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Exclusive MP3 compilation with the purchase of a Magic Circle Festival 2008 Package
Tuesday - January 08, 2008
Starting immediately - and for a limited time only - all fans who purchase a Magic Circle Festival 2008 package will receive not only a ticket for what's going to be the biggest metal event of 2008 but they will also get one exclusive CD jam-packed with high-fidelity MP3s including:

- Magic Circle Festival - Volume 1 MP3s (feat. MANOWAR, HOLYHELL)
- MANOWAR - Gods Of War Live
- HOLYHELL - Apocalypse
- BLUDGEON - World Controlled

This massive compilation contains over 80 songs for a total playtime of almost 7 hours... That's a value of over $88.00 just in mp3s! And there's no need to download anything as you'll receive an exclusive disc with all files included!