A True Metal “Obrigado!” to our faithful Brazilian Manowarriors, to Mercury Concerts staff, Jose Muniz and to our crew, the invincible Soldiers Of Death, for an epic show at Monsters Of Rock, Sao Paulo, Brazil!
Our Brazilian Manowarriors wanted us to share what they witnessed and what the press had to say about MANOWAR.

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Hail and Kill!


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MANOWAR made one of the best presentations of the event, including a long speech by bassist Joey DeMaio in Portuguese and total dedication to the Brazilian fans.

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Monsters of Rock 2015: MANOWAR preached war and death for followers

The self-proclaimed “Kings Of Metal” were the penultimate attraction of the festival in Sao Paulo.

Any regular fans of a regular bands would have left the Anhembi Sambadrome in Sao Paulo disappointed after the Manowar show on Sunday, April 26 at the Monsters of Rock. But then and there the audience comprised of “manowarriors”, the MANOWAR fans who had come to see the North American band.

The fierce group, which is proclaimed Kings of Metal, comes into play as warriors of the musical genre (including warrior outfits) and, despite many doubting their seriousness, they assume the character with ardor, from beginning to end of the performance.
With 13 released albums and more than 20 years of history, MANOWAR is practically a cult, and a bloody sect. “Death,” for example, was the word most often pronounced by vocalist Eric Adams, accompanied by images of explosions, battles and muscular men holding severed heads, on the large screen mounted to the festival ground.

Devotees followed, like in a loud prayer, with clenched hands in the characteristic gesture of warriors, singing verses of “Kill With Power” (Hail to England, 1984), “The Dawn of Battle” (from the eponymous EP), “Warriors of the World United” (Warriors of the World, 2002), “Kings of Metal” (Kings of Metal, 1988) and “Hail and Kill” (Kings of Metal, 1988).

The solo of bassist Joey DeMaio was saluted with timid applause and diminished enthusiasm. The sound, in fact, left room for improvements: the strings often failed to deliver or were drowned by the powerful vocals. DeMaio rendered a warlike speech in good Portuguese (“Any other band came here and talked to you in Brazilian Portuguese?”) That just made everyone forget the previous performance: “For those who do not like heavy metal, Brazil and MANOWAR, we say what: Fuck you!” While uttering the words, he spilled beer on his own face. …
The rare peaceful moments of the show were those paying tribute to Lemmy, lead singer of Motörhead, who could not perform at the Monsters on Saturday, 25, for health reasons, to Ronnie James Dio, former lead singer of Black Sabbath, who died in 2010, and to primary filmmaker Orson Welles (“Citizen Kane”), who died in 1985. Welles has two amazing narrative audio pieces included in MANOWAR songs.

But soon death was again the main subject with “Battle Hymns” (from the eponymous disc, 1982), one of the most celebrated songs of the night. As the crowd roared, the words “kill” (kill) and “victory” (victory) appeared on screen. To end the celebration, DeMaio broke the low strings and offered them to female fans while inviting them to fuck, through gestures.

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MANOWAR fans are lining up for the 2nd day of Monsters of Rock

The first day of the Monsters of Rock festival also gathered a legion of fans of bands that only play on the second day on Sunday (26). Dozens of people have already arrived this morning outside the Arena Anhembi to save place for Sunday. This is the case for MANOWAR fans, one of the most controversial bands of the festival.

The American power metal band attracts followers tattooed in their honor, but it also raises a lot of criticism among rockers who do not identify with the image of the artists.

“Many people do not understand their barbaric image. Some people mock them, but they have no ground for musical criticism, the guys play very well,” said to Junior Dimas, aged 34 UOL. The fan of São Bernardo do Campo (SP) came along with his friend, Joreder Perale, especially to enjoy the MANOWAR concert on Sunday and already on early Saturday the two were guarding place in line. “I expect an absurdly loud show,” he said.
The two do not miss any show of the band in Brazil – they’ve watched six. Last in 2010, when the band performed at the Credicard Hall in São Paulo, producers of the band discovered the tattooed friends and invited them to take the stage at the close of the show.
Dimas thinks the set-list of this show will be very similar to the one played last time and says: “It should be a more traditional and classical set list. I would prefer it to be different; I’d rather listen to music than I have never heard before live.”
The two friends vouch that MANOWAR fans will weigh heavily in the festival’s crowd. In the line-up on Sunday, Accept, MANOWAR and Judas Priest play in a row. “It’s traditional heavy metal, the audience is the same for these parts. Even those who do not particularly dig a certain band stay and watch respectfully.” he said.

The show of the American band attracted foreigners too, such as the Japanese engineer from Tokyo, Yusuke, 33. He does not speak Portuguese and understands little English, but was keen on coming to Brazil just to see MANOWAR’s show. “This is their first show I see abroad,” said Yusuke, who came alone to the festival. “I met a very crazy guy at the hotel and came with him to ride the Monster,” he said.

