March 17, 2014
The ‘Kings Of Metal MMXIV’ Silver Edition CD is coming this week! Check out the Making Of video now.
The ‘Kings Of Metal MMXIV’ Silver Edition CD features 2 CDs with 9 main and 9 bonus tracks, brand new cover artwork by Ken Kelly and two 24-page booklets with rare photos from the ‘Kings Of Metal’ era 1988/1989 and the making of ‘Kings Of Metal MMXIV’.

March 12, 2014
"We regret that this performance had to be canceled," explained MANOWAR's management. "We worked extremely hard to save this performance, but the Festival's promoter could not meet its financial obligations, placing our performance, our fans and the production suppliers in jeopardy. The "Kings Of Metal MMXIV" World Tour is a huge production, designed especially for outdoor festivals.