The Circle

Manowarriors are always united in their devotion for the Kings Of Metal!

To continue to carry the spirit of true metal across the world, MANOWAR have formed The Circle, a group of volunteers who dedicate time and effort to support us in reaching existing and new fans through all means of communication, all over the world.

Representatives for each represented country will be updated constantly about MANOWAR-related news, but will also support our mission through their own ideas and initiatives.

The Circle is currently operating with a limited number of representatives, but will grow constantly.

Its members have been chosen among the truest of the true, and include a great mixture of fans who have been supporting the band in several ways, sometimes through our forums, social networks, their own websites, their local communities, or sometimes even all of the above combined!

If you want to support us with additional information or have suggestions that you think should be shared with the fans in your country, please contact us at circle [at]

A big salute to the truest of the true who help us to bring the worldwide Manowarriors even closer together and spread the spirit of true heavy metal and an equally big salute to you, our brothers and sisters who support MANOWAR!

Hail & Kill


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