Manowarrior For Life! My Story By Christian Oßwald (Germany)


Dear Joey,

Dear Ruxia,

Dear Manoel,

Dear Manowar-Team,

what a great contest and what a great chance to tell you my story about finding MANOWAR for my life!

My name is Christian, I am 28 years old and I live in Bavaria in Germany.

Before MANOWAR i never listened to heavy metal. Towards the end of my training period I played the drums in a Rock & Pop – Coverband. Someday our bassist asked us if we could play the song “WARRIORS OF THE WORLD”. I asked him from which band this song is and he told me MANOWAR; a Heavy Metal – Band.

I didn’t know this band so I went to the next musicstore and searched for an album from this band which included the song. So my first album was “WARRIORS OF THE WORLD”. I put the cd in my discman and started the number 8 of the album and what should i say?! WOW, it was mind blowing; the power of the first seconds of the song was incredible; what a sound; what destroying instrumental power and then the voice of the singer. I listened to the song again and again and again. Like i said, i never listened to heavy metal before. My music choice was mainstream (Rock & Pop Music on the radio and so on). Today I was crushed by MANOWAR! Again i went to the music store and bought all cd’s from MANOWAR i could find. The craziest thing for me was that i could listen to every single song; they all were so full of power and energy that no song was boring or shit! From other bands I knew that they had good songs and not so good songs but from MANOWAR every song was amazing and great! Since this day I have been listening to this great band every single day.

After a while my mother asked me about the cd´s to listen to them. She was so excited after listening that she wanted more to hear from this band.

– This is how i came to MANOWAR –

A few weeks later I was searching on the internet for the next shows and found the new “KINGS OF METAL MMXIV – Tour ” which would bring the band to Munich in Germany, near my hometown. I didn’t think long and bought a ticket for this evening. I had never joined a Live-concert before so i was very very nervous and excited. Because my mother didn’t like big mass events she was waiting in the car in front of the show venue (Zenithalle) while i was standing in the front row. This night was unbelievable for me; the band came out and the sound and the power of the music were so mind blowing that I couldn’t find the right words to explain it. Whoever joined a MANOWAR-Concert live in the frontrow knows what I mean.

After this amazing concert I told my mother in the car how crushing it was and how cool it was to see the band live on stage, to hear the great songs live and full of power. My mother said that the sound outside the area was so loud that she thought there was a tank patrol in the next street. I told her so much from this concert that she was really sad that she wasn’t with me.

After a few days I saw that MANOWAR would come back to Germany with their “GODS and KINGS – TOUR” in 2016. I asked my mother if she would come with me. At first she was afraid because of the thousands of people but after more words she agreed. What she didn’t know was that I bought a “ULTIMATE FAN STEEL PACKAGE ” which included a meeting with the band and a view behind the stage. This should be a surprise and it worked. It was breathtaking how friendly Joey DeMaio welcomed us. It was like you met your neighbour. Thank you for that!

After this concert my mother said that she would come with me to every concert of MANOWAR when they would come back to Germany again.

In 2017 the band came back for 10 shows to Germany and my mother and I were on every single show across Germany. We waited for hours in the cold. From 11 am in the morning till 7 pm in the evening to save our place in the frontrow. This was a very very cool (and cold) time:)

In Kiel my mother got the bass string from Joey at the end of the show; this made my mother very very happy and me too.

After this tour my family walked in very hard times. My mother fell ill with cancer. For a long time the forecast was not good. In this time i printed her photos from our tour through Germany, from our new friends we met on the tour. I brought her CD´s and Videos from the shows and we remembered the whole time. A week later she was recovering. Thank you god for saving her life!!! In this time MANOWAR announced the new Tour “THE FINAL BATTLE”. My mother was very sad because she knew she couldn’t go with me to this tour again because of her health. I told her to wait because the tour would start in a year. And she was hoping to go with me again to the shows.

In this very hard time MANOWAR did something that we would never ever forget for the rest of our lives. The Band and their fan manager Ruxia heard the case of my mother and made it possible for her to get safely into the venue every evening. So she could enjoy the show without fear of her health.

This gesture I will never forget! This is brotherhood! Thank you MANOWAR!

This is my story of how i came to MANOWAR and why I will always be a MANOWARRIOR FOR LIFE!!!

MANOWAR is more than a band. MANOWAR is a brotherhood. MANOWAR is hope. MANOWAR is understanding.

The music, the lyrics, the spirit; there is so much power and energy in the songs that will make you strong every day! When you have a day full of shit – listen to MANOWAR and everything will be alright! When you have a great day and everything works – listen to MANOWAR and it will be amazing!

Like Joey said on the last tour: HART und LAUT, STARK und SCHNELL – if you don´t like me, go to hell!

And that is the truth.

Either you are a MANOWARRIOR

or you are not my friend!

The Tickets for the next tour are secured and ready! We can’t wait to see you on the road again.

Have a great time until the tour-start.

Best wishes from Germany

your most loyal fans and Manowarriors

Julia, Sabine and Christian


Thank you to Christian, Sabine and Julia  for sharing this story!

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