Manowarrior For Life! My Story – By Ann Tail (Russia)

I’m Ann from sunny Krasnodar (Russia).

The time has come for me to share my little story. (Pardon me for my grammar and other mistakes).

It happened in 2017. I was sitting in a coworking with headphones in my ears when the music service offered me music that “I may also like.” And, glory to the algorithms, these were Manowar! I fell in love with them from the first note. I thought: “Oh god, where has this music been all my life!”?
It was definitely the best music in the world. Beautiful melodies of crystal purity, soft clear sound, and an incomparable voice.
I just listened and listened, not interested in the musicians themselves and the history of the group.

Little by little, I began to understand the Manowar theme. Vikings, battles, motorcycles, all of that stuff. Blood, battles, swords, valor, revenge, honor, blood, kings, war, beer, Valhalla, warriors, blood, brotherhood, axes, pride, Odin, strength, men, blood … And then I understand that I’m listening to the mournful melody without words. The music was playing in a separate browser tab, in the title of which I read “Today is a good day”. And I thought, “finally”! Finally, they wrote something positive! Let the music come out sad, they are still well done, they tried “for joy”. I should have added this song to my favorites. I was so proud of them (my boys!). Next, imagine my disappointment when I read the full title of the tune: “Today is a good day … to die”. Yes of course. As usual. In their repertoire.
P.S. but I added it to favorites

The first concert:
It was generally my first ever concert of any band. Symphony orchestra, opera, ballet does not count. I really wanted to take tickets for the entire Russian tour, or at least to several neighboring cities. But in the end, I went only to the Krasnodar show. Two factors contributed to this decision:
a) everyone, absolutely all of my friends dissuaded me, in principle, from going to the concert, because “the crowd will trample me there.” They said they used to go to concerts, and there is always slam going on, and I will not survive there, besides, I will lose my hearing.
b) I was afraid that I would get tired of listening to the same thing several times in a row.

Naturally, I regretted that I had not visited the rest of the cities at the moment when THEY were on stage, bathing in the light of spotlights.

But, all in order.

I had to properly prepare for the concert:

How not to go deaf – earplugs.
How not to be trampled – to overlay with pillows (no).
How to get to the stage? (and what do you think could arise in my infantile brain?) – sweets!

I typed a full backpack of different sweets, hoping to buy a path to the stage with their help.

I offered people candy in exchange for going forward. Basically, everyone refused and let me go for free until I almost reached the fence and met wonderful guys with whom we spent an hour and a half waiting, full of laughter and chatter about everything in the world, with caramel in our cheeks.

The concert itself: They were like gods, alive and descended to the earth in all their splendor, shedding their light and music on us. They were very close, so incomparable and beautiful.

What struck me was that no one shoved me during the whole concert, no one was drunk. All behaved more than decently. And in the queue in the dressing room after the concert, there was a deathly silence. The crowd didn’t move at all and politely waited for the poor coat check girl to give out jackets to everyone.

I did not lose my hearing, and in general, the sound was so soft and clear that I did not need earplugs.

Of course, I don’t have an inspiring or touching story as true-fans from “the old times” have. But it also has a place to be. What is Manowar music for me? This is to be a soaring eagle in the shower, despite the fact that in appearance you are a mouse. These are joyful sounds. This is to run through the mud to catch the first bus, overtaking stray dogs. To make it louder so as not to hear empty swearing around. It is to admire motorcycles and be afraid of crossing the road at the same time. Manowar is to love men in leather bikinis. This is when your Facebook friends are bigger friends to you than your friends in real life. Manowar for me is to wear pink and behave pretty because metal is not what you show, metal is what you have in your soul. Manowar is gentle lyrics. These are those who will never quit. These are those for whom one will go into fire and water. These are those thanks to whom I go forward. Thank you for the music and shows you make.

I wish all the team common and personal creative success! Stay safe, healthy, and happy!

With love, Ann

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