Symphonic instrumental metal band AURA will perform during MANOWAR’s upcoming Official Fan Convention 2023 at Berlin’s Kesselhaus

AURA is the symphonic instrumental metal band of Korean guitarist, composer and arranger Song Wook and Bulgarian violinist Diana Boncheva. Their music combines the collosal sound of a full-sized orchestra, the intensity and technique of the electric guitar, and the striking, melodic, and powerful sound of the violin. A unique fusion that surprises the listener as the music unfolds.

“We see a passion and dedication in Song Wook and Diana that has always burned in us, too and that we believe is the reason of our lasting success.” said Joey DeMaio.

“We’re excited and honored about the opportunity to play our music to the MANOWAR fans.” said violinist Diana Boncheva. “We are ready to bring our music to Europe and this is a wonderful first step!”

AURA are currently recording their first single “AURA part I – NEW HOPE” that will also be
featured in their upcoming full-length album that is planned for release later this year. 

You can check out AURA on their official YouTube channel @aurasymphonic