Regarding Barcelona Rock Fest 2022

Dear fans,

We have found out today, at the same time as you, that the promoter of Barcelona Rock Fest does not count on us for the performance on June 30, 2022.

Please note that everything the promoter has published about MANOWAR is completely false and we will take the appropriate legal action against him.

The promoter agreed with us in September 2021 on the conditions for our performance and now he refuses to comply with them.

It appears that he had already booked a performance with Avantasia, when we were still trying to solve the problem with him. He has done all this behind our backs.

We reiterate that, unfortunately, there have been many irregularities with the organization of the festival that sooner or later will have to come to light.

We have not demanded any last-minute conditions. What we demanded, of course, is what was agreed upon and that now the promoter refuses to comply with, causing us not to perform at the festival for reasons solely attributable to the promoter.

The only person responsible for this whole situation is the promoter.

We have tried until the last moment to fulfill the contract we had. In fact, we believed we still had time to fix all this when we were surprised by today’s announcement of the new group.

The only thing that the promoter is after is to enrich himself at the expense of us and our fans, acting ruthlessly and without the slightest consideration of your interests, the fans.

We deeply regret this situation since we really wanted to meet our fans again at Barcelona Rock Fest 2022.

Do not doubt that the truth will come to light, with the help of the Spanish justice if necessary.