR – next to all other things in life that I had and still have to do, deal with or overcome. In many ways.

The music came first. I didn`t know English then and hours and hours of my first high school year I spent listening the albums. I discovered this new enchanted world like the growing up child gets to know the real world. The power, the melodies, all these rich musical parts, this deep bass and this voice…this unearthly voice…

Then the words came – all this positive energy, all this strength to live true to yourself, brave and tall, the belief in yourself, dreams, battles, honor, the disgust of false pride, lies and betrayals…

Our music was not popular in the 90`s like it was in 80`s but I had my own path of a Manowarrior, went on and didn`t care who likes it or not, it was mine and this was the focus.

In the university was the same – all the days and nights of studying, all the fun, friends and all the parties were „garnished” with this favorite metal taste of mine. After Louder Than Hell came out, I always had it in my pocket – who knew where I could be taken by the night… Wild and wonderful were these days where one time you could be a fast taker, the other you are told by the circumstances that hope is lost and you have to call up to the power, burn the bridge behind you, lift your wings up high and fly into the wind… Good times, bad times, the boy became a young man, still proud and standing tall, still a MANOWAR fan.

I finished the university ever keeping the belief in the good, in my dreams, in myself, ever being a MANOWAR fan. It was in my heart, it was part of me. And still is.

Then came 2002. The crushing beat of Warriors Of The Word United brought fresh, powerful and thunderous fuel in my life. Eh, not all the times were easy – like I think by all of us at some points – but I had my I-will-rise-up-from-the-chaos mantra and the reminder that it was the right time to live out my dreams, just had to say /once again and forever/ I believe.

And did it.

The early fall of 2002, I sold my cell phone – the first one I had, summoned all the money I had at the moment, bought a concert ticket, plane ticket and in December I flew to Berlin. I had very close friends there, brothers. And still have them. Everything else – like it is said – is history. More than 60 spectacles of might, all the Magic Circle Festivals, hours and days of waiting before the gates in sun, snow, wind and rain, dozens of countries, unbelievable steps over the limit of my bravest dreams, fun and parties, a chance to meet beautiful girls among the most beautiful on the planet and so many wonderful “Ladies Of A Lake” and their knights with some of who I became friends for life. The unity that MANOWAR create gave me the chance to meet so many wonderful and positive people some of who remained my close friends and I believe it will be forever, even after we meet in the sky someday. But I prefer to speak about life here because MANOWAR means life, they stream out life…

I have so many precious memories from my MANOWAR part of a living but will name only few. I am so happy that at the Megafanconvention – in Geiselwind, Germany, 2005 – I had the chance to meet in person the ever-smiling and always positive SCOTT COLUMBUS – THE MANOWAR drummer and the one who will be always missed!

At the Megafanconvention I won the Armwrestling contest with great and powerful Manowarriors, one of whom I became close friends with. I was happy to repeat the victory at the convention in Loreley, 2009. As a winner in the competition in 2005 I had a chance to have another precious possibility – to be a part of the jury of Miss MANOWAR contest, where I had the amazing experience to meet The Director Of Steel Neil Johnson – a great person, always positive and creative, RHINO – I wish, if it would be possible, for him to come back behind the drums of doom and Ross – the original MANOWAR guitarist.

I will remember forever the first MANOWAR show in Bulgaria, 2007 when for the first time I heard them play our National Anthem – The Bulgarian one – in a grand and powerful version and of course the 5 hours and 11 minutes – by my watch – long show of MANOWAR in Bulgaria, 2008, where after going over the limit of the world record for the longest show ever, raising a glass of strong Bulgarian drink – rakia, MANOWAR begun playing songs which were „ordered” by us – the fans. Almost an hour after that these world famous men became smiling boys, just having fun with their friends. I remember like it is today when a guy near me shouted his lungs out with „Blood Of My Enemies-blood of my enemies-bloo…” ERIC heard him, turned to JOEY and then begun such a madness of power, like MANOWAR and we down there were at the beginning of this marathon-show…

I could write over and over, many, many more moments of steel, friendship and unity but if I share them with you all, I will have to kill you. Just kidding.

A very important thing I want to mention is HOD or – House Of Death – the official MANOWAR forum. I joined in 2006 and am still there. This place connected me with so many wonderful people, so many true Manowarriors and Manowarrior-ladies. I have amazing memories from our meetings ”on the road” and have so many good friends who I first „met” there online. The Forum was and still is the little path to The Kingdom Of Steel of MANOWAR, which I use when I need to have a little rest from „the reality”.

I want just to mark – sometimes I write some things and from this point of view MANOWAR are GREAT well of inspiration and motivation.

So came the time for ending this short message of loyalty and huge thank-you and I want to try to resume what was, is and will remain MANOWAR for me: They helped me to find the inner well of positive energy, they gave me the additional ultra power to find my way and to fight to follow it, no matter of the fierce winds and storms, that blew or blow against me. They taught me that the world is not big enough to keep down the one who believes in the good things, the true things in life, one who believes in their dreams and who stands tall no matter what happens and that this one will find the white light within their heart and soul and will find a road to all the dreams RIGHT there where the old road ends.


My mother gave me birth like a boy, my father educated me like a man, MANOWAR made me a warrior.