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Friday - November 04, 2011
By Dom Lawson, Metal Hammer UK:

...If there’s one thing that gets right on my tits (and, for the record, there are many hundreds of things that do that, but this is the only one that’s relevant to this blog…thanks for asking!) then it’s so-called metal bands that are desperate to disassociate themselves from heavy metal culture, as if somehow they’re too smart and stylish to concern themselves with something as dorky and preposterous as heavy metal. One of the biggest metal bands of all time recently described themselves as a “hard rock” band in a press release, and I think that rather says it all about what happens when you become so successful that you lose touch with what the metal brotherhood are thinking and feeling. But that’s almost beside the point…the main reason that I believe so passionately in metal and its values is that this music captured my heart because it was all about not giving a fuck what the common herd declares to be cool or fashionable or acceptable. What I care about is music and most of my favourite bands are driven by creative urges, blessed with a total disregard for mainstream tastes and propelled forward by a simple and unpretentious love of that uproarious barrage of noise that we know as HEAVY FUCKING METAL. Manowar are the living, breathing, shrieking embodiment of that attitude. They make no apologies for what they do and they genuinely couldn’t give a weasel’s winky whether non-metalheads think they’re silly or uncool or unfashionable or foolishly unwilling to become part of some shit-for-brains lifestyle con. Manowar are a heavy metal band and fiercely proud of it. And I’m fiercely proud to call myself a fan. Now please change the subject. I’ve got something in my eye.

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