Manowar & Me


Ever since MANOWAR exploded on the metal scene in 1980, one thing stood out: Their loyal and devoted army of followers. Known the world over as “Manowarriors”, these Brothers and Sisters of Metal have stood side by side with the founders and defenders of true metal, united by their beliefs and the power of true metal. This global army grows bigger and stronger every day. Behind each face, every tattoo, all the snippets Manowarriors have collected about their favorite band, there is a story that the world wants to hear about!

Therefore we are calling upon MANOWAR’s mighty Army Of Immortals: Join us and open your war chests, share your cherished memories, tell us YOUR personal MANOWAR story and why you are a MANOWARRIOR FOR LIFE so you can become known to the world for all time as a part of the OFFICIAL MANOWAR HISTORY!

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Ann Tail (Russia)

I’m Ann from sunny Krasnodar (Russia).

The time has come for me to share my little story. (Pardon me for my grammar and other mistakes).

It happened in 2017. I was sitting in a coworking with headphones in my ears when the music service offered me music that “I may also like.” And, glory to the algorithms, these were Manowar! I fell in love with them from the first note. I thought: “Oh god, where has this music been all my life!”?
It was definitely the best music in the world. Beautiful melodies of crystal purity, soft clear sound, and an incomparable voice.
I just listened and listened, not interested in the musicians themselves and the history of the group.

Little by little, I began to understand the Manowar theme. Vikings, battles, motorcycles, all of that stuff. Blood, battles, swords, valor, revenge, honor, blood, kings, war, beer, Valhalla, warriors, blood, brotherhood, axes, pride, Odin, strength, men, blood … And then I understand that I’m listening to the mournful melody without words. The music was playing in a separate browser tab, in the title of which I read “Today is a good day”. And I thought, “finally”! Finally, they wrote something positive! Let the music come out sad, they are still well done, they tried “for joy”. I should have added this song to my favorites. I was so proud of them (my boys!). Next, imagine my disappointment when I read the full title of the tune: “Today is a good day … to die”. Yes of course. As usual. In their repertoire.
P.S. but I added it to favorites

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Christian Oßwald (Germany)

My name is Christian, I am 28 years old and I live in Bavaria in Germany.

Before MANOWAR i never listened to heavy metal. Towards the end of my training period I played the drums in a Rock & Pop – Coverband. Someday our bassist asked us if we could play the song “WARRIORS OF THE WORLD”. I asked him from which band this song is and he told me MANOWAR; a Heavy Metal – Band.

I didn’t know this band so I went to the next musicstore and searched for an album from this band which included the song. So my first album was “WARRIORS OF THE WORLD”. I put the cd in my discman and started the number 8 of the album and what should i say?! WOW, it was mind blowing; the power of the first seconds of the song was incredible; what a sound; what destroying instrumental power and then the voice of the singer. I listened to the song again and again and again. Like i said, i never listened to heavy metal before. My music choice was mainstream (Rock & Pop Music on the radio and so on). Today I was crushed by MANOWAR! Again i went to the music store and bought all cd’s from MANOWAR i could find. The craziest thing for me was that i could listen to every single song; they all were so full of power and energy that no song was boring or shit! From other bands I knew that they had good songs and not so good songs but from MANOWAR every song was amazing and great! Since this day I have been listening to this great band every single day.
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Victor Carvalho (Brazil)

My name is Victor I’m a Brazilian fan of MANOWAR and will be a privilege to tell a little of my history with MANOWAR.

The first time I had a contact with MANOWAR was when I was 10 years old, I was in a old library where they sell books, comics, CDs and vinyls and I saw the art of ‘Louder Than Hell’ and as fan of heavy metal, Conan and the Ken Kelly art I bought the CD. For my surprise when I listen the first song ”Return of the warlord” this hit me like a punch in my face, I removed the CD when the first song finished and hid it, was like I found gold and was trying to protect it from everyone.
In that moment MANOWAR became my fav band and I know this will be for all my life.

Yiğit Elvis İlgü (Germany/Turkey)

My name is Yiğit Elvis İlgü and I am one of the millions of MANOWAR fans. I studied making plucked music instruments and am also working as a tour guide in Berlin. I love history, art and I’m a proud member of the ever-growing Army Of Immortals! What a privilege it is when the Kings Of Metal ask a fan to write something about himself.

