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April 30, 2009 - MANOWAR To Headline Finland's Provinssirock 2009
HAIL FINLAND! Heroes have risen in support of true metal! MANOWAR has found promoters with the balls to bring us to the country of FINLAND! Their names are Esa Koivio and Juha Koivisto. They are... read more
April 29, 2009 - Magic Circle Festival III Premieres On YouTube!
The metal and fantasy communities are buzzing about MANOWAR, Wolfgang Hohlbein, Magic Circle Festival III and The Asgard Saga! Now that the news has spread to our "family" of true metal warriors, we w... read more
April 28, 2009 - New items added to the Kingdom Of Steel Online Store
The Kingdom Of Steel Online Store is the best place for you to purchase official merchandise for all Magic Circle Music artists. The store has just added a number of new items, so don't miss out on: ... read more
April 23, 2009 - The Asgard Saga Premieres At Magic Circle Festival III
The Asgard Saga Website Begins Now! The world premiere of the fantasy collaboration between MANOWAR and WOLFGANG HOHLBEIN has been announced. THE ASGARD SAGA will begin at MAGIC CIRCLE FESTIVAL III... read more
April 22, 2009 - MANOWAR Fan Wanted For German TV Documentary
You want to go to the MANOWAR concert on July 18 at the Loreley? And your parents say: NO? Are you crazy about MANOWAR? Do you speak German? Are you between 16 and 19 years old? Are you female? T... read more
April 22, 2009 - Wizard Joins The Line Up For Magic Circle Festival III
Wizard, the noteworthy German power metal band that was inspired by the style of MANOWAR has joined its metal allies in the crusade to keep the spirit of true metal alive! Just announced, Wizard will ... read more
April 21, 2009 - Four More Bands Confirmed For Magic Circle Festival III
Hail Brothers and Sisters of Steel! Just when you thought the line-up couldn't get any better, FOUR more bands have signed on to kick some metal ass at Magic Circle Festival III!! The united nations o... read more

  • "If there ever was a doubt about the power of metal, Manowar annihilated it."

  • "I took leave from my deployment in Iraq to see Manowar at the Agora (Cleveland). Thank you for the most impossible, unimaginable, unforgettable experience of my life."

    — Jeff R.
  • "Manowar have more power in their little fingers than the armies in 300 have in their collective bodies"

    — Metal Hammer UK
  • "Wimps & Posers, Leave the Hall!"

  • "MANOWAR Let The Music Do The Talking. And It Spoke Volumes!"

  • "A wall of sound. This would be enough. A very high volume, but clean, incredibly clear."

  • "I'm listening now to Dark Avenger. Christopher Lee is doing an awesome job. Hope that he has some work to do for Hammer Of The Gods. Can't stop listening the new Battle Hymns. This new power in these old songs is just shattering my mind."

    — Sebastian S.
  • "No doubt! The album sure kicks ass! HAIL!"

    — Tam├ís H.
  • "Ordered my copy a yesterday. Got the digital download. What an album, Hail and Kill from New Zealand."

    — Steven J.
  • "I'm amazed about how good it is :P i thought it was amazing before so didn't think the original album could be topped :D"

    — Deane P.
  • "Thank you for improving a masterpiece beyond anyone's expectations!! Hail From Denmark & Greece"

    — Lyrian S.
  • "You've taken one of the greatest metal albums of all time and made it even better. Exceptional."

    — Matt F.
  • "I still cannot tell which one I like better!!!! But Dark Avenger made me cry! Amazing! Best purchase of the year! Thank you, guys! Just can't wait for the cd! :D HAIL!"

    — Giovanna F.
  • "Damn guys.... you really outdid yourselves on this one........ great job now I anxiously await Hammer Of The Gods...... great to hear Donnie tearing it up with you guys again..... 180 of my friends fists up in the air and counting.... hail my brothers and goodnight..... ManOwaR kills!"

    — Danny G.