Interview with MANOWAR’s Joey DeMaio


Q: Joey, what’s happening in MANOWAR world right now?
Joey: A lot! In about 11 months we’ll hit the road again with THE FINAL BATTLE 2019 TOUR. That may seem a lot of time, but it really isn’t. There’s so much going on as we speak. The preparation for this tour and several other exciting projects!

Q: Can you tell us more?
Joey: For one, we just recently asked our fans to vote for their favorite albums and songs to be considered on the set list for this upcoming tour. The feedback was overwhelming! Tons of great suggestions; some expected, others surprising. Many fans even took it upon themselves to put an entire set list together. Thanks to all of you who participated! We are now in the process of putting together an ass-kicking set that honors our fans and their wishes. The motto will be FAN FAVORITES ONLY!

Q: Is there a reason that you are planning your set list already?
Joey: There is! The songs are of course the center of the show, so you can’t start thinking about them too early. But they are also the foundation for the video projections that our Manowarriors loved so much on the last tour. A lot of time and effort goes into creating these custom-made videos.

Q: What else?
Joey: Well, we are also preparing my Spoken Word Tour, where I will tell the History Of MANOWAR. We have a lot of great content already but are still going through our vast audio, video and photo archives. Reviewing all this has triggered so many special memories. It’s going to be an exciting journey through MANOWAR history, that’s for sure!

Q: Anything else happening?
Joey: I’d say that’s a lot already, but yes there is more! We’re working with our brother Ken Kelly on new artwork and last but not least we’ve been busy in the studio!

Q: Studio!? That’s big news! What are you working on?
Joey: Yes, big and new! But that’s all I can tell you today. Follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram to find out more.

Mark your calendars for THE FINAL BATTLE!

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