MANOWAR Are Calling Their Loyal Army Of Immortals To Be A Part Of The MANOWAR History Project!

Great news for all Manowarriors! In celebration of their 40th anniversary MANOWAR will be opening their war chests to share special memories from their impressive career as a very special thank you to the greatest fans in the world!

But that’s not all!

Ever since MANOWAR exploded on the metal scene in 1980, one thing stood out: Their loyal and devoted army of followers. Known the world over as “Manowarriors”, these Brothers and Sisters of Metal have stood side by side with the founders and defenders of true metal, united by their beliefs and the power of true metal. This global army grows bigger and stronger every day.

Behind each face, every tattoo, all the snippets Manowarriors have collected about their favorite band, there is a story that the world wants to hear about!

Therefore we are calling upon MANOWAR’s mighty Army Of Immortals: Join us and open your war chests, share your cherished memories, tell us YOUR personal MANOWAR story and why you are a MANOWARRIOR FOR LIFE so you can become known to the world for all time as a part of the OFFICIAL MANOWAR HISTORY!

Here is how you can participate:

Write about yourself, for example what country you live in, your age, when and how you discovered MANOWAR, what you most relish about the band and the kinship with your fellow Manowarriors, special anecdotes from your life that you associate with MANOWAR. Whatever is in your heart.
Don’t worry if your English isn’t fluent – the spirit of true metal is universal and will be understood! If you prefer you can also write in your native language. 

Ideally, include a photo of yourself and if you have any MANOWAR mementos we invite you to send photos of these treasures, too. Whether current items or things from the time you first discovered the band, or whatever you choose to share with the world.
We know many of you have great collections, like article clippings, posters and more.  And of course, we are always excited to see the MANOWAR tattoos you wear with pride!!

With a little luck YOU and YOUR contribution will not only appear on our websites and on social media but also be included in an upcoming MANOWAR release, like the next chapter in the history of MANOWAR, “The Blood Of The Kings II”.

Here is a great example of such an amazing “Manowarrior For Life” story.

How to participate:
You can share your story and photos on FacebookTwitterInstagram or other social media, or answer to one of MANOWAR’s posts, and include #MANOWAR #40thanniversary #manowarriorforlife 
Or you send your contribution to

IMPORTANT: Before you participate read the terms and conditions of this contest HERE

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