Manowarrior For Life: Dimitris Papadimitriou (GR)

Greetings to Manowar and all the fans around the world.

My name is Dimitris Papadimitriou, 40 years old (birthday 27/02/1980) from Athens, Greece, married with two lovely daughters.

I met Manowar’s music back to 1997 where my cousin had given me the Triumph of Steel album.

I remember well this night because it was the last haircut i did before i leave my hair long. I put the cd in the player and i listened to the album while my mother was cutting my hair. The music was something new for me. Next day i listened again the cd, next day the same and so on. I started feeling addicted to Manowar’s music and i really loved it. I loved everything, the music, the style, Eric’s voice.

It was like i was searching for years a group that plays music the way that must be played and finally i found it. My cousin had given me also the Kings of Metal album. I was afraid to hear it because the Triumph of Steel was so perfect and i didn’t want to get disappointed. But when i listened to songs like Kingdom Come, Hail and Kill, Heart of Steel, Blood of the Kings, my fear was gone. This album was also so perfect that it was difficult for me to choose what should i hear, this or The Triumph of Steel. In a short period i got all the albums. I was very happy with the announcement that Manowar will perform live in Greece in Rockwave Festival 1999. Thanks to them i am into metal until now.

They are a very important part of my life that will never die. Hail and kill!

Last but not least:

– 1999: I was listening for once more the Achilles, Agony and Ecstasy song. My mother stopped washing the dishes, came to the living room and asked me: “Who are they? They are fantastic, they are singing about Achilles and Hector!”

– 2002: I was going every day to University on foot. It was about 35 minutes from home and the opposite. When Warriors of the World single came out, i left quickly from the University and i did only 15 minutes with fast walking because i wanted to hear the new Manowar song!

– 2007: March Metal day with Manowar as headliners. The set list was amazing. A guy next to me couldn’t believe what he was watching. All the epic, amazing songs were there.

– 2019: The Final Battle Tour: What a beautiful day. Manowar were great, the videos, the atmosphere. The place was so near to my home that the day before i could hear the sound check!

Thank you for all.

Best regards

Dimitris Papadimitriou from Greece