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Words of the Immortal Warriors, preparing for battle in Cleveland, OH!
Friday - January 07, 2011
Here are a few words from some true brothers and sisters of metal preparing for MANOWAR's show in Cleveland, OH:

- Michael K.: "Got my ticket. Gonna be on a bus from Toronto Friday night! Prices, whatever, $85 US is the same as you pay for Iron Maiden and usually less than you pay for bands like Metallica and Ozzy. Manowar aren't hopping from arena to arena with major label support and making tons of cash like those bands, they are doing one modestly sized show on their own label, and for a mid-sized venue they will be packing the house with custom gear and playing so loud that most other buildings will not and cannot accomodate them. $85 is more than I would like to pay but it's a pretty fair price when you take into account the marketplace and circumstances of a one-time special event. The real question is why do huge, huge bands on nation-wide tour with major label support like Metallica charge the same."

- Johnny G.: "I got my ticket,can't wait for march 12!!!"

- Tyrell H.: "We ride from beautiful BC to join our brothers of metal!"

- Michael N.: "Yeah, It took my breathe away when I saw the ticket prices too. But compare them to pit tickets at a Ozzy or Iron Maiden show. Pretty much the same. Not to mention they have to pay their overhead. Like Beefy Package said, they have lots of equipment, a staff of hard working people, food, lodging, a new PA system, and probably other expenses. The venue also has their overhead too. I just hope they have a long setlist, and nothing stops them from playing until the last note. Hail."

- Benoit S.: "I'm traveling 22 hours by a goddamn bus from Montreal, Hail!!!"

- Daniel I.: "Just bought my ticket, HELL YES!!!! Gods of metal will rape, pillage and destroy Ohio!"

- Ryan B.: "Just bought my ticket. I'll be riding in from New jersey! Hail the Metal Kings!"

- Chris D.: "‎...and the ticket prices are very reasonable IMO...that's about the same price range for every concert that I've gone to in the last two years (Ozzy, Maiden, Crue, Priest, etc)"

- Frank B.: "I bought mine at 10AM sharp. Welcome home MANOWAR -- into glory ride!"

- Samuel G.: "Bought a ticket at 10am this morning. Travelling by plane from NB, Canada, cost me a futurne but i'll work overtime, it's Manowar. Hail and fucking Kill !!!"

- Troy K.: "I have my tickets in hand for March 12th 2011 at the Agora in Cleveland Ohio. If you live in the USA there is no excuse!!! If you are a TRUE BELIEVER then BE THERE quit whinning that MANOWAR never plays in the States. I have been Overseas the last 3 years in a row and let me tell you our Brothers and Sisters Overseas are TRUE HEAVY FUCKING METAL!!! Let's Give MANOWAR a reason to COME HOME!! HAIL AND KILLLLLLLL"

- Kevin M.: "HAIL FROM DELAWARE, USA... 12 hour bus or train ride, but well worth it... wouldn't miss this for the world

- Andrew L.: "Got my tix for Cleveland! Coming from SEATTLE, this is too rare an opportunity to miss!!"