Metal history was written on March 21, 2019 when #MANOWAR played for the first time ever in Kiev.

The passion and energy we were welcomed with was outstanding!
Hail to our #Manowarriors in the #Ukraine
#MANOWAR #40thanniversary #2021tour #Ukraine
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Wow! Has it really been 10 years since this unforgettable night in Santiago, Chile?
Time to return to bring our loyal #manowarriors more true metal!
#MANOWAR #hailchile #40thanniversary #2021tour #warchest
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My dear favorite band, I greet you from Germany at the age of 29.

My story about you begins in 2002. In fact, music came from you on TV and that changed my life on so many levels … It was the song “I belive”. What came over me was an unprecedented feeling. It was like a door opened into a world that was long to be explored by me, it was a part of me that I had finally found and longed for!
I went to the store and bought the CD “The Dawn of Battle” and listened to the 3 songs up and down on it. I wanted more, so I bought the album “Warriors of the World” and fulfilled all my musical desires. This album, this band shows the highest musical art and every facet of heavy metal in perfection.
My life changed in so many ways because of you, especially my style and my inner strength. Manowar made me stronger and made me survive bad things better and when I go to their concerts something magical happens there, something that only this band sprays like this. It is as if I know you personally, you touch my heart and soul.
What you achieve in the Manowarriors is priceless and unique, because we go further for you than all other fans of the world together! What you are to me is the musical love of my life, always unchallenged!
Back in school, they told me that I only had a phase, that would pass in 2 years at the latest. See you fools! They all wanted to put me down, but I remained steadfast and fought for and with you! Every insult I got because I’m a Manowar fan, I’m proud to knock it off, because through you Manowar we are invincible. Even if we fall, in Valhalla we will be the winners at Odin’s side! I am still here with all your splendor, a heavy metal band that managed to make me cry, several times, because you are part of my truth and I will never forget that.
Most of the world unfortunately does not recognize your importance and genius, but for me and many others you are the greatest achievement of music and I am infinitely happy to be able to live in your time. For you I went to concerts alone without a car or with an accompaniment and even if the money is tight again, a new work by you will be bought.
Manowar you made me the person I am. You teach us pride, strength, brotherhood and love. And so I write to you that I really love you and that you are part of my personality and my heart and soul.
I will see you again in Nuremberg, Germany on April 17th, 2021; my mother, my brother and my blood brother by my side, by your side!
… In eternal loyalty, your manowarrior
Emanuel Luis de la Fuente Fernandez


Thank you, brother for your support and loyalty.
We’ll be back in #Germany next year to celebrate the #greatestfansintheworld
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#MANOWAR #40thanniversary #2021tour #manowarriorforlife


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Our Brazilian Manowarriors have a passion and devotion that we want to share with the world. Thank you all for your incredible loyalty! We can’t wait to return and celebrate again with you!

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WORDS OF POWER, coming to you as podcast and blog, is a way for me to reach people directly and address topics that I think will be interesting and of value to you.
It is also a platform for you to reach me, so that I can address things that you would like to hear, not just about my music and MANOWAR.

Topics will be diverse and range from updates on projects I am working on, being an entrepreneur and a musician, navigating through the ever-changing music industry to my personal experiences and life itself. I’ll also bring on guests that have impressed or inspired me and that I believe you will enjoy, too.

Even if you are not a musician or an entrepreneur, I believe you’ll find great value in these WORDS OF POWER, as they will touch ideas, values and mindsets that are relevant in many ways, to all of us, in all areas of life.

WORDS OF POWER and my new website come in response to the many emails, private messages and other requests that I receive every day from people asking for advice; sometimes regarding their careers but also regarding difficult situations, overcoming obstacles or because they are at a turning point in their life and need encouragement and inspiration. As a musician and entrepreneur with over four decades of successes and challenges it is my honor to share my experiences with you.

Follow my blog on, my social media pages on Instagram and Twitter and my soon-to-be-launched podcast WORDS OF POWER and use these platforms to let me know what topics YOU want!

I am looking forward to taking this journey with you.



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From his home country equatorial Brazil to Germany and all the way to Svalbard, Norway, midway to the north pole!
This brother is truly a worldwide road warrior. Hail to Peter, and hail to all of you who follow us around the world!

