Manowarrior For Life: Volodymyr Korniienko (Ukraine)

Dear Manowar band members

Dear Rami, Manuel, Ruxia, and all of the MANOWAR team that makes peoples dreams come true.

My name is Volodymyr Korniienko, and I have been listening to Manowar since my childhood, and attending the show of the Kings of Metal was my cherished dream.

Manowar songs are the anthems of the key events of my life.

I do remember those moments when I was turning on my favorite song (Battle Hymns) before every vital Battle of my life.

I was listening to Manowar in the time of joy, and Manowar kept me steady and helped me to carry on during times of sorrow.

In April 2011, I registered the Public Organization “Brothers of Metal” ( to gather and unite Manowarriors of Ukraine. Since that time, we have 1700 members online and thousands of people from all over my beloved country. For now, we are recording the Ukrainian versions of a couple of MANOWAR songs and going to make the professional video of these songs.

I came to Dortmund in summer 2012 and found the venue the day before the show started.

I decided to be in the first row, so I have decided to spend the night at the entrance to the venue, The guard asked me to come the next day, and I followed his recommendation, I came back to the venue at 5 a.m. of the morning. I found out that there were already manowarriors.

I have met there so many legendary fans like Sam McGoockin, Joel Pendragon many of German Defenders of Steel. We were all like one big family, and that was first and the only fans that make me feel like that. No band in the world has such a powerful fanbase that always helps each other.

The Dortmund Concert was a celebration of steel and power. I was singing the hymns of battles and triumphs. I do remember those feelings when I heard: “Ladies and Gentlemen, from the United States of America…ALL HAIL…MANOWAR”

Also, I want to mention a wonderful person that deserves the whole article and book to be written about, The person who is a symbol of devotion and faithful manowarrior, wise and intelligent person who is an integral part of MANOWAR.

The person’s name is Rami Peer, and I highly honored to call him my friend. My brother.

I was honored to host him as my guest in Kyiv, and I am always glad to meet him in every place in the world.

Since I was doing my best to make a concert in Ukraine come true. That’s’ a long story to tell, so I will mention that I have talked to every musical promotion company in this country asking to bring Manowar to Ukraine, offering them my services in legal spheres.

I kept visiting every possible Manowar concert to meet my Manowar brothers and sisters again and to see the best shows on this planet. Germany, Belarus, Russia, the Czech Republic, and many more other cities have seen the blue and yellow MANOWAR Ukrainian flag.

When I heard the news that Manowar would give the concert in Ukraine, I was overwhelmed with feelings. I have started to gather people and to advertise the show throughout every possible channel. Gyms, pubs, internet communities were murmuring about the upcoming concert and Ukrainian Brothers of metal who are preparing to join the Final Battle in Ukraine, Kyiv.

I have participated and triumphed in the Metal Ambassador conquest only because of passion that Manowar gives to me, and the help of many other Ukrainian Manowarriors.

You may take a look at the video via the link below. And tap / push the ENG SUBS.


Also, I have given numerous interviews to the musical mass media that have heard about Manowarrior that was gathering the Army to join the Battle.

I also have given the interview to the show promotion company H2D as the leader of the Manowar movement in Ukraine.-

And I was honored to lead 10 000 warriors from all over Ukraine and the whole world in the Final Battle Kyiv 2019.

You can see the fire in the eyes of the warriors in this album –

After that, I have decided to celebrate my birthday with manowarriors from around the world during the last Final Battle World Tour show in Istanbul.

That was July the 20th 2019. I have seen this beautiful city for the very first time, and I was so much impressed by the might of the City of 4 Empires.

I want to thank my brothers Safak Vural and BarÄ±ĆŸ Ä°lgar for being by my side during the concert. I was glad to meet them again since the Ukrainian show.

Istanbul concert was the best day of my life. That was the first time I heard my favorite song live – BATTLE HYMNS.

And now, when the world is struggling with the COVID disaster, we keep strong with the music that Manowar gives to us.

I believe that I will see Kings giving the show in Kyiv once again, and that will be the hour when we will raise our flags together with the fans from all over the world.

Manowar unites people.

Manowar gives power to the people.

Manowar for life.

And I am MANOWARRIOR for life.

With best regards

Volodymyr Kornienko

Warrior-founder of the Manowar fan club in Ukraine

A great fan of MANOWAR

Kyiv, Ukraine