Manowarrior For Life: Claudia (Germany)

My name is Claudia L.  and I live in the Ruhr area in North Rhine Westphalia, Germany.

In 1987 I discovered Manowar for myself when MTV’s “Headbangers ball” showed the musicvideo “Blow your Speakers”.

I was so enthusiastic about the song and the video that I immediately bought the vinyl record “Fighting the world” and the previously released vinyls.

Manowar became my favorite band.

I attended my first Manowar show at the “Kings of Metal Tour” 1989 in Oberhausen. Since then there have been many concert visits, which are a great experience every time.

At the “Final Battle Tour 2017 I gave myself the “Ultimate Fan Experience Upgrade” as a present for my 50th birthday. This upgrade was a unique experience, where I met the Band backstage and also had a nice chat with Joey. I still fondly remember about this show in Cologne today.

Now I’m looking forward for the tour next year and I have already bought a ticket for the show in Oberhausen.

I’ve been listening to the songs from Manowar every day since I’ve discovered the band.

Once you are a Manowar fan, a Manowar fan for good and all.

Hail and Kill