KINGS OF METAL MMXIV – A celebration, not a replacement

Metalheads share a certain principle, which dictates that no one should ever mess with their classics. This interdiction concerns even the very same artists who originally recorded any of these classics; even they, should be careful about the way they treat a record their fans regard as a masterpiece. This is why re-recording a heavy metal album can be a double-edged knife. It worked quite well in Testament’s case, where the band’s post-2000 version added extra force to two albums which didn’t lack quality, but lacked personality. It also worked really fine in Flotsam and Jetsam’s case, given that the re-recorded No Place for Disgrace benefited from Eric A.K.’s gracefully aged, thrashed-up voice and its modern production. Exodus on the other hand didn’t quite honor their debut when re-recording it, mainly because Paul Balloff’s one of a kind vocals proved to be more than integral in Bonded by Blood’ ultimate success. Continue reading

Concert Date: April 10th 2011
City: Madrid, Spain
Venue: La Riviera

Manowar do not want to come to Italy? Then goes to Manowar in Spain!

It’s the last date of the “Battle Hymns 2011 Tour”, so this is the last chance to enjoy the fantastic “Battle Hymns”, just recently re-recorded, live and in full.
Do I really need to tell how immense, powerful and devastating this concert was? It shall be done! Continue reading