Contest: Tell Us What MANOWAR’s “Into Glory Ride” And “Hail To England” Mean To You For The Chance To Find Your Words In The CD Booklet!

Tell us what MANOWAR’s “Into Glory Ride” and “Hail To England” mean to you for the chance
to find your words in the CD booklet of the Imperial Editions!

As a special gift to their fans, MANOWAR have recently revisited the very original multitrack master recordings of two of their classic masterpieces, “Into Glory Ride” and “Hail To England” and will now release these metal milestones remixed and remastered in 96kHz quality, with the depth, the power and the clarity that could not be present in the original mixes and masters. Read more HERE.

The “Into Glory Ride – Imperial Edition” and “Hail To England – Imperial Edition” will be released in spring 2019.

And here is another surprise for you: Tell MANOWAR and the world what “Into Glory Ride” and/or “Hail To England” mean to you for the chance to have your words imprinted into metal history:
With a little luck YOUR QUOTE will be included in the CD booklet of the upcoming Imperial Edition releases or used on the official MANOWAR website!

Post what these albums mean to you on Facebook, Twitter , Instagram or other social media and include #IntoGloryRide or #HailToEngland (whichever you talk about), #remix and #share.
You can of course respond to an existing MANOWAR post.

Note: The hashtag #share is important if you want to allow your quote to be included in the booklets or shared on the official MANOWAR websites!

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