MANOWAR’s Joey De Maio and Michael Angelo Batio Shatter World Speed Record by Playing 30 Notes Per Second in Unison 🎸

In an unprecedented display of skill and synchronicity, MANOWAR’s Joey De Maio and Michael Angelo Batio have shattered the world record for the fastest guitar and bass performance.

In a video published on YouTube, the two are seen playing increasingly fast scales in a combination of alternate and economy picking, culminating in 16 notes per beat (64th-note passages) at a staggering 113 beats per minute, which equates to 30 notes per second.

Joey De Maio, an icon in the world of heavy metal bass playing, and Michael Angelo Batio, renowned for his ambidextrous guitar skills and record-breaking speed, have once again proven their status as true virtuosos. Their “need for speed” is not just a quest for technical prowess but a celebration of the limitless potential of human skill and creativity.

“We wanted to go beyond our established ‘Shred Zone’ and take it to a completely new level!” said Michael Angelo Batio. “We are now in the ‘Ultra Shred Zone’!”

Audio Engineer Dirk Kloiber explained: “You can find countless videos on the internet of people claiming to play a certain number of beats per minute (BPM). However, without a musical reference, this number alone doesn’t say much. The musical reference for Joey and Michael Angelo in our session is 4/4 time. A quarter note is divided into 16th notes, so 64 notes per bar. At the record speed of 113 beats per minute, they play 30 notes per single second.”

This astounding feat marks not only a new pinnacle in speed playing but also a historic moment in music history, as it was accomplished by two performers at the same time. Previous records were held by solo artists, making this synchronized achievement even more remarkable.

MANOWAR, the founders of Power Metal, continue to be a leading force in the music world, inspiring artists and fans with their unyielding dedication to the art of music.

The band, which is currently in the studio to record “The Sign Of The Hammer 2024”, as well as another, yet-unnamed album, recently announced a sold-out show in New York in November 2024, and will be touring in Europe in 2025, with tickets already on sale for Germany and Luxembourg.