Hellfest. Surprise Announcement

The surprise promised by Ben Barbaud in a press conference was important. The bass player of MANOWAR (a band not appearing this year) came to announce in person to the Hellfest audience that he is counting on their loyalty for the following year.

The announcement occurred on the main stage without warning (or almost) at 23:35 on giant screens, after the Iron Maiden concert. And we saw festival-goers crying…

The audience that was about to leave the main stage area, after the legendary show they had just seen turned back again. The clip of the team of “Ben” Barbaud then popped on the screen, in front of eyes in disbelief: MANOWAR, Slayer, Mass Hysteria, Dropkick Murphys, Carcass announced themselves as part of the 2019 edition.

Hellfest, where things are not done half-hearted, had even summoned the bassist and leader of the metal “power” band “MANOWAR”, Joey DeMaio to make the announcement on stage:

Typically, the announcement of the main acts comprises of few loved bands that are booked so long in advance. But the Hellfest team likes to surprise as much as they listen to critics.
The goal: to add to the image of the festival without revealing a single name, associated with that of a festival reserved for the privileged. But the price of the pass does not bend.


American traditional heavy metal band from New York. Formed in 1980, it is sometimes referred to as power metal in the 1980s, a term formerly used to describe traditional heavy metal bands emphasizing the power of their music and warlike imagery

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