Hail brothers of Metal and sisters of Steel! My name is Peter Kelter, from Brazil! Joined to the Warriors of the world to Hail Manowar in Germany, Köln, in 2017 and again, last year in Munich and in the distant iced lands of Longyearbyen, Norway!

Waiting to cross the Sea, and fight again in Deutschland, praising the Manowar 40 anniversary tour, in Bremen, Ulm and Nuremberg!

Hail and Kill!

#manowarriorforlife #MANOWAR #40thanniversary


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A look back into a more recent chapter in #MANOWAR #history:
On February 5, 2016 Trollhättan’s Hjortmosseskolan and Udevalla’s Västerskolan choir wrote metal history, performing live during MANOWAR’s Gods And Kings World Tour at the Nova Arena, in Trollhättan, Sweden. Watch this clip from the first rehearsal in front of Joey DeMaio.
Hail to these young talents. We are wishing them all the best in life.
Also check out a clip from the concert, when they performed the Swedish national anthem for the MANOWAR fans.
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Hail to our Manowarriors in Russia! 2019 was incredible, thanks to your loyalty and passion. We will return!

#40thanniversary #2021tour #louderharderbiggeer


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Hello, my name is Katja Blackmamba.

For me, Manowar is about more than just their unforgettable music. Through them, I have been able to meet fans from all over the world, many of whom have become real friends for life.

Besides making these lifelong friends, which would have been enough, I was also blessed by finding the “replacement father” that I always wished for.

My childhood was marked by a tyrannical and violent creator (this person never deserved to be called a father). In 2007, I supported my 70-year-old mother in a divorce, that became a war. After more than 50 years of marriage, she finally had the courage to leave my biological producer. While I was facing all these struggles in my life, Manowar held the first Magic Circle Festival in my hometown.

Because of my business, I was able to meet and talk to fans from all over the world and they all had one thing in common: they shared a very deep connection with the band and their music.

This is when I first saw the many parallels to my life and the cohesion and deep loyalty of this fan base, as though they had cast a spell over me.

“Fighting the World” became the anthem to my life, and still is today.

Battles Are Fought By Those With The Courage To Believe
They Are Won By Those Who Find The Heart
– in these meaningful lyrics I recognized myself, my soul.

Each of us Manowarriors has text passages that reflect exactly one part of our lives.

The second Magic Circle Festival was held in 2008. It was even bigger and more breathtaking than the year before. Words cannot describe the spectacle of this festival, for me personally it was a time of rebirth.
I organized a big Fan Meet and Greet Party together with another fan/friend and as I got to know the fans more and more, it became more than just friendship with many, they became part of my family, my brothers and sisters.

In the following years my husband and I were present at almost every concert and eventually we met the band, and Joey also introduced my husband and I to his best friend, and legendary concert promoter, Rainer Hänsel.
From that first meeting, Rainer and I became best friends, on the many tours we spent countless hours together, but also privately, because we lived only a few kilometers apart.

Although I will never overcome his untimely death in 2017, I am deeply grateful that Joey introduced me to the man who became a loving, honest and charismatic surrogate father, and we were able to become the family that Rainer never had.

Joey himself is also one of the most open-minded, helpful, generous people I know, he has a rare sense of honor and strength of character you rarely see in people. A man who gives everything, not only for his family and friends, but also for his fans.

I believe in metal more than anybody you’ve ever met. And another thing, I’m prepared to die for metal. Are you?” When he says this, you can be sure it’s the absolute truth and not just some empty interview chatter.

I have faced a lot of suffering in my life, with lies being told about me in legal disputes etc. etc., so I always feel very emotional and hurt for Joey and the band when I read bad press, usually filled with lies or when former fans turned against him or the band in numerous comments on the World Wide Web.

But just like in his song lyrics, Joey has never, and will never give up. On the contrary MANOWAR becomes stronger.

“They can’t stop us let them try, for Heavy Metal we will die!”

Manowar is not only unforgettable music and meaningful lyrics, MANOWAR is the truth, MANOWAR is, and always will be a way of life – My Life

Hail and Kill

#MANOWAR #40thanniversary #manowarriorforlife

Join the “Manowarrior For Life” contest yourself and send us YOUR story! 

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The secret of MANOWAR’s unparalleled live sound revealed!

Check out Part 2 of an early interview with Joey, first aired in the US in November 1983.
The countdown to the #40thanniversary #2021tour continues with more gems from the #MANOWAR #warchest coming.
Stay tuned.
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