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MANOWAR Reveal Details Of Fan Convention 2023

MANOWAR’s long-awaited Fan Convention 2023 will take place on Friday, February 24, 2023 at Kesselhaus in Berlin, Germany.

The band’s second Fan Convention will provide insights into the MANOWAR Universe, on and off the road and behind the scenes. Program highlights include a live podcast with band, crew, and guests, and a special, abbreviated performance by MANOWAR. The event will also honor the MANOWAR community with various activities.

“MANOWAR are more than a band! Together with our crew and fans, we are a circle of brothers and sisters, united by our love of metal and the value of friendship, loyalty, and honor that we live by!” said Joey DeMaio. “We’ll be sharing stories that we’ve never shared before and give the fans a better understanding of who we are and what we do.” DeMaio continued: “Also, we’ll get up and play some songs, which will be decided on the spot. Fans will feel like they’re attending one of our rehearsals. This will be very different in comparison to our big arena shows. It will be a fun way to close out this leg of our Anniversary Tour and a very special evening with our most loyal fans!“

The program of the MANOWAR Fan Convention 2023 includes:

  • Live Podcast – MANOWAR band, crew, fans, and other guests discuss the multiple facets of the MANOWAR universe
  • MANOWAR stripped-down, rehearsal style performance
  • “My MANOWAR Story” Contest – Fans are invited to participate and tell their unique MANOWAR story for a chance to win special prizes.
  • Karaoke Challenge
  • And more…

General Admission tickets for the MANOWAR Fan Convention 2023 will go on sale on Thursday, November 17, 2022 at 10 AM CET on

A limited number of ULTIMATE FAN EXPERIENCE UPGRADES will be available to offer an even closer MANOWAR experience.
These Upgrades are available exclusively at The Kingdom Of Steel.

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Q: Is the Fan Convention 2023 part of a MANOWAR concert?
A: No. MANOWAR will play a selection of songs in a unique, rehearsal style setting, but they will not perform a full concert. Those who wish to see a MANOWAR show in Berlin in 2023 have a chance on the day following the convention, on February 25, 2023 at Velodrom Berlin. For tickets go to

Q: Will MANOWAR band members participate in the Fan Convention?
A: Yes. MANOWAR band members will perform a selection of songs and participate in a live podcast, along with MANOWAR crew and other guests, where they will share details from the MANOWAR universe.

Q: What else can I expect?
A: The Fan Convention will offer activities like a Karaoke Contest, the My MANOWAR Story contest, MANOWAR trivia, and the opportunity to meet with Manowarriors from around the world and discuss all things MANOWAR with them!

Q: Can I meet the band?
A: A limited number of ULTIMATE FAN EXPERIENCE UPGRADES, including a photo with the band and a chat with Joey DeMaio will be available to offer an even closer MANOWAR experience. For more info go to The Kingdom Of Steel

Q: Will there be a signing session?
A: The schedule of the event will not allow for a general signing session. Autographed items are part of the ULTIMATE FAN EXPERIENCE, which can be purchased as an upgrade to general admission tickets. Upgrades are available in limited quantities. More info here The Kingdom Of Steel

Q: When will doors open?
A: Doors are scheduled to open at 5PM local time.