“The Final Battle I” is guaranteed to blow speakers with a whirlwind of crushing sonic destruction, orchestral majesty, and epic, pulverizing insanity.

The first of three parts which will constitute the highly anticipated new MANOWAR album, this is an imperious demonstration of the band’s undisputed mastery of both skull-crushing metal anthems and extraordinary feats of symphonic bombast

The opener, the epic fantasy-brought-to-life “March Of The Heroes Into Valhalla” re-imagines MANOWAR’s music in vivid, cinematic form, providing a deeply moving journey through the warrior’s life, from bloody battles to ascension into Valhalla. The battle-filled mood continues with the spine-shattering might and fury of the new anthem “Blood And Steel”. Next is “Sword Of The Highlands”, one of the most explosive and dramatic songs DeMaio has ever penned: a profound and stirring tribute to heroes long perished, it begins with exquisite elegance before erupting into a grand crescendo of power and glory, exemplified by a possible career-best vocal performance from the ever-impressive Eric Adams. 

Finally, the most startling surprise arrives in the dark, lurking, brutal and merciless form of “You Shall Die Before I Die”; a hypnotic and coruscating epic that delivers a vengeful statement of intent and invincibility… with lead vocals by Joey DeMaio himself! 

All music was conceived, recorded, and mixed at MANOWAR’s very own VALHALLA STUDIOS, utilizing the unparalleled power of their PMC statement monitors with over 27,000 watts of ground-shaking clarity.