My MANOWAR story started when I was just 13 years old. I was going through some CDs in a secondhand shop and after seeing the killer artwork of the “Kings Of Metal” album I had to buy it. I remember coming home, putting the CD into my discman, holding the booklet in my hands to follow the lyrics and the first song “Wheels Of Fire” basically took my breath away! (Well, the speed made it kind of impossible to follow the lyrics:)) This was nothing I could compare with any other heavy music I knew before! I listened to the second song, “Kings Of Metal” and it was so clear: this was my band! When the marathon was finished with “The Blood Of The Kings” I guess I was already a die-hard fan. And I had to get all the other albums asap! Today I’m 35 and still collecting everything about MANOWAR and searching for new items.
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Troy King (USA)

Hail Brothers and Sisters,
My name is Troy Marvin King III and I am originally from Chicago Illinois.

It was in October of 1984 when my best friend Jason Broadstone came running to my house with Sign of the Hammer telling me you NEED TO HEAR THIS!!!!!. I was hooked at 12 years old; little did I know how much this band and the people I would meet because of them would have on my life.
Helping me know that I was not alone even when I was bullied in school.

I was in a motorcycle crash in 1995 that almost took my life. I was in a coma after the surgery to save my life; they were not sure if I was going to come out of it. My friend insisted on playing Manowar in my room. It was “Mountains” that was playing when I came to.

I fought with my place in the world and it was Manowar and the faceless warrior that helped me find it.

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Aharon M. of British Columbia (Canada)

“I had originally started out on Manowar in 2008, and the song I started out on was “Die For Metal”. As the years have progressed, I have come to realize Manowar has become such a big part of my life that it has inspired me to learn about Norse Mythology/Vikings, and most importantly, my own Swedish heritage.

Manowar has inspired me to do so many things in life I cannot figure out where to start. The main reason I listen to Manowar, is because it gives me the courage and strength to power through anything. For example, when I was very sad one day, and then Manowar’s “Father” (in Swedish) came on my music player, and I really found my strength again, and during that time, I felt like I could find my strength again and ignore my weaknesses.

I also listen to Manowar to help me achieve a goal that I have set in life. Manowar has also helped me out through a hard life of having Autism, and few other mental issues, and to be honest, it has given me great strength and courage to never let people get me down about my issues in life, and I highly thank Manowar for being such a great band, and for helping me out in life. I have never been more thankful for Manowar, Manowar are the true metal kings, and I am willing to march into battle with them against the people who play false metal.

Thank you so much for being a big part of my life Manowar, I really owe you guys big time for helping me out through a tough life, and pushing me to learn about my heritage and giving me new light to many other music genres. I hope to see you in Germany sometime within the next few years, and I hope to meet you guys at the show. I will drink to you guys once I obtain a chance to see you in Germany, and I will do anything for you guys, no matter what.

I hail you as the kings of metal, and you have created a legend, which will live on for all eternity. Ride on with the Valkyries brothers, and make sure that they keep you as safe as possible during your tours.”

– Aharon M. of British Columbia, Canada

Danny G. (USA)

“In this photo is myself (Danny G.) my wife Tricia G. and my son Silas G. at the Agora in Cleveland. We came to see you both nights (front row) and I would like to thank everyone that made our weekend so special.

Paul Clark Jr. gave us a stick friday afternoon in the parking lot, Eric threw sticks to my son on friday night until he was finally able to get one (thanks Eric that was awesome of you), Manoel for introducing us to Donnie, Donnie for taking the time out to talk with us for a moment (first time in my life that i have been star-struck), and to Joey for giving my son your pick and a bass string on saturday night.

It was a true climax to the entire weekend. We were all in tears during the Crown and the Ring saturday night. I expected to be impressed when I saw you guys but the shows you guys put on that weekend cannot be described well enough to do it justice. I have seen many bands but none have even come close to comparing to the Manowar shows I attended in Cleveland. Not Tool ,Ozzy ,Megadeth,Iron Maiden ,Black Sabbath,TSO,Motorhead,Testament,Bon Jovi (I took my wife) or Roger Waters.

