Win Tickets For A Friend And Yourself To The Gods And Kings World Tour 2016!

Enter today for a chance to win tickets for a fellow Manowarrior and yourself to the Gods And Kings World Tour 2016!

MANOWAR are giving YOU a chance to celebrate a true friend!

MANOWAR is proud to have the greatest fans in the world!
Not only are they the most loyal fans any band has ever seen but they are also a circle of brothers and sisters, who live their lives by true MANOWAR principles: loyalty, friendship, unity and being there for each other.

Give someone you feel deserves it more than anybody the chance to experience with you the power and unity of a MANOWAR show!

Maybe it is a friend who is going through a rough time and needs encouragement and positive spirit. Maybe it is somebody who has stood by you when you needed it most. Or perhaps just somebody that is connected to you by the bond of true friendship and brotherhood.

Here is how you can enter to win:

Share a picture of your friend or both of you and tell us your story: Who is the friend you want to bring on this journey, and why does he/she deserve it more than anybody else?

Step 1:
First, we need a few things from you, like your full name and email address and we need you to read our Terms and Conditions HERE: or HERE:

Step 2:
Attach a photo of your friend or both of you, and share your story. If the photo features another person or persons, make sure you use a photo that you have permission to publicly share.

If you win, you can select a show of your choice from the upcoming Gods And Kings World Tour 2016 that you want to attend with your friend! (Travel or other expenses are not included in this prize. The prize is general admission for you and your friend to the show of your choice.)

Step 3:
Send us your submission as explained in the Terms and Conditions and invite your friends and family to participate for their chance to win!

Submission deadline is December 15, 2015.

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