Gods And Kings World Tour 2016

Helsinki (FI), Finland

The Circus

7:00 PM

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MANOWAR have recently revealed insights into the theme of the tour, and the scope of this monumental production: The “Gods And Kings World Tour 2016” will be equipped with 300,000 Watts for bombastic sound and over 150 m² of high resolution 6k LED panels for visual indulgence.

“The previous tour celebrated “Kings Of Metal MMXIV”. The production was big and featured elements that we had not done before.” said Joey DeMaio. “It was more of a multi-media experience, with videos linking the songs and their conception, telling the story of our fans and our lives, capturing the energy on stage and off…”
The new tour will keep highlights from the “Kings Of Metal MMXIV” tour, but stack up even more for the fans.

“With the 10-year anniversary of “Gods Of War” upon us the Kings will this time be joined in their battle by the Gods Of War! Naturally, the “Gods And Kings World Tour 2016” will be more massive than the “Kings Of Metal MMXIV World Tour”! The 2015 tour was big. But nothing compared to what you’ll experience on the 2016 tour!” explained Joey DeMaio.

The stage designs follow the musical theme of the tour and will catapult the audience into a different time and place, full of ancient monuments, demons, kings and more. “For the length of our concert you will be living in ancient Rome, Greece and Valhalla!” said Joey DeMaio.

The “Gods And Kings World Tour 2016” will celebrate “Kings Of Metal MMXIV” as well as the upcoming anniversary of “Gods Of War”, which was unleashed on the world in 2007. The set list will be packed with highlights from both albums, plus many other anthems and special surprises in a magnificent new stage production inspired by the theme of the tour – Gods and Kings.

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Venue Details

The Circus Salomonsgatan 1–3, 00100 Helsingfors, Finland
Helsinki (FI)