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Monsters of Rock 2015: Fans of Kiss and MANOWAR begin to fill the Arena Anhembi

Straight from the Monsters of Rock – With the gates of the Arena Anhembi are opening the public begins to arrive for the second day of Monsters of Rock. The main attraction of the day, Kiss, is the one that brings most fans to the festival, properly dressed with t-shirts, well accessorized and even wearing the classic makeup of Paul Stanley and Gene Simmon’s group.

MANOWAR, one of the most anticipated bands of the day, also has its guaranteed public, as you can see in our photo gallery.

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Devotion of the fans is the highlight of MANOWAR’s concert at Monsters of Rock

Other bands play, MANOWAR Kill.

Proving that these are not just the words to a song, MANOWAR began their performance on Sunday evening with a long and epic musical intro, opening the recital with the track “MANOWAR”.

Having one of the most loyal fan bases in the world, MANOWAR is a band that is too dangerous to touch even with words, because the fans do not forgive lapses. They’re like warriors defending their honor. It seems theatrical – and it is – but the passion is real and that is what makes the band stand tall, since the early 1980s.

Early in the show, Joey DeMaio announced the participation of a Brazilian guitarist Robertinho de Recife who took the stage to accompany the band. In addition to “Kings of Metal” – which was quoted at the beginning of this text – and “Manowar”, the band also played “Hail and Kill” and “Battle Hymn”, among many others.
The fans responded to the sonic bomb coming from stage with fists in the air, shouting, “hails” and even with tears – yes, there were grown man crying with emotion. But photographers could not get so excited and cried for another reason: the band let them photograph only for 10 seconds, when normally they were allowed to do their job during the first song of each set.

Joey DeMaio spoke at length with the public, thanked the organizers of the event, the director of Mercury, the festival’s promoter, and sending a message to those who do not like Brazil, heavy metal, MANOWAR and MANOWAR fans: “Fuck you” – saying the word in Portuguese. The show also featured an emotional moment when the band paid tribute to the late former drummer Scott Columbus.

That MANOWAR is full of cliches, may be true. But all that could be expected of a heavy metal band, MANOWAR delivers, and a bit more. And they do it so sincerely that you can understand the devotion of the fans.

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Judas Priest and MANOWAR competing for the second most anticipated show of the Monsters of Rock

If KISS is headlining the second day of the Monsters of Rock festival on Sunday, 26, who was the runner-up? Judas Priest would be the most obvious choice, after all, the band was chosen to precede Gene Simmons and company. But the group’s presence in the days of the event, Saturday and Sunday, cooled tempers of Rob Halford and the public.
The same can not be said of Manowar. Whichever side you looked at the Arena Anhembi, it was hard to tell who had more fans, Kiss or MANOWAR. With the bands on stage, it was clear that MANOWAR would win the dispute.

The “manowarriors,” as are called the fans of the band, sang along to each song. While with the Priest, it was clear that there was respect there. Created in 1969, the group is an institution. Breaking The Law is a heavy metal anthem, that no one doubts. But the newest songs, as Redeemer Of Souls no longer brought much impact.

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MANOWAR delivered the loudest show and brought the fans to ecstasy at the Anhembi

One of the most misunderstood metal bands, MANOWAR delivered the heaviest show the Monsters of Rock. Known for lyrical themes inspired by fantasy and Norse mythology, the band is often ridiculed by those unfamiliar with it. Their fans, however, are some of the most loyal. And proved it during the 90 minutes set.

Being loud is not new to the group, which shook the Anhembi floor. In 1984, the band was included in the Guinness Book, for the loudest sound ever recorded in a live show. A record which was broken twice by themselves.
On stage, MANOWAR displays various images of battles, drawings of muscular warriors, illustrating their albums, as well as tributes to idols Richard Wagner, the filmmaker Orson Welles and vocalist Ronnie James Dio.

The MANOWARriors, as fans of MANOWAR are known, sang along to all the songs, with hands clenched in the air, in the gesture characteristic of the band. Kill With Power, The Dawn of Battle, Warriors of the World United, Kings of Metal were some of the most celebrated songs by the public.

The binding of MANOWAR with Brazil is strong. Besides the participation of Robertinho of Recife musician on the show, Joey DeMaio carried out a dialogue in Portuguese with fans: “To those who don’t like Brazil, we say ‘fuck you!’ To those who do not like MANOWAR fans, what do we say?”

At the end of the show, the other member of the original line up, Joey DeMaio, who has been accompanying Adams since 1980, snapped the bass strings, offering them to fans.

But MANOWAR’s show didn’t end at that time. Hours later, until just before the set of Kiss, you could still see MANOWARriors with arms raised and clenched shouting the name of the band. And not planning to stop anytime soon. The show, even though distant from the world record of five hours and one minute performance (from Bulgaria 2008), will remain in the memory of Brazilian fans.