I felt emotions I may never feel again in my lifetime. Thank you again, all of you , for giving us the greatest weekend we have ever spent together. We are waiting patiently for the next opportunity to see you all again. 500 miles, $500 worth of tickets and $500 worth of merchandise, but being there and being a part of the entire experience was absolutely priceless.

You have been my favorite band for almost 24 years now and I feel blessed that you are still going strong and that I was able to see you live and share it with my family. In our eyes you’re immortal and in our hearts you’ll live forevermore. You are truly the greatest band on Earth and it’s no wonder that you have the greatest fans on Earth.

Thank you again, your #1 fan,

– Danny G.

Maria (Greece)

“My relationship with MANOWAR’s music started at the age of 12 when I first listened to the song “Fighting The World” which it was the first metal song that I ever heard. Eric’s vocals, and the perfect combination of the bass, the guitar… the sound of drums… excited me and after this my life changed for ever.

I stopped listen pop music I figured out that it was so far away from me, I realized that I didn’t want to go with the “maze”. Then the years passed I’m 27 now and I still have the same passion for MANOWAR’s music.

Six months ago my family and I had some health problems my father got sick and I had to stand as a “rock” to my family because I am the only child with no brothers and sisters.. every night when I was coming back from the hospital I was listening to MANOWAR trying to get strength and courage in order to continue.

If I could tell which songs compose the soundtrack of my life, which still continues until my heart stop beating, I would say that it is “Heart Of Steel” and ” The Crown And The Ring”.

The ancient Greek Philosofer Platon said that “The music gives soul to the hearts and wings in mind”, this is how I feel every time I hear MANOWAR… you speak right in to my heart, my soul and mind.

Thank you for all those music years.

I wish you all the best, I love you guys and I send a kiss to all and each one of you Joey, Eric, Karl, Donnie as one of MANOWAR’s lady knows how to do it…

Also I would like to say that I’m so sorry for the passing of our brother Scott… R.I.P!

I hope to see you again really soon here in Greece! It would be an honor for me to publish my story at The Kingdom Of Steel.

With love – HAIL AND KILL!”

– Maria / Greece

Scottishooz / Quantico, VA (USA)

“The first time that the music of MANOWAR preyed upon my ears was in the mid 80’s. During a time of very “pop-ish” music, as a teenager full of young angst, I needed music that possessed some freakin’ balls! With the heart-pounding pulse of the music, the amazing lyrics, and the sky-piercing vocals of Eric Adams… a void in my heart and spirit was since then fulfilled.

Dick Clark once quoted that “music is the soundtrack of our lives”, and if that is the case… then MANOWAR’s incredible songs will follow me beyond the grave! Throughout my life (and I am in my 40’s now), MANOWAR’s music has gotten me through the best and the worst of times. From the trials and tribulations of being a teenage METALHEAD in a very “Frank Sinatra” neighborhood; all the way to my tours of duty in the United States Army during a time of war. I was proud to blast MANOWAR songs into the deserts of “not-so-desirable” parts of the world.

As much as my loyalty goes out to my fellow soldiers in our armed forces, so does my loyalty to my fellow soldiers in the Army of Immortals. Words cannot express the courage and support that MANOWAR’S music has given to me that helped reinforce my actions as a soldier and a man, and the bond that has created many friendships in my life as a result.

The recent passing of our Brother, Scott Colombus, has affected me in a way that is as he was one of my own… and he was. Safe travels into the Halls of Valhalla, my warrior Brother!

It has been an honor and a privilege serving not only as a U.S. soldier, but as a soldier in the MANOWAR army as well.

GODSPEED my Brothers of metal, and my Sisters of steel… see you all on the FINAL BATTLEGROUND!”

– Scottishooz / Quantico, VA


“It was about ten years ago when I was still a teenager.

I was zapping through the channels and everything was boring at that particular time. It happened that I stumbled on MTV (which I almost never watch) and saw four guys dressed in leather who were singing about the battlefield. It sounded quite good (I am using this term because at that time I was not listening to metal) so I decided to look them up. With them, and more precisely with their song “Warriors of the World”, I started listening to heavy metal.

From then I have been inspired by their songs about courage, honor and last but not least the wish to die laughing on the battlefield. With their music and your support we have to keep the flame of Heavy Metal alive.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Hail everyone!”

– DrunkenMaster