MANOWAR Stun Greek Fans With Action Packed Show At Release Athens 2022

During their long-awaited headlining performance at Release Athens 2022, MANOWAR paid homage to Greece and their Greek fans with a preview of their forthcoming opus “The Revenge Of Odysseus”.

“The Revenge Of Odysseus”, MANOWAR’s interpretation of Homer’s Odyssey, has stirred interest not only in the Greek metal community but has captured interest around the world due to its epic nature.
It features music by MANOWAR and narrations by Greek father/son actors Kostas and Konstantinos Kazakos as Odysseus and his son Telemachus respectively, retelling the classic tale.

The heart of the night’s performance was a 15 minute long extract from “The Revenge Of Odysseus” featuring MANOWAR’s brand new song “Immortal”, a powerful mid-tempo hymn inspired by Odysseus’ escape from the island of Ogygia, a live appearance by Konstantinos Kazakos as Telemachus and Sakis Tolis of the band Rotting Christ as the Oracle Halitherses, and the power ballad “Where Eagles Fly” with guest vocalist Chiara Tricarico. 

MANOWAR drove the crowd to the highest heights of Epic Metal Ecstasy thanks to the power of trademark classics including “Battle Hymn”, “Kings Of Metal” and “Hail And Kill”, and rarely performed fan favorites like “Dark Avenger”, “Defender” and “Fight Until We Die”.

The untamed force of these metal anthems was matched by powerful video imagery, transporting the audience into the heart of each story, told in song and narration.

A surprise guest appearance by iconic Scottish actor James Cosmo, star of “Braveheart”, “Highlander”, “Troy” and “Game Of Thrones” added another high note to this special night.
Mr. Cosmo made metal history with his narration on MANOWAR’s “The Sword Of The Highlands” and “The Revenge Of Odysseus” for which he narrates the part of Odysseus in the English speaking version of this new piece.

In an emotional speech Joey DeMaio thanked all collaborators in the Odysseus project, the promoters of Release Athens and most importantly the loyal Greek Manowarriors. “Working on this project has been unforgettable. Reading the Odyssey at ten years old changed my life forever!” said DeMaio. He ended his speech by promising that MANOWAR will return to Greece to present the rest of “The Revenge Of Odysseus” live.

The digital EP “Highlights From The Revenge Of Odysseus” is now available on iTunes worldwide and will soon be available on all other leading digital platforms including YouTube, Amazon, Tidal and Spotify.

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