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Minutes before the set of American band MANOWAR’s a tsunami wave of people rolled towards the stage. I swear that at no other time during the festival was such a crowd getting to front, as when it was time to see Joey DeMaio, Eric Adams and co. Before that, the band had entered into a controversy by allowing journalists to photograph only the first 10 seconds of the show, which generated buzz on the internet after the show. Many journalists criticized the band’s performance, not knowing how to separate the controversy from the fantastic performance that the quartet offered on Sunday.

For many, that show was an almost religious act (the Manowar fans are known to be one of the most fanatical in the world) and when the band went on with the song “Manowar”, of “Battle Hymns” (1982), the sound was defeaning. A lot of speakers of great power mounted by the band gave the feeling of an earthquake. The performance came to show that the band meant to make a historic concert and invited on stage none other than the magnificent guitarist Robby Recife to play “Metal Daze”. The setlist was a real gift to fans who saw a great selection from Manowar with “Kill With Power”, “Sign Of The Hammer”, “Kings of Metal”, “Hail and Kill” and others. A touching moment occurred during the instrumental of “Fallen Brothers” by guitarist Karl Logan. The music that honors people close to the band and brings references of those who have left us shocked the public, especially when on the big screen appeared Ronnie James Dio and former drummer Scott Columbus, who had died in 2010 and respectively 2011, and the audience shouted their names.

Another magnificent moment that can’t pass unnoticed is the fact that Joey DeMaio has done a great speech to his fans in Portuguese. Arranged or not, it shows great respect for their followers and the band’s concern for communicating with them and making the message understood was cheered by the public when the speech finished: “Who does not like Manowar, fuck off! Who does not like Brazil, fuck off! Who does not like Manowar fans, fuck off.” This match was won by the band, the audience was caught up even more by the final sequence comprising the classics “Battle Hymn” and “Black Wind, Fire & Steel”, leaving a large cucumber for Judas Priest and Kiss who had a responsibility to perform later. For many, this was the best show of the night.

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Who was there witnessed an iconic moment that will go down in history of the Brazilian metal: Joey DeMaio speaking in Portuguese in the middle of the show. The bassist extolled the Brazilian fans, mentioned some important names and of course had a big “Hail” to Lemmy, of Motorhead, you could not play the day before.
“For those who do not like heavy metal, you say, ‘Fuck you!'”

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Janio Mendes: setlist killer

Fernando E. Jessica: The ground shook

Raehl Martins De Castro: The kings of metal triumphed in Sao Paulo once more.

Claudio Braga: epic!

Patricia Basilio‎: I must confess that I never liked the band too much, cuz after all I’m a woman (laughs), but after the great concert yesterday at Monsters Of Rock, I must say that you won a brand new Brazilian fan! congrats!!!

Paul Schlipf: Love their music an they don’t bow down to the music industry. True metal

Rita Lutosa Lutosa: Que show impressionante no Monsters of Rock em SP. O melhor show dos 2 dias de festival. / What an impresive show at the Monsters Of Rock In SP. The best of the 2 days of festival!

Fernando Cauê: MANOWAR! Keep going with the incredible work you have! Yesterday we got an unbelievable concert! Thank you so much MANOWAR! We are waiting for you again!!

Claudio Braga: Amazing show!!! Thank you kings of metal!!! We will wait the return

Leonardo Dias de Castro I was there, in fact, I am still here! We need a MANOWAR headlining concert in Brazil. But tonight was a magical moment!

Rafael Lima Ramos: Hello I would like to thank the best show that I watched in my entire life, your show at The Monsters of Rock was amazing, the best show of the festival, come back to Brazil soon! Other bands play, MANOWAR KILL!

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Walter Valerius: The best show of the Monster of Rock …

Marcelo Sforzim: I’m deaf so far because of the KINGS OF METAL !!!!

Henri Macintyre: The Best Band of the Festival

Idaildes Santos: I see that all people went to watch this show!

Washington Eloi Francisco: The show was awesome!

Suzana Chagas: The speech made by Joe Demaio Manowar Simply was one of the most amazing moments of the festival Monsters Of
Rock! Made in Portuguese very perfect, the musician has paid solidarity by Mr Lemmy Kilmister Motörhead, wanted to get better and welcomed the public and fans with dignity and sincerity, which frankly, even very loving the bands that I have seen live (ac / dc, Black Sabbath, Kiss, Aceppt, Judas Priest, The Doors, Ozzy Osbourne, Robert Plant, among many others) I have never heard the same. Show of rock meets protocol, all already know what will happen, the phrases made, the jokes and cuddles staged.
I would really like that all band to be as ‘open’ as MANOWAR was that night, not counting the show magnificent. I entered in the festival curious by the band that looks like a model of he-man and conan, without knowing even a song.
The Manowar won a new warrior!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After that speech, rolled a tear, and I felt the real meaning of love and live the heavy metal: The Union for music, between brothers.
HAIL AND KILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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