Manowarrior For Life! My Story By Victor Carvalho (Brazil)

My name is Victor I’m a Brazilian fan of MANOWAR and will be a privilege to tell a little of my history with MANOWAR.

The first time I had a contact with MANOWAR was when I was 10 years old, I was in a old library where they sell books, comics, CDs and vinyls and I saw the art of ‘Louder Than Hell’ and as fan of heavy metal, Conan and the Ken Kelly art I bought the CD. For my surprise when I listen the first song ”Return of the warlord” this hit me like a punch in my face, I removed the CD when the first song finished and hid it, was like I found gold and was trying to protect it from everyone.
In that moment MANOWAR became my fav band and I know this will be for all my life.

When I was 13 years old I made a lot of phonecalls  to CD stores in all the next cities and I lied to my parents and took a bus to another town only to buy the ‘Battle Hymns’ and ‘Warriors of the World’, when I was 20 years old I saw MANOWAR live for the first time in São Paulo, 3 years after, I did my first MANOWAR tattoo, the sign of the hammer and a little music excerpt from ‘Righteous Glory’ from ‘The Lord Of Steel’ album.

In 2015 I saw the best concert in my life, MANOWAR in Monsters Of Rock, was the best moment in my life, I was there with parents, brothers and friends and I don’t have words to describe what I felt in that magical day….in 2017 I went to David Shankle concert and I had a chance to meet one of the Kings, another very special moment in my life. I was in paradise, was the first time I had a chance to meet one of the kings of metal in that moment I decided to started my next tattoo from MANOWAR: ‘Louder Than Hell’ was my first album, so it will be in my skin for the eternity, I hope I can have a chance to see MANOWAR again here in Brazil and if is possible to take the signatures of Joey and Eric on my skin to immortalize that moment too.

Since MANOWAR entered in my life in 2000 I don’t remember one single day in all these years without listening to a MANOWAR song. MANOWAR is part of my life and I’m proud to be part of the army of the immortals and to share this moments with my brothers and sisters of metal.
All hail to all the members, to all the kings of metal who did from music a way of life for all of us, thank you MANOWAR and happy 40th anniversary! In my eyes your’re immortal, In my heart you’ll live forever more!


Thank you, Victor Carvalho (Brazil), for sharing your